Anyone from the UK??



  • BevP123
    BevP123 Posts: 58 Member
    I'm from Reading, Berkshire and would be happy for any adds, bevp123.
    Set my goal at 2 stone, done 10lbs already thanks to MFP and the support on here.
    Good luck with your goal.
  • Nicola0000
    Nicola0000 Posts: 535 Member
    I'm from Kent too, lost 2 stone to now be 9. Feel free to add me. X
  • cesctheman
    cesctheman Posts: 139 Member
    I'm 37, m, live in Middlesex uk and need to lose around three to 4 stone.

    Anyone can Add me ,the more friends the better for motivation.
  • wanderingpom
    I'm up in not so sunny Sheffield! Also new to the site and looking to shift 1.5 - 2 stone. Feel free to add me anyone, need the support!!
  • garyl7593
    garyl7593 Posts: 38

    Yep....from Scotland....feel free to add! :)
  • missbabygirlx
    hey im from cardiff in wales! new to all this so not 100% sure on what i should be doing on here other than logging food lol!

    Need friends on here so feel free to add me :) x
  • Aussieswife
    Hi ya im in east sussex and i have 2 stone to lose to but trying to do it in small goals only 9lb to go, feel free to add me
  • rockinsue285
    hi , im sue from wales happy to add new friends
  • Aylalake
    Aylalake Posts: 1

    Im from Wiltshire. Only been doing this a couple of days and have 2 stone to lose.


    I'm also from Wiltshire. I have used a similar site previously, and lost 3 stone in 18 months. Injured my knee and my feet, had to give up all forms of exercise and then promptly put all the weight back . So here I am, having to do it all over again! Still can't do much exercise, so it's vital I watch my calorie intake.
  • KeJo03
    KeJo03 Posts: 25 Member
    I'm in Norfolk if you want to add me :)
  • bitterfusion
    bitterfusion Posts: 82 Member
    Meeeeeeeee! Welshy living in Devon :) people feel free to add. I log on most days.
  • blackwarrior
    blackwarrior Posts: 20 Member
    Im uk as well and lookin to lose 2-2.5 stone as well i will add you so we can motivate each other
  • Poorgirls_Diet
    Poorgirls_Diet Posts: 528 Member
    I am in Surrey and will be here forever for the amount that i have to lose. Anyone is welcome to add me!
  • simbatabby
    Hello, I am in Watford and would like to lose 2 stone.

    Anyone is welcome to add me
  • Joannie30
    Joannie30 Posts: 415 Member

    I'm from Scotland but live in County Durham now. Add me if u want! :)

  • beardog100
    HI i am from Nottinghamshire, struggling to keep going, I love to exercise though. Fell free to add me.
  • dragonladywendy
    I'm in Telford, Shropshire - please feel free to add me too!

    I am a daily visitor to MFP (315 days and counting) and have managed to lose 38lbs in that time. I'm really pleased with this as recovering from spinal op, so have achieved this with walking and calorie counting (and amazing support on here!!)

  • jadeslimming
    heyyy =D

    im from bournemouth, feel free to add me anyone, love making new friends =D
  • ftprntz40
    ftprntz40 Posts: 14
    Hi, I'm from Preston, Lancs. looking to lose two stone. Feel free to add me and we'll support each other!
  • Collymarps
    Collymarps Posts: 9 Member
    There are a fair few of us Brits around! :) I'm new to MFP and trying to lose the magical 2 stone too. I'm still trying to work out the short hand they use on the forums, what's with BUMP? It seems to appear on everything!
    I'm from Derbyshire and on the doorstep of the lovely Peak District, so have no excuse not to get out and about in the hills for long walks . . . . .
    If I can figure out how to send a friend request I will add you . . watch this space (I am a technophobe...)