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What healthy food do you hate?



  • sofaking6sofaking6 Posts: 4,606Member Member Posts: 4,606Member Member
    Raw spinach... I can only eat it if it's stir-fried.

    Same...MAN spinach tastes so bad to me!!
  • LishieFruit89LishieFruit89 Posts: 2,087Member Member Posts: 2,087Member Member
    Cottage Cheese
    Cooked Spinach
    Raw red onions

    There are plenty of things I haven't tried yet so I can't say I hate them (such as cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, beans besides green beans, acorn squash, beets)
  • ShutterpillarShutterpillar Posts: 208Member Posts: 208Member
    Brussels sprouts. *gag*

    Greek yogurt. i've tried to like it, I really have. I just genuinely do not like it at all.

    Peppers of any kind.
  • BAMFMeredithBAMFMeredith Posts: 2,852Member Member Posts: 2,852Member Member
    I pretty much love most healthy foods, and I like trying all kinds of foods. So a friend of mine said "you'll LOVE Kale chips! They're so healthy and so good and blah blah blah!" One bite, and I was positive I'd been poisoned.
  • chloebeaglechloebeagle Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Like most veggies but can't stand brussels sprouts....too bitter
    Also tried to like salmon since it is good for you, but just can't tolerate it, not even grilled.....can't get past the smell/taste of the canned fish either
  • Pocket_PixiPocket_Pixi Posts: 1,215Member Member Posts: 1,215Member Member
    In general, I love healthy food, but ...grapefruit... yuck. Every so often I try to like it again, but it is not for me.

    This... every so often I will buy one just to see if I like it yet and it is an absolute no go.
  • Alacey88Alacey88 Posts: 496Member Member Posts: 496Member Member
    - Cottage Cheese and Tuna, as well... Yuck.
    - Not sure if eggs are considered "healthy", but I can't stand them, unless it's baked into something

    I have to be in the mood for tuna but that is very rare... but I agree about the eggs (if it touches other food on my plate-- that is a no go in my mouth.)

    I have a lot of dislikes but here are a few:
    Brussel Sprouts
    Cottage cheese
    Any Squash Family
  • UpEarlyUpEarly Posts: 2,563Member Member Posts: 2,563Member Member
    There are plenty of healthy foods that aren't my favorite things to eat, but I still eat them. Like spinach - it's fine, I guess I like it - but I'm never 'Oh AWESOME - spinach!' in the same way I'm, 'Oh AWESOME - a cupcake!'

    The only two 'healthy' foods I don't like are fish and eggs. I have tried dozens of kinds of fish, prepared dozens of different ways. I simply don't care for it. I tried it again - last night, in fact - and it still triggers my gag reflex. I can eat eggs as a hidden ingredient (cake, brownies, as the binder in meatloaf or to coat chicken with pecans and panko), but I have never been able to eat plain eggs (scrambled, fried, hard boiled, etc). They also trigger my gag reflex.

    This is pretty much my worst nightmare - deviled eggs filled with tuna! ACK!

  • Driving_Miss_DaisyDriving_Miss_Daisy Posts: 45Member Posts: 45Member
    1. Most vegitables - I only like 2-3 or them
    2. Tofu - gross.
  • muldoontmuldoont Posts: 3Member Posts: 3Member
    I never thought I was picky either until I started trying to eat healthier.
    Celery-too stringy and tastes funny
    bananas- to thick tasting to be a fruit
    milk-makes phlem
    Figs and dates- I don't get it
    Walnuts- bitter
    If only I didn't like chips:)
  • chottyyoung1chottyyoung1 Posts: 19Member Member Posts: 19Member Member
    Raw Spinach. It tastes like dirt.

    Oh, and I tried those TOFU noodles once. Oh My ****. It was the worst thing I EVER ate.
  • rachcamp88rachcamp88 Posts: 88Member Member Posts: 88Member Member
    Cottage cheese
    Yogurt with 'bits' in it
    I can only eat tomatoes if all the seeds and slime has been removed from the middle.
  • shirayneshirayne Posts: 263Member Member Posts: 263Member Member
    I guess I'm a bit of a strange bird. As a kid, I wanted nothing to do with meat of any kind... but green veggies... I'M THERE!!! I still LOVE broccoli, spinach, okra, cabbage and brussel sprouts (I told you - strange bird... I even love cottage cheese!) but I can't stand celery and sweet peppers (no matter what colour they are). I'll eat them in a salad or cooked in things but the salad dressing and other ingredients typically mask the taste.

    As for other things I haven't found a way to stomach yet:
    - eggplant
    - kale
    - mussels (bad experience in a chinese restaurant... enough said)
    - oysters (bad experience at home... again enough said)

    I used to hate tofu but since I really decided this was my time to finally lose the weight, I've been experimenting with foods and just yesterday for example, I made a fabulous tomato soup that uses pureed tofu instead of higher calorie cream for thickening.

    I guess it's all in how you prepare something and whether (like another poster explained) you've been scarred for life with your first taste!
  • MissKimMissKim Posts: 2,854Member Member Posts: 2,854Member Member
    Healthy foods I can't stand:

    cooked Spinach- I keep trying to like it, I've even tried sneaking it into foods, but I have to choke it down everytime! nasty!


    brussell sprouts

    greek yogurt and cottage cheese- if it smells and tastes like soured milk, to me, it is soured milk! gross

    I'm happy to say that I"m racking my brain for anything else, but here lately I'm learning to like alot of healthy foods. I've even made myself try the above over and over just to be sure I don't like them. but I'm positive :)
  • LoraF83LoraF83 Posts: 15,778Member Member Posts: 15,778Member Member
    1. Seafood - don't like it at all. Never have, never will!
    2. Broccoli - tastes and smells gross to me (cooked or raw)
    3. Cauliflower - same thing!
    4. Raw carrots or celery (I like them cooked in stew or with a roast, but never raw)
    5. Lettuce & Cabbage - I can't stand the texture!
  • momof8munchkinsmomof8munchkins Posts: 1,172Member Posts: 1,172Member
    Bananas. I absolutely hate bananas - unless in the form of banana bread. But I force myself to eat them anyway.
    ME TOO.. they taste and smell digusting!!! I don't even like banana bread :tongue:
  • TubbsMcGeeTubbsMcGee Posts: 1,079Member Member Posts: 1,079Member Member
    Zucchini and Eggplant.
    However I do LOVE baba ghanouj...
    I've always HATED cottage cheese, but never thought of it as a health food at all as it looks to be all processed and full of salt.

    Everything else though, I love. It's the "regular" foods that I can't stand now.
    Frozen pizzas/pizza pops, donuts, fast food anything...blech. Totally turns my stomach.

    I was the weird kid...You could put a pizza in front of me and I would only take a sliver of a slice. I was always to blame for eating the entire vegetable platters though (pure veggies, no dip! Yuck!)
  • DaChoznDaChozn Posts: 135Member Member Posts: 135Member Member
    I pretty much love most healthy foods, and I like trying all kinds of foods. So a friend of mine said "you'll LOVE Kale chips! They're so healthy and so good and blah blah blah!" One bite, and I was positive I'd been poisoned.

    LMAO! I thought it was just me that thought this. I made a big ol batch of it too the first time I tried it. I don't mind cooked greens though, but the kale good.
  • MrsNoirMrsNoir Posts: 236Member Member Posts: 236Member Member
    I hate tuna in brine, (but I love it in sunflower oil)
    Then.. I used to dislike pretty much everything that lived under water but prawns and squid, and those have to be cooked for too long.
    And I used to hate all vegs but raw red pepper, raw carrot and raw tomato.

    Now, what I have found out is that it was my parents way of cooking them what made them taste yuck!
  • lorac321lorac321 Posts: 636Member Posts: 636Member
    I hate cauliflower because it smells like farts when it's been cooked and doesnt keep at all. I also hate most fish. I love some shrimp though.

    totally this but change the shrimp for halibut.
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