Thoughts on Boob shrinkage..LADIES

Carita79 Posts: 64 Member
I used to be sad because my boobs are one of the first areas to shrink as i lose weight..
i now feel a sense of pride in my compact reflects my health :)
no more using my breasts/squished&manipulated cleavage to distract from a big *kitten*..arms..legs..everything ..
Any thoughts on itty bitty titty acceptance ladies...i know i cant be the only one here learning to love my healthy body and natural shape!


  • That's so funny. I was just talking to a coworker at work about this. That the first place i lose weight is in my boobs. Kinda sucks cause there' snot that much there to begin with. But i really dont' care about the girls, if the rest of me looks better. It's worth the sacrifice!
  • femmi1120
    femmi1120 Posts: 473 Member
    Ugh... maybe in another 20 lbs... I'm satisfied with what chest strength work outs are doing but the actual boob loss is making me depressed... they were never very big to start with :'(
  • kristi_asco
    kristi_asco Posts: 183
    i wish my boobs would grow while everything else shrinks! :laugh:
  • katythemommy
    katythemommy Posts: 437 Member
    I would rather be healthy and have small boobs than unhealthy with big boobs. So I don't mind the shrinkage!
  • cardiokitten
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    I've lost 15lbs so far and I've gone from DD to nicely fitting into a D now, I actually hope with more weight loss they go down even more, I don't like having massive (well, in comparison to my body) boobs. I can't speak for girls who are losing too much in their boobs, but I know I'm really hoping for them to go down more, it's a good thing for me (and my back!)
  • KrisyKat
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    I have to admit, I'm pretty bummed that my boobs have shrunk a bit :sad:

    BUT- at least they're still pretty friggen huge (I've always been in the DD-E cup range)...

    AND I grew them myself :bigsmile:
  • Carita79
    Carita79 Posts: 64 Member
    i think i can learn to love them even..
    they are kinda cute plus it opens up so many more shirt opions i can wear without seeming..uhm..lusty:happy:
  • femmi1120
    femmi1120 Posts: 473 Member
    I'm a B-C cup. But for some reason they look like As on me :-\ My friend with the same cup size is much smaller than me so her B-Cs look much bigger. So I'm really hoping that with some weight loss, mine can look more like that.. But if they shrink down to As, I might cry :(
  • sharleengc
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    Mine shrank a little bit...the weight came off from other places...I noticed the change more in the straps than the cups...I have some bras where now the cups are HUGE and others where they still fit and they're the same size....must just be in the shapes/padding

    Although, if you were to ask my husband, you would think the little bit they did shrink is the end of the world...personally, I'm thrilled with a little smaller size...even if it's not much
  • lol!!! mine shrank after breast feeding my 2 two years each and they're only 2 years apart! I am now a NB (nearly B) lol!!! I like being small, cause they get in the way or running or lifting sometimes and I don't like when guys look there and not my face! Now i realize they look at my legs! lol!!! men!!!!
  • BarbWhite09
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    I haven't accepted my shrank boobs & doubt I ever will. I'm the type of girl who likes big boobs & a big butt on girls...So far I've lost my boobs & some of my bootay. To disguise my ever shrinking boobs, my push-up bra will remain my best friend. COME BACK BOOBIES I MISS YOU! WAHHHH!
  • ccb1030
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    LOL. I'm actually quite disappointed by this "side effect' and have been trying to brainstorm how I can fund an augmentation/lift when all is said and done ;)
  • Rikki007s
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    At my heaviest I was DD and I've shrunk to an A. I would be lying if I said I didn't wish the shrinkage hadn't stopped at B, but it's what I've got. I would rather be healthy. You get use to it.
  • Ocarina
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    I have no complaints! More shirt options and I don't sport cleavage so all the better. I will not be flat chested nor have a fear of that but being a C is perfect. :happy: Best of both worlds.
  • I am normally a B cup, but get larger when breastfeeding (DD-E cup). I am very, very happy with my B's. I always wanted a bigger chest until I got one and then I wanted my small ones back; they came back after the first baby, my new little one is only 3 months old so we will see what happens this time !
  • LPCoder
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    I am actually glad mine have shrunk. I can find more choice in fun bras, and I don't have to worry about gravity as much. I am currently at a D and I hope to get down to a C.
  • Robbie32
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    I miss my prego boobs, I didn't mind the belly I felt so sexy and healthy!! After breast feeding for a while they shrunk down like deflated balloons :sad: I'm a C now but when I get to goal I know I be a small handfull, but I love the feeling of being smaller so I just have to take the good with the itty bitty! Besides it's probably harder to keep the big ones high and I do have a nice round ol @rs to be thankful for!
  • pbaker8307
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    What I hate is that I have to find another bra...I have never fit in the bras that the measurements tell me I need to wear anyway...cup size and construction issues. Since I have started to lose weight the bra has been a real issue. I hate shopping for bras. I believe it is an evil contraption that should not cause me so much grief.
  • laineyluma
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    I haven't lost any in my chest. I used to be very "compact" in that area so I don't mind them being a bit larger. :ohwell:
  • I'm a DD...have been since my freshman year of high school. I hated it; all my friends thought I was so lucky. Now I'm losing weight (and I have before) and my boobs never shrink. At my thinnest (about 175-180lbs) I was still a DD. My goal weight is 155-160, and I'm fully expecting to still be a DD...going to have to invest in a reduction after I lose the weight. Wish I could lose a few pounds in breastage...