What is your reward for reaching your final weight goal?



  • blueimp
    blueimp Posts: 230 Member
    I'm too far away from a final gift yet. But probably something like a week at a great spa resort on the beach.
  • I want to rock my bikini in Miami w/ stilettos & show off the fresh tattoo that WILL be on my left side once the weight is officially gone:tongue:
  • You're not too far. 6 lbs is a great accomplishment!
  • emgrove69
    emgrove69 Posts: 3 Member
    a whole new wardrobe!
  • I plan on submitted my photo into PlayBoy. If Linsdey Lohan can do it so can I.


    feel better?

    Yeah, I do. :bigsmile:
  • The most expensive pair of jeans that I can possibly find!!! LOL
  • Well, I'm going to Hawaii this year with some other single friends of mine (I'm the only guy) and I have to go out with a bang!
  • bored4long
    bored4long Posts: 29 Member
    This would be my wife's answer:
    two pairs of Miss Me Jeans

    I have no idea for me. Haven't thought about it.
  • Rags2Righteous
    Rags2Righteous Posts: 200 Member
    I also hadn't really thought about it, but I guess I want a nice badass leather motorcycle jacket. :happy:
  • edryer123
    edryer123 Posts: 502 Member
    I am taking pin up pictures for my husband. I am also going to take a vacation with my husband to go shopping in New York.
  • My husband told me he would buy me an entire new wardrobe! I love shopping! I can only imagine how much I'll love it when clothes actually look good on me!!!
  • megmay2591
    megmay2591 Posts: 621 Member
    I'm getting a tattoo next month, although I won't be at my weight goal the thought of it is encouraging (getting it on my ribs). I am going on a trip to Mexico in March and hope to be at my goal weight so the trip itself will be a treat. Before the trip I want to buy a bunch of cute summer clothes and a new bikini! I am looking forward to posting my pictures of my beach bod in Mexico!
  • Skydiving with my hubby!
  • I am going to get a Tattoo and a pair of riding boots (FINALLY I will be able to wear them)
  • thelovelyLIZ
    thelovelyLIZ Posts: 1,227 Member
    Being a bombshell. That's my reward.
  • LittleMissAngi
    LittleMissAngi Posts: 243 Member
    New clothes!!!!!! I can't wait!! Hubby said he will get me a whole new wardrobe. =)
  • To summit a mountain in September. Sulphur Skyline in Jasper. I tried it last summer and failed miserably after only half a km uphill...I thought I was going to have a heart attack and had to climb back down. I'm hoping to get at least half way up if not all the way up the mountain this year. Time to get into shape for that.
  • keg619
    keg619 Posts: 356 Member
    I have been wanting to add another tattoo to my collection. The one quote that has reminded me each day that I can lose all 170 pounds and be happy, healthy and beautiful once again :)

    *Success is not a race; be patient.*
  • Im getting a badass tattoo and will suprise my hubby with a new sexy bod when he gets back from deployment. I failed last time and I was disappointed in myself and while I know he loves me Im really going to do it this time!
  • Nactasha
    Nactasha Posts: 19 Member
    I turn #30 in June, too. Plan to hit my goal weigh by then and then I'm off to Vegas!