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Most Loved Childhood Toys



  • BigDaddyBRC
    BigDaddyBRC Posts: 2,395 Member
    My brother and I thought we always had the best toys in the neighborhood....until we AFTER we destroyed the house:

    Trackball - in the hallway - until we broke a collector plate worth $1K in the 70's
    Legos - Until the Lego WAR through the kitchen that broke the chandelier
    Football - Until we played in the street - Cars were legal contact

    Pretty much any toy we had we found destructive purposes..LOL

    He-Man, Evil Kan-evil, Hot Wheels, GI Joe, Lincoln Logs, SLIME, Rock 'em Sock 'em, blow-up punching gloves, Stretch Armstrong, ANYTHING Star Wars, REAL Metal TONKA Truck, Army men, Rubix Cube, Big Wheel, THE GREEN MACHINE, Micronaughts (dont know if I spelled that right), transformers, Thundercats....that;s all I can remember.

    Just's not the toys that cause damage, its the explosives you tape to them
  • TheRoadDog
    TheRoadDog Posts: 11,788 Member
    Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots !!!

    Told my daughter, Holland, about them and how badly I wanted them when I was a kid.

    2 years ago, Holland found them and bought them for me.
  • TheRoadDog
    TheRoadDog Posts: 11,788 Member
    LOVED my Mrs. Beasley Doll...just like Buffy had.

    When I got transferred to Okinawa in 1974, my baby sister was devastated. She was about 8. I bought her a Mrs. Beasley doll. She still has it. 38 years later.
  • lizard053
    lizard053 Posts: 2,344 Member
    My Little Pony!
    They were the only ponies I could have.
  • parys1
    parys1 Posts: 2,072 Member
    My Barbies enjoyed special time with my brother's GI Joe and some guy named Big Jim who had a camper van called the "Rescue Rig".

    How weird. This is exactly what happened with my Barbies and my brother's GI Joe and Big Jim. My folks still have these toys at their house and my kids have played with them.
  • thomassd1969
    thomassd1969 Posts: 564 Member
    I loved barbies, I had one barbie with all different outfits. Now, its a new barbie for each outfit.
  • k8blujay2
    k8blujay2 Posts: 4,941 Member
    I loved my Barbies, my Hot Wheels and this


    OMG! I forgot about Fashion Plates! I loved that thing!

    I still have those too! I guess I'm a packrat... Everytime I see them on Pinterest, it makes me want to go rummage through my old closet.
  • rachaelclark2
    I had a 'My Pet Monster' which I just loved!!! He was huge and blue had a big plastic nose and fangs... seems strange as I was otherwise a very girly-girl! I think he's still in the loft at my mums...
  • skinnywithin
    skinnywithin Posts: 1,392 Member
    My Barbie townhouse and my lite brite !!!!
  • rileamoyer
    rileamoyer Posts: 2,411 Member
    Little Green Army Men.

    All of us kids had tons of those! They got stepped on as much as Barbie's shoes LOL
  • parys1
    parys1 Posts: 2,072 Member
    Just finished going through everyone's posts - I loved Fashion Plates, too. Totally forgot about those.
    I loved riding my sky blue with white trim, banana-seated bike. I loved that bike.
    Also, my brother and I had a collection of Match Box/Hot Wheels cars that we would take outside on the patio and made cities out of left over ends of 2x4's and 4x4's. Hours of fun.
  • Buddhasmiracle
    Buddhasmiracle Posts: 925 Member
    For indoors:
    Lincoln Logs,
    Silly Putty

    Probably why I ended up in engineering and construction

    For outdoors: (not exactly toys)
    homemade skateboard
    Tree house

    (probably why I shouldn't have gone into engineering and construction)

    I had dolls too:
    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (well, that dates me, doesn't it)
    Plush doggies and bears --Poochie, Moochie, Cubby, and Harry Malley
  • angied80
    angied80 Posts: 749
    I seen somene posted weeble wobble treehouse.. I freaking loved that. I always wanted a home like that when I was little hehe!
  • TeenaMarina
    TeenaMarina Posts: 420 Member
    I loved the Tree House too, except it wasn't a Weeble house. It was actually the Kenner Family Tree House by Fisher Price. Also I loved the Spirograph, and my Chicaboo and Kitty Boo dolls, aka Munchichis. :)


  • nerdyandilikeit
    nerdyandilikeit Posts: 2,185 Member
    Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots !!!

    Told my daughter, Holland, about them and how badly I wanted them when I was a kid.

    2 years ago, Holland found them and bought them for me.

    That's so awesome! My sister got some for my brother last Christmas and they never get old.
  • lorishultis
    lorishultis Posts: 95 Member
    OMGosh me too!!!! I still have some; now I "collect" them! I have 2 HUGE boxes of dolls still in their boxes never opened!!!! My nieces and daughters have decided who gets what, lol. I even have a Bob Mackie one that has "real" (not painted) eyelashes!

    Loved My Barbie Camper - I used to sit on it and ride it! lol

    My other Favorite was a pepsi Toy Soda Fountain - you had to pour pepsi in a plastic bottle that cale with it and then used the fountain lever to get it back out...
    Barbies! Me and my sister played with them endlessly - made up complicated stories to act out. I also had quite a big Smurf collection...
  • Hayter2013
    LOL, my Teddy Rugspin I think it was called? I just thought it was cool to stick a Metallica tape in it and watch it sing along :laugh:

    Created by - Free Calorie Counter

    A teddy saying "Sleep with one eye open - creepy! :laugh:
  • the_journeyman
    the_journeyman Posts: 1,877 Member
    My bigwheel

  • TheCats_Meow
    TheCats_Meow Posts: 438 Member
    My nintendo. I loved playing Duck Hunt

    I was the king of Duck Hunt........

    If you were the King, I was definitely the Queen! I got in trouble ALL the time for staying up all night playing that game!
  • teeley
    teeley Posts: 477 Member

    I had this barbie purfume maker,

    at this point I need to shout out an apology to my mother for being the Guiney pig in all my fowl smelling concoctions!!!
    Sorry mom