Are you a hugger?



  • YassSpartan
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    You gotta love this video and the power of hugs!!!

  • YassSpartan
    YassSpartan Posts: 1,195 Member
    Hugs are amazing! As are Pon and Zi

    They rock :D
  • KayakAngel
    KayakAngel Posts: 397 Member
    Oh, sure! But many people I know aren't. They say some hugs can be "too long". And my groping is "inappropriate". And sliding my right leg up and around them makes them "really uncomfortable". Geez.
  • pdworkman
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    I am *not* a hugger. Even my hubby and son have to give me enough warning, and not try to hug me while I'm cooking dinner!

    So do you have a strategy for this event? Carry something so you don't have free arms? Work the two-handed (or one hand, other hand on arm) "I'm so genuinely glad to see you" hand shake? Perfect the "oops I missed" air hug?

    Fake sick and say you don't want to share your germs? Wear a tensor bandage? Spill something really icky looking on your shirt? Wear lots of make-up that people won't want smeared on their face/clothes?

    I am not. Never have been, never will. Have a social event coming up this weekend where there will be some hugs. Ugggh. I'm just not a hugger. Is something wrong with me? :tongue:

    Anyone else anti-hug?
  • TwinkieDong
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    I am a hugger. I lover it, usually people love giving me hugs.
  • Silverkittycat
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    Yes, I love hugs.
  • I am not a hugger, at all. It seems awkward to me; someone makes the move I anticipate it and try to reciprocate--always with the wrong arm/hand:embarassed: so we end up doing a brief robotic arm shuffle to rearrange to right 'hugging' position. It makes me dislike it even more.
    Although I will hug family and close friends. I blame my anti-hugging stance on past jobs. NO touching, please!
  • <<<<not a hugger
  • Fit_Canuck
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    Hugs are awesome!!! :)
  • christine24t
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    Not really. My family isn't either. I never make a move to hug anyone unless they go for it first. I won't initiate it but I hug people back.

    I'm totally a hand-shaker though.
  • I like a nice hug :) I only offer them when appropriate....haven't seen someone in a while, to show my affection (son, husband), to comfort someone, or to wish someone well when they move (which, being a military family happens often with us).
  • kimoRUN
    kimoRUN Posts: 325 Member
    I'm all for a good hug. It's the leg humping that I tend to have issues with. :grumble:
  • Jipples
    Jipples Posts: 663 Member
    I am in fact a hugger, and a snuggler.
  • I love giving loved ones big squishy hugs. Otherwise, a hand shaker. Sometimes a Hollywood, no lipstick air kiss.:glasses:
  • Angela_2_Oh
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    Sure am. If you want one, come get it!:flowerforyou:
  • sunkisses
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    Yup. I love giving hugs! I mean, I'm not hugging people unexpectedly or anything. I do hug more than just my friends and family, though.
  • ilookthetype
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    I hug when drunk, if I like you, or if it's been announced.

    Ie: Hi! I'm going to hug you now! No really, that's how it works. Surprise hugs usually end in blood and it's never mine.
  • samb
    samb Posts: 464 Member
    it depends on the situation and who it is.... hugs have always been sort of awkward in my family lol....but I like hugs, just feel weird about it sometimes, so I usually just am when the other person is... (and obviously am w my bf lol)
    OSC_ESD Posts: 752 Member
    Now that depends on WHO I'm huggin ! :blushing:
  • Liz915
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    I am not a hugger, EXCEPT from my husband and kids - love their hugs! :)