Post-Bulking Progress Pictures (Female)

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So I shall start from the beginning. July 2010, I had just given birth to my third child and was 180lbs. Honestly I didn't take any real "before" pictures. BUT I did take some at a similar point after the birth of my second child and I can asure you I was in exactly the same shape so I will use those:


Fast forward to April. I had lost 19 lbs by trying to eat better, exercising occasionally and breast feeding (although my body is NOT one to lose weight while breast feeding, most of it had come off after I weaned at 5 months). I was NOT counting calories up to this point.


I started Turbo Fire in May, started MFP in June. This was Sept. 1:



I gained a pound "accidentally" in September, started lifting "heavy" October 2, and decided to "bulk" in mid October. So I've been "bulking" since. Eating about 3000 calories a day. Lifting heavy 3-5 times a week, including my most favorite lifts squats and deadlifts. My squats have gone from just the bar, 45lbs to 95lbs. My deads have gone from 65lbs to almost body weight at 155lbs (both are 3 sets of 8). I had decided to bulk until March or 160lbs which ever came first. 160lbs came first.



So yes, the above pictures are only ONE pound less than the second picture. One pound, but a size 12 jeans vs. a size 6. I love muscles.

So the plan for the future is to eat at maintenance a couple of week then start to cut again probably by eating about 2300 calories a day. I’m actually pretty happy with where I’m at except a little bit of love handles and my thighs. I’m not sure how much weight I’ll cut. My goal is definitely a moving target. I’ll probably go back down to 150ish and then reassess.


  • Rae6503
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    And just to really make the comparison clear:

  • ciara19
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    That's insane! Great job!!
  • MrsCon40
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    Amazing work!
  • DizzyLinds
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    A true inspiration!!! I think i will try cutting in May before the summer. I'm lifting heavy and the scaled does get me down as it increases although inch wise theres not too much different to when i was eating a lot less and busting a gut at the gym .
  • kfox15
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    OMG fantastic! I started heavy lifting about 3 weeks ago and I love the results so far. Your pics really motivate me to forgot the scale and focus on inches and shape. Every woman should lift like this!
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    This is what I want to do! Did you work with a personal trainer or read a book that was a good guide, or did you do it all by yourself through trial and error?
  • Rae6503
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    This is what I want to do! Did you work with a personal trainer or read a book that was a good guide, or did you do it all by yourself through trial and error?

    I started with New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women. I only did stage 1, then I decided to switch to something more "body building" focuses. A trainer friend of mine here gave me a workout, which took too long so I separated it into upper / lower body splits (and made a few other changes). The upper and lower body splits makes it possible to lift 2 or even 3 days in a row, rather than just every other day.
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    great job, that is amazing and so interesting! How tall are you?
  • Rae6503
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    great job, that is amazing and so interesting! How tall are you?

    Thanks. I'm 5'9'
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    you are my hero. You are doing great and the difference is fantastique!!!!
  • TrophyWifeSass
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    You are such an inspiration Girl. I am also 5' 9" and working towards the new strong is sexy look! Love it!
  • Haha you should have made the thread title "Size 12 to Size 6 with only 1lb lost" AWESOME job!
  • mirgss
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    What a great story and amazing difference! I wish stories like these were at the top of these message boards for the women who are scared of looking like a man.

    Do you have any specific strength goals? I know you said you are about to start cutting but I'm just curious.

    I just started with New Rules a couple weeks ago and I like it so far....although I was doing fewer reps with heavier weights before so I'm not used to the higher (12-15 rep) stuff. I'll be glad when I get down to 8!
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    OMG. thanks for posting the same weight side by side. That's awesome. I have lost 0 lbs in 3 months but have so much more definition due to daily workouts and increasing weight and protein %. Your pics prove its not for nothing!
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    Great job!
  • HotMommy0609
    Oh wow, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing. :flowerforyou:
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    Awesome! Just what I needed to see. Good for are an inspiration!
  • kcfaber
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    Thanks so much for posting this! Just the encouragement I need to keep lifting heavy. I'm on Stage 4 of NROL4W and what a difference in my body if not the scale. You totally rock! Awesome progress!
  • flausa
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    I've been watching your progress since I've been on MFP, but that last difference is a-ma-zing! I've been thinking about buying the book, but seeing your success has just pushed me from thinking to doing!!!
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