• MelissaRaeTerry
    MelissaRaeTerry Posts: 377 Member
    I currently have 0. I am conflicted on the whole issue. Sometimes I want 4 and sometimes I want to continue to have none. Haha, my husbands the same way... but he sways between more reasonable numbers of 0 and 1. :tongue:
  • LilRedRooster
    LilRedRooster Posts: 1,421 Member
    One. My uterus factory is closed, because I never was sure about one, and now that I managed that, I don't want another.

    Well, I take that back. I'd consider adopting a child, but I don't want to be pregnant again, and I don't want another newborn.
  • Kmarr32010
    Kmarr32010 Posts: 244 Member
    I have 4 and desperately want another one. I have a stepson who's 13 (I've raised him since he was 3 so he's mine too.). I, also, have an 11 yr old, 8 yr old, and 5 yr old.
  • LovingLisa2012
    LovingLisa2012 Posts: 802 Member
    have none .. would love 1
  • karylee44
    karylee44 Posts: 892
    i have three... a 14 year old son, 10 year old son, and his twin sister (also 10 for the math impaired! lol) im done with kids.. no more thank you very much!
  • RMuske
    RMuske Posts: 271 Member
    I have zero kids but I think I would like one.. We'll see how I feel after one...
  • lratliff
    lratliff Posts: 21 Member
    1 girl, 3 boys. Love 'em! Maybe more, if circumstances permit :o)
  • SweetNaughtyLips
    SweetNaughtyLips Posts: 374 Member
    I have three beautiful girls: ages 15, 13, and 9 :smile:

    I'd love to try once more; I want a little boy!!

  • JoolieW68
    JoolieW68 Posts: 1,879 Member
    Two. 14yo daughter and a 19yo son. He's moving out tomorrow :sad:
  • karibrit
    karibrit Posts: 29
    I have zero and I am very glad of it.
  • whitetiger011680
    whitetiger011680 Posts: 218 Member
    The Boy is 6 and Baby Girl is 3. My uterus is closed.

    Any children in my future will be step-children. Of Course that is if I ever meet anyone and if he has kids lol.
    TIDDYBEAR Posts: 63 Member
    I LOVE babies and children. But once you get out of the diapers and bottles and all of that,......

    Exactly!! Babies are sweet, precious, darling, cute, wonderful, blah, blah. But, they are like puppies and kittens. They get
    big. Then they aren't that cute anymore!!
  • Hellbent_Heidi
    Hellbent_Heidi Posts: 3,669 Member
    I have zero and want zero....
  • Kenzietea2
    Kenzietea2 Posts: 1,132 Member
    23 weeks pregnant with my first (a girl), then no more after this.
  • Berberena33
    Berberena33 Posts: 25 Member
    Two boys - 5 1/2 and 15 months! They are so much fun and wouldn't give them up for anything. Would like another one or two but daycare is just so expensive that I am not sure we will be having anymore! I guess only time will tell....
  • kimber0607
    kimber0607 Posts: 994 Member
    Boy/girl...7 and 8
    I am done done officially closed :)
  • mandamommy3
    mandamommy3 Posts: 297 Member
    I have 3, 1 girl and 2 boys. 5(next Wed.), 3, and 1. I am done, they are more than enough.
  • prov31jd
    prov31jd Posts: 153 Member
    We have 5 children -- all girls. I'd love to have a boy. Actually, twin boys would be great (I think!!) My husband is neutral about it. We're leaving it up to the Lord.
  • lilcupcake213
    lilcupcake213 Posts: 545 Member
    2 boys ages 13 & you want them? LOL

    HAHAH!! when they get past 12 you wanna give them away !! my neice is 15 so i kinda know what youre going through ...i have 3 kids son is 5 daughter is 4..and my youngest just turned 1 last month ...but with the hubby i consider myself to have 4
  • NavyKnightAh13
    NavyKnightAh13 Posts: 1,394 Member
    We have one....he is 3 months, and i really don't want is enough for me :)