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40+ Club : Where the Cool Kids Are



  • djo8901djo8901 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Hi. Can someone who is in the group (Not this thread) please post the name of the group so we can all join it? When I put in 40+ there's a lot of groups, and there's no cool kids club :)
  • hewhoiscdhewhoiscd Member Posts: 1,029 Member Member Posts: 1,029 Member
    So glad to have found this posting, will a group be created or just postings?
    Hi. Can someone who is in the group (Not this thread) please post the name of the group so we can all join it? When I put in 40+ there's a lot of groups, and there's no cool kids club :)

    This particular thread does not use the group feature. We're old school :D We do it all in this thread.
  • shellsie_jshellsie_j Member Posts: 132 Member Member Posts: 132 Member
    I would love to join this group. At 45 I am sick of "yo-yo" dieting and love how MFP feeling very supported and encouraged already
  • teresasfreelandteresasfreeland Member Posts: 3 Member Posts: 3

    I'dlike to join your group. I am 45-- recently experienced some body changes that have resulted in wiehgt gain- no big surprise. I just joined today. Looking forward to fighting the good foght with you all.
  • Lanna74Lanna74 Member Posts: 208 Member Member Posts: 208 Member
    I'd love to join!

    I'm 45 years old, 5'4" and about 120 lbs - which is too heavy for me because my bone structure is extra small. I would like to be about 110 or so, strengthen up, and get rid of fat.

    Looking forward to being part of this group!
  • _onYxx__onYxx_ Member, Premium Posts: 9 Member Member, Premium Posts: 9 Member
    I am in on this! Usually in very good shape, but let myself go a bit too far this year. :mad:

    Gonna reclaim lost ground and then some. Feeling better already!
  • Robin1117Robin1117 Member Posts: 1,723 Member Member Posts: 1,723 Member
    Good morning and Happy New Year! Welcome all the newcomers. Just post whenever you like, whatever topics you like involving health, fitness, food, etc....and let us know more about you and your challenges.

    I really like that this thread is not under "groups"---I have been contributing to one on Maintenance, and we moved the thread to a group and I feel like it doesn't reach new people anymore. I think once people learned about the new feature, we must have all forgotten about them!

    Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself too. I started participating in this group probably a year and a half ago and everyone has been so helpful as I was ending my weight loss stage and moving into maintaining/fitness.....fantastic people and support! I am 42, live in Vermont, and just trying to stay fit. I took a few years off from career to take care of my little boy and thankfully have had the time to explore different types of exercise. I do workout every day, probably from 45-60 minutes and now love it. It has become habit, like brushing my teeth and getting dressed---just something I have to do! I like it this way, because I don't question whether I'll do something anymore, it's just a matter of "what" I end up doing.....

    Right now I'm on P90x (the Lean program), and today is my last day of phase one, 30 days. Tomorrow I'll take pictures and see if I see any progress yet, but I don't think I will--Hewhois (Chris) tells me this comes later. Also, holiday diet wasn't the best......I am loving the challenge of this program but can't wait for some snow so I can get outside and get a little snowshoe/cardio in every day. That's one thing I miss about a 7 day a week program.

    Take care everyone, and look forward to more input!
  • swilkie1961swilkie1961 Member Posts: 107 Member Member Posts: 107 Member
    I want to join... I am almost 51 (in Feb). I was best of shape when I turned 40 (135-140lb), between running and doing strength training. Then I met my 2nd husband and we decided to have 1 more child. I have been trying to lose the 10 lb that was left after the birth, and the 15 lb that I gained since then... I did couple of triathlon in last couple of years and my goal is to do few more before I try 1/2 Iron man ( my ultimate goal). But I am not happy with any of my finish time. So I decided this time, I really need to lose the extra 25lb + to help me achieve my goal. I have had problem with having platar fasciitis (result of my pregnancy) on my left foot and other foot problem(fell off the stairs) that makes it painful to run on hard surface but I will not let these keep me from achieving my goal!
  • rickdzrickdz Member Posts: 15 Member Posts: 15
    I'll be in
  • hewhoiscdhewhoiscd Member Posts: 1,029 Member Member Posts: 1,029 Member
    Asphalt Run (Lunch): 3 miles at an easy 10m15s per mile pace. My first cold run, feels like temp was at 42F. Ears were starting to feel it near the end, lol. Also on track with my pushups and pull/chinups today.
  • slyder432slyder432 Member Posts: 475 Member Member Posts: 475 Member
    Count me in!!
  • frida001frida001 Member Posts: 427 Member Member Posts: 427 Member
    I'm ready - I'm 5'5" and used to be around 108 pounds until I was 22 years old (I ran cross-country and danced so it was o.k.) After I got married, my weight crept up to 125-130 because I didn't exercise as much. After kids and a new stressful career (teaching), my weight is now at 145. I have a super small frame, so I am feeling it. I'm not super overweight, but I miss feeling athletic. I want to do a lot of activities with my kids so they'll have awesome memories of spending time with me.

    I'm going to focus on preparing fresh meals for my family and getting exercise in. Please add me as a friend - I need support.
  • tladametladame Member Posts: 465 Member Member Posts: 465 Member
    Kim (LadyPersia), happy belated birthday! Mine was yesterday, so we are practically birthday buddies, LOL.

    I just turned 42 and have a 2-year-old daughter. I'm at a weight I'm comfortable with (5'4", 120 lbs.), just trying to tone everything up and lose that stubborn baby belly.
  • OSUalumOSUalum Member Posts: 451 Member Posts: 451
    I'm in!
    45 and about 20 pounds to go.
  • DawnOf1969DawnOf1969 Member Posts: 737 Member Member Posts: 737 Member
    I'm Kim and i'm 42, my goal is to lose 30-40 more pounds and see how I look and feel after that. (I've lost about 46 so far) I'm always looking for supportive and fun people to share this tough journey with. Feel free to send me a friend request, looking forward to knowing you all.

    I just graduated C25K and have signed up for 2 5K's in February. I've done 4 5K's but mostly walked them. This time I plan to run them. I just had knee surgery in September so it could be a challenge. Sometimes my knee and lungs have different plans than I do.

    I have a lot of life changes coming my way in 2012. My daughter is graduating college and getting married 6 days later. And she is permanently moving away from our hometown. My son is graduating high school and moving away to college. So I'll be getting used to being an empty nester. (feel the tears welling up now....)

    But I have decided that this the year of Kim! I am going to focus on loving myself more and finding the beauty within me. I struggle with self esteem daily.

    I am north Texas. I LOVE zumba, and kickboxing. I've set a goal for 2012 to travel 1000K whether it be walking, running or biking. I'm also doing a 10 week challenge on Come join us!

    Oh and OSUAlum ^up there is one of my besties!
  • alf1163alf1163 Member Posts: 3,314 Member Member Posts: 3,314 Member
    Hello again! I just want to share this article on motivation:

    And I think I've found a new love! Sweet Potato Chips Brand: Food should taste good I had never heard of this brand. I found them yesterday at our local grocery store, HEB. I live in Texas. They taste sooooo good!!! Of course I stuck to the serving size. :happy:

  • sdereskisdereski Member Posts: 3,408 Member Member Posts: 3,408 Member
    Hi all

    Great to see so many new faces! Welcome.

    Got my Kenpo in yesterday! Yay! Am hoping to run after work today and, time permitting the P90X stretch.

    As a brief intro - like a few of the others, I belonged to the 40+ Fall Fitness Fanatics. Just dropped in one day and have been with them ever since.

    I've been with MFP for about 1 1/2 yrs and have not really had any drastic weight change, I am still struggling to lose the last 10 lbs. I would be happier with 15lbs - but I'll take the 10. What I love about MFP is the ability to log and "chat" with like minded folks.
    They have encouraged me and applauded me in so many ways. I had never heard of p90X until joining this sight and am now about to enter Phase 3 of the program. Not something I would have done if hadn't been for my MFP friends.

    I am 51, mother of 2 grown sons, and a grandmother to one adorable granddaughter. :heart:

    I have always been active, but have also been on the "chubby" side as well. I like to run and cycle. I've run numerous marathons, half marathons and other 10km, 10 milers - whatever fits into my schedule at the time. My husband and I have also cycled as our mode of transportation for vacation. In my 50th year, I decided to run 5 marathons, one for each decade. I was in the best shape and completed them all in 10 months, and qualifying for Boston at the last one. :happy:

    My next marathon is Big Sur (#14) at the end of April, but my ultimate goal for 2012 (besides the weight loss) is completing my first ultra run. I have my sights set on Iceland's 55km in July.:tongue:

    I live in northern Ontario Canada, so running in the winter can be a bit of a challenge, but I do it. :happy:
  • hollyb9871hollyb9871 Member Posts: 406 Member Member Posts: 406 Member
    I turned 40 in September 2011. I am a SAHM to 4 children 16,14, 41/2, and 3. I started on MFP at the end of Jan. 2011 with 20 lbs. to lose and hit my goal of 125 lbs. (I'm 5'4) in June. Since then I have been maintaining with a a few lbs. gained over the holidays of course. I am buckling down and working on shedding them again. I exercise 4 days a week, cardio and weight training. Exercise for me is more than just something I have to do to lose weight. It helps clear my mind and gives me a hour or two of time that is devoted only to me with no one else demanding anything of me. My mental stability demands that I exercise! I haven't decided on my goals for this year yet. My best friend is getting married in August and I am standing up with her so I do want to be in good shape at that point. Other than that, losing some body fat % is my main focus.
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