45 Days of P90X Complete! =)



  • porffor
    porffor Posts: 1,210 Member
    Forget the scale.. those pics ROCK !!! and as soon as my cold shifts I'm back onto P90X2!! thanks for the reminder of how great results can be!!

    Congrats on resculpting your figure!
  • lkbarry
    lkbarry Posts: 4
    Great job! You can see a huge difference.
  • judypriv
    judypriv Posts: 206 Member
    your butt has a AMAZING difference. It's like a foot higher and looks fabulous! NICE JOB!
  • LeenaRuns
    LeenaRuns Posts: 1,309 Member
    Wow! Your stomach is so much flatter and your butt looks tighter and lifted! You are rocking it!!!
  • SteviePaige
    Wonderful progress!! I'm in the last month of P90X myself, just 3 1/2 weeks left to go. I agree, don't worry too much about the scale, you have to remember that you're gaining muscle and that weighs more than fat. A better way to gage your success is with a goal outfit or your measurments. WAY TO GO!! :) Congrats on your success, keep up the good work :)
  • SAC0O3
    SAC0O3 Posts: 95
    You look AWESOME! What an inspiration! Screw the scale! (I need to get me P90X B))
  • bluemorpho1247
    bluemorpho1247 Posts: 300 Member
    You look amazing! Id die for curves like yours :D
  • OKmac3
    OKmac3 Posts: 192 Member
    Damn! You look awesome! Keep up the great work. I agree with screw the scale. You are a great example!
  • NicolettetheGreek
    NicolettetheGreek Posts: 246 Member
    WoW11 You look wonderful. Yeah, Screw the scale. You look great. I definitely see a difference all over..

    I'm jealous of your booty, 'cuz mine is flat.:angry:

    Can't wait to see what your 90 pic look like!

    I'm sending for the ChaLean beach body today..wish me luck!!
  • lunchgirlie
    lunchgirlie Posts: 114 Member
    You look awesome!

    I'm coming up on the end of phase 2 myself and I haven't lost much weight at all (like 2 lbs) but I'm hoping when I take my measurements and pics I'll be happy. Phase 1's results were a bit disappointing.
  • NicolettetheGreek
    NicolettetheGreek Posts: 246 Member
    Waist definitely smaller and booty lifted. On the side booty looks good. Flat bootys not attractive.

    Yea, I have flat booty:grumble:
  • SunshineT83
    SunshineT83 Posts: 158 Member
    You just get HOTTER everyday!

    Seriously, great job!

    ^^^^Completely agree Great Job!
  • osc79
    osc79 Posts: 52 Member
    Definitely a difference! Keep up the fantastic work!
  • kristen5286
    kristen5286 Posts: 329 Member
    wow!!! your *kitten* looks amazing!

    muscle... you gained muscle!!!
  • LoveActually
    LoveActually Posts: 177 Member
    Great work! I just completed Day 33 so I'm right behind you. =)
  • couzy1
    couzy1 Posts: 2 Member
    :happy: Great Job! I have P90X and I haven't used it. I think you have motivated me to use it!
  • radradradradrad
    radradradradrad Posts: 101 Member
    this is completely amazing!!!
    today is day 30 for me and i haven't weighed or measured myself since i started. i plan to do that tomorrow morning for an accurate reading. i look forward to my progress in the next 60 days, but so far i can DEFINITELY feel a difference!
    keep pushing play!!!!

    *feel free to add me for support!
  • gleechick609
    Holy curves!! You are one smokin' hottie!!! This makes me want to try p90x! Keep going girlie!!! :love:
  • FreshKrisKreash
    FreshKrisKreash Posts: 444 Member
    is P90X as hard as they claim?
  • HotMommy0609
    Look at how flat your tummy is!! You are shrinking all over - amazing!! :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
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