Had my tummy tuck,the right choice for ME. <3



  • I did the same thing back in 2006. Good thing I did because I found out I had a 4 inch wide muscle gap from my rib cage to my pelvis bone. No amount of diet or exercise would fix it. So glad I went through it! You look fantastic!
  • hewwokitty
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    You go girl! You look awesome!
  • shadowkitty22
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    Your new belly looks fabulous. I'm lucky that my husband has already told me that once I've lost all of my weight that I can have the skin removal surgery because I know I'm bound to have some due to having been overweight for the past 20 some odd years and 2 kids. I've just got to get myself down there first.
  • Damn, you look great! Amazing. I bet you feel AWESOME.
  • You look great! I'm curious to see your scar.
  • i tell ya what...GOOD FOR YOU!!!! if at 125 it was still being stubborn??? cant knock you using your brain..tuck tuck snip it!! you spent money very well here..and I assure you i am generally one for NO SURGERIES!!
  • DevonLigotti
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    For those curious about the scar:

    If youd like to see it, feel free to PM me in a week or two and ill let anyone whos curious about a TT see!
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    OMG you look amazing!! do you have a big scar?
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    You look fantastic! I'm giving myself until August of this year & then I'm headed for some surgery myself!
  • DevonLigotti
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    I do, but with mederma and good care in about 6-8 months it should get pretty faded, ive seen some turn almost non-existant. Right now its pretty gnarly and red, but im willing to wait it out. PM me in a week or so if youd like a pic!

    I just see it as my "victory scar"!
  • You look awesome!!
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    Absolutely the best choice for you! You look amazing. Congrats on your weight loss and your new tummy!
  • amymarie8709
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    I have the SAME problem!! That's why I wont do any pics without a shirt on. YUCK!!! I plan on having one more child then getting a tummy tuck done myself!

    Congratulations!!!! you look absolutely amazing!!!! Great job!!!!
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    Your tummy really does look amazing, I would certianly consider it if this happened to me when I reach my goal weight, whats the point from moving from one insecurity to another :)
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    You look incredible!!! Congrats :)
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    OMG! I have wondered and wondered about this. I have thought about the fact that it's so unfair that overweight people are trapped in their bodies for so long, then they work their @$$ off to get skinny and still are left with so many imperfections. I would love love love to be able to do this after losing weight, but fear that it will cost too much. I am so happy that you are feeling good about yourself and the decision you made. You look GREAT!!!
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    very nice! If and when I reach my goal weight I will need some nips and tucks...if you dont mind me asking how much does something like that run?
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    Wow!!! Thats amazing!
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    wow! im not one to like them but you sure look good! glad you feel better! its also nice to see someone that is getting it done after losing the weight and trying to get rid of the belly. that is the best way! way to go girl!
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    J E A L O U S !!!