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What healthy food do you hate?



  • PieGuruPieGuru Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Okay, can i just say that I'm feeling pretty good about what I like to eat? I used to "hate" a lot of things, too, but have since either learned how to cook/prepare them so that they're actually tasty, or I've just "gotten over it".

    That said, there are a bunch of foods that aren't particularly healthy that I can't stand: mayo, olives, pickles, canned vegetables, canned pastas (barf), frozen breaded fish, processed soups/rices/noodles.

    I've learned to keep my grocery shopping to primarily the perimeter of the store (produce, deli, meat, dairy) and I avoid all the stuff I shouldn't be eating anyway. Doesn't always happen, but it's happening more times than it doesn't. So, yay for that.
  • jadedonejadedone Posts: 2,489Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,489Member, Premium Member
    Healthy food I hate: 1. celery, 2. whole wheat bread, pasta anything whole wheat taste like cardboard.

    The Whole Foods store brand one is really good. Barilla Plus is good too.
  • jadedonejadedone Posts: 2,489Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,489Member, Premium Member
    1. spinach
    2. tuna in a can
    3. cottage cheese
    4. protein powder
    5. egg whites alone
  • Grod6690Grod6690 Posts: 22Member Posts: 22Member
    Okay, where to start. I dislike:

    1. Mushrooms
    2. Olives
    3. Squash
    4. All types of seafood apart from calamari
    5. lamb

    I'm a bit annoying to cook for! haha.
  • DizzyLindsDizzyLinds Posts: 856Member Member Posts: 856Member Member
    Tuna steak... i tried very hard to enjoy this but nope!
  • kyle4jemkyle4jem Posts: 1,416Member Member Posts: 1,416Member Member
    I love a wide variety of foods, but there are a few of the more typical 'healthy' foods that I simply cannot stand!

    Raw celery - the crunchy, stringy texture kills me. I like it cooked in stews and soups though.
    Cottage cheese - I just can't get past the fact that it already looks partially digested.
    Tuna - from a packet or as a steak, I just don't like it. I WANT to like it, and I've tried it many times but nada.
    Most other seafood - as with tuna, I want to like seafood but just can't. I only eat salmon and very mild varieties of white fish.

    Please post what you don't like and make me feel better about my pickiness! :laugh:
    I love all of the above but absolutely cannot stomach...

    ♦ brown rice
    ♦ wholemeal bread
    ♦ wholegrain pasta
    ♦ bean sprouts
    ♦ seeds & nuts (unless baked in bread or cakes)
  • janeeley68janeeley68 Posts: 40Member Member Posts: 40Member Member
    Cauliflower has got to be the worst! It doesn't taste like mashed potatoes when you steam and mash it, it tastes and smells like alkaline acid to me.

    Canned Tuna is a close second for me.
  • cwunderlichcwunderlich Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
    Broccoli - dislike eating trees - but eat it because I want to be a good role model for my children!!!
  • PinkEarthMamaPinkEarthMama Posts: 989Member Member Posts: 989Member Member
    Any fruit that isn't Granny smith apples. BLECH. Most super especially bananas. I gag just peeling them for the kids!

    Veggies : I can eat most veggies, honestly. I'm not big on raw tomato, but I don't mind it cooked into things. Not a fan of sweet potato, eggplant, cucumber...

    I eat tuna fish. That's the ONLY seafood I eat.

    I do not do eggs. The only reason to eat eggs is that it holds my cookies / bread together. End of story. BLECH.

    I don't eat steak, or red meat with any pink. I don't eat pork, lamb, veal, etc. I don't eat dark meat chicken, only breast meat, and I won't chew it off a bone. ahhhhhhhh
  • nayrairamnayrairam Posts: 35Member Posts: 35Member
    I detest celery, the texture, the smell, the taste. I don't like it cooked or raw or in seasoning.(I'm thinking I could make another "green eggs and ham" story out of this without the blissful ending!!!) I also cannot stand the smell of cabbage, but if I plug my nose the taste isn't too bad. I also do not enjoy raw onions though since I have been married and my husband loves them I do cook with them a lot, though at times this makes me a tearful mess!
  • JazzmagicJazzmagic Posts: 91Member Member Posts: 91Member Member
    1. Olives - I soooo want to love them, keep trying them though in the hope! (LOVE olive bread tho! odd I know...)
    2. Smoothies - Texture is just euuurrrgghhh.
    3. Celery - Unless cooked.
    4. Mussels
    5. Octopus/Squid - If I can see a sucker or a tentical no thank you!!!
    6. Melon - Tastes like stagnant water
    7. Parsnip
    8. Ryvita - I've tried all types but nope still expensive chewable cardboard!
  • FinerazielFineraziel Posts: 140Member Posts: 140Member
    Im not so picky... I just cant stand some textures, especially on non-tasty foods :

    - tofu
    - humus
    - clam

    It makes me feel like I am not eating actual food. It's gross! :S
  • BSWCBSWC Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
    My favorite way to wat cottage cheese (which I love btw) is over a WASA cracker or even as a dressing for my salads. But that's not what you asked :)

    1. Brocolli (can probably eat it steamed but not a fan of raw)
    2. tuna from a can (hate that smell)

    Hi- My name is Brad and I actually work with Wasa. Because I work with the product I always have a lot around and love to experiment with new recipes. Cottage cheese has been one of my new favorite toppings. Have you tried Wasa with cottage cheese, strawberries and blood orange? If not I've shared the recipe below. I hope you enjoy it!
  • doornumber03doornumber03 Posts: 221Member Member Posts: 221Member Member
    broccoli and spinach.....I basically puke when i smell this!
  • paigemarie93paigemarie93 Posts: 782Member Member Posts: 782Member Member

    Seriously cannot stand them.
  • DDsMrsDDsMrs Posts: 107Member Member Posts: 107Member Member
    Cottage Cheese. Wouldn't eat it if you held a gun to my head.
  • firesoforionfiresoforion Posts: 1,025Member Member Posts: 1,025Member Member
    In general, I love healthy food, but ...grapefruit... yuck. Every so often I try to like it again, but it is not for me.
  • DDsMrsDDsMrs Posts: 107Member Member Posts: 107Member Member
    Cottage Cheese. Wouldn't eat it if you held a gun to my head.

  • Syreeta6Syreeta6 Posts: 384Member Member Posts: 384Member Member
    Bean sprouts
  • forgtmenotforgtmenot Posts: 874Member Member Posts: 874Member Member
    I am pretty open as far as what I will eat, but there are a few things I dislike:

    Cottage Cheese- GAG! Omg I can't stand it!
    Cauliflower- I have disliked it since I first tried it as a child, its just gross. I will occasionally retry it to see if I like it but no luck as of yet.
    Wild Rice- This too I have hated ever since I was a kid. I can stomach it, but I don't like it. Taste and texture are just terrible.
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