How much water to drink in one day????

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Ok... for years and years I was always told we should be drinking around 8 glasses of water a day. I am finally getting to drinking that much and now I'm reading to boost my metabolism and speed up weight loss I should be drinking even more???? There are a few formulas on the net...but they seem to all come to the same results as this one....take your weight in lbs and divide by 16 gives you how many glasses of water one should be number is a lot higher than 8 glasses!

Has anyone tried this? I have read that one can drink too much water and damage your kidneys and screw up your healthy blood levels. I'm all for shedding the lbs faster, but don't want to do anything to hurt myself for it.

Any info is appreciated.


  • kendrart
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    I haven't seen any of those formulas you're talking about - but I remember reading that some athletes who drank more than 16 glasses a day started experiencing damage like you mentioned. (I've seen that 16 glasses cap a couple other places too).

    I think more than 8 glasses is totally fine & normal, especially if you're working out a lot - I'd just strive to stay under 16 glasses. Which is like...a lot so I don't think you should have a problem?
  • TexanThom
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    64 oz. at least for me. Not glasses.
  • stacygayle
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    When I asked my doctor this question she told me that if my urine is clear and I am urinating at least once an hour I am drinking enough water and that is the way she recommends that to her patients.
  • kendrart
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    64 oz = 8 glasses. Because the glasses should be 8oz glasses.
  • hiker282
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    As much as you're comfortable drinking with the required number of restroom breaks to accommodate it.
  • ChelsChubzz
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    i drink a gallon , EVERYDAY!
  • carld256
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    The need for 64 oz. of water a day is a myth, and it actually can do damage if you drink too much. Drink if you're thirsty, that's it, nothing complicated.
  • narrington77
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    i think the water intake really does depend on the individual. i retain water really badly, so i tried to drink as much as i could. I am an everyday weigher, and noticed that once i increased my water from 8 - 8z glasses a day to 12 - 8 oz glasses a day that my weight loss did improve. however.. once i tried to go above 15 cups my weight almost stalled. so my ideal water intake is 12-15 8 oz cups a day. i drink more after a cheat day or a day where i've taken in more salt/sodium. on a normal day i try to atleast do the 12.
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    The notion of drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a very old theory that's dated back as far as the 1790's. How much water should you drink? How ever thirsty you are. The majority of water we should be consuming should come from fruits and vegetables, not plastic bottles. If you're thirsty then drink up, if that means you're thirsty enough to drink 8 glasses a day then you drink 8 glasses. If you're thirsty enough to drink 4 glasses, drink 4.

    There isn't some kind of magical health button inside of you that get's switched only when 8 glasses of water have been put inside. Eat fruits and veggies, drink water when you're thirsty,after exercise, and in hot weather but not because of an invisible monitor that goes off if you haven't drunken 8 glasses before bed time.
  • CdnPgnMom
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    I average 13-18 glasses a day, but I have an medical situation that requires me to drink a lot whenever I eat anything.
  • Meaganandcheese
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    ~100 oz a day
  • tbellamy1
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    I drink about a gallon a day if not more. 2 16.9 oz bottles during a.m. workout and breakfast 2.2 liters during the day and another 16.9 oz bottle with dinner and I sometimes wake up and take a sip or to. Its my drink of choice :bigsmile:
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    Drink half your body weight in ounces. So if you weight 150 you want to drink at least 75 ounces a day.
  • stacygayle
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    I average 13-18 glasses a day, but I have an medical situation that requires me to drink a lot whenever I eat anything.

    that's about how much I drink but I have a mild form of DI so I'm always thirsty.
  • picassoadagio
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    I easily put down 80oz. between water & tea.
  • I think that u should drink at least 64ozs per day and extra if u are working out, but don't overdo it just know what ur body is needing according to ur workout, pee color, and if u r thirsty. hope this helps!!
  • hbm616
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    My NP suggested at least 60 oz per day, and more if I am exercising.
  • Charisse1011
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    I have a 64oz jug,,,,,,
  • i dont know figures exactly, but i know that last week i uppsed my water intake to 3 litres a day and every night my legs were cramping and hurting beyond belief - the doctor said it was because i was drinking too much. so i would watch out for overdrinking - can be as harmful as not drinking enough
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    I drink 4 liters a day. I used to drink 2 but didn't see any weight loss when I did. When I upped my water intake the pounds started melting away.