Am I the only person without a SO?



  • single here...wouldn't mind someone to have fun with though
  • shanlynt
    shanlynt Posts: 754 Member
    You can have mine :)
  • Just me, myself and I here. Is that three of us? LOL.
  • heather7marie
    heather7marie Posts: 506 Member
    I'm always single. ha
  • tageekly
    tageekly Posts: 3,755 Member
    Just me, myself and I here. Is that three of us? LOL.

    YES! YES! YES! All three of me agree with you! :laugh:

    But in all seriousness, single as well and it's usually pretty great but sometimes lonely. :frown:
  • george_ie_girl
    george_ie_girl Posts: 120 Member
    Singles are so much cooler. But seriously - everyone I'm close to at the moment are in dysfunctional relationships, and they're miserable because of it.

    Even the most cool, calm and collected people can turn into absolute psychos when they're in love.
  • Very single but happy at the moment :)
  • MariaAlbinaxoxo
    MariaAlbinaxoxo Posts: 290 Member
    As single as they get right herrrrr!
    Don't really like it though.
  • sunkisses
    sunkisses Posts: 2,366 Member
    Single...until someone comes along and ruins it for me.
  • Myndi73
    Myndi73 Posts: 270
    Nope, single here as well.

    Just wanted to say I like the tattoos!

    Thank you very much! :wink:
    It's my third and largest. Already planning my fourth.
  • Forever alone here too....
  • AllanMisner
    AllanMisner Posts: 4,140 Member
    Single and suspect I'll stay that way for a while.
  • thekacks
    thekacks Posts: 146 Member
    single here, too. But taking the time to focus on ME right now. If I meet someone in the process, AWESOME but if I don't I'm not in any rush. I have absolutely zero ways of meeting guys. Single mom who rarely gets out and don't really know anyone in the area to go out with anyhow. Bars and clubs are just so NOT me. BOO HOO HOO! (just kidding. I'm content for now)

    Couldn't have said it better:)
  • Nerple
    Nerple Posts: 1,291 Member
    Being single is a chronic condition for me.
  • whitetiger011680
    whitetiger011680 Posts: 218 Member
    I'm single too, but at least I have all MFP to keep me company.
  • mommared53
    mommared53 Posts: 9,543 Member
    Single here too.
  • firesoforion
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    I can relate to this; hate being the only single person around... not many datable guys in my part of the world and I am not what they are looking for anyway. Blah...

    I know that feeling!! What part of the world are you in?
  • suavequeen
    suavequeen Posts: 273 Member
    Another single peep here... Head high.. it will happen when its meant to happen... until then lets enjoy life.. :drinker:
  • Sierra_419
    Sierra_419 Posts: 201 Member
    sometimes i wish i was single.
    scorpios are hard to deal with.
    they can be real *kitten* holes .. or real lovable ..
    but right now .. i wish i was single. : ( sigh
  • BeautyFromPain
    BeautyFromPain Posts: 4,952 Member
    Am here. (:

    Oh wait... I had a SO... until he decided to cheat on me about a week ago :noway: so not worth the trouble