Weird food combinations you love?



  • Ramen noodles (minus the seasoning), canned chili, cheese, onion and fritos.......... It's called Road Kill in my house and it will cure whatever ails you :happy:

    OMG that's AWESOME!!! I haven't tried it with fritos, I add sweet pickles and olives...but fritos sounds fantastic! :tongue:

    I also like spaghettio's with ranch and on that kick when I was pregnant.
    Dipping french fries in my chocolate shake....pure heaven.
  • NicoWoodruff
    NicoWoodruff Posts: 369 Member
    When I was a little kid I loved banana slices with mayonnaise on wonder bread as a sandwich... Every once in awhile now I'll do banana slices with a little honey on whole grain bread.. I've come a long way baby!

    The one people look at me funny for these days is a scoop of Breyer's coffee ice cream with bee pollen mixed into it.. YUM!
  • jk0708
    jk0708 Posts: 9
    carrot sticks in mustard. oh my lord.
  • Marie3391
    Marie3391 Posts: 211
    Garbanzo beans with feta cheese and red vinegar, omg I love it!
  • I have a weird fascination with having Mayo and Ketchup on my frenchfries. Its sooo good

    That is one of my faves!!! I mix the mayo & ketchup together then dip my fries, yummy!! When I lived out west they had something similar and sold it in the stores - Fry Sauce.... but here on the east coast it doesnt exist :( So the ketchup /mayo combo taste almost just like it :) I dont usually do that anymore though, too many cals

    My girls love Fry Sauce! They still sell it here in the stores (in NV).
  • andy2486
    andy2486 Posts: 93 Member
    Bran flakes, milk and chunky applesauce
    Pizza with ranch dressing
    peanut butter and nutella sandwich (it's like a melted Reese's)
    granny smith apple with peanut butter
    Fries dipped in a Wendy's Frosty
    A good Italian or Mexican dinner with a glass of milk (saw someone else posted that and I totally agree)
    Grilled cheese with Ketchup or Bar-b-Que sauce
    Nutella on Pretzels
    Peanut M and M's in buttered popcorn
    Melted chocolate drizzled on popcorn
    Pepperoni and pineapple or sundried tomatoes, feta and broccoli pizza
  • reneelee
    reneelee Posts: 877 Member
    salty french fries dipped in vanilla milk shake

    pbj and thin sliced carrots inside the sanwhich

    pbj and potato chips inside the sanwich

    grille cheese and strawberry preserves

    popcorn with raisens
  • Antjebeth08
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    I used to absolutely love nacho cheese Doritos dipped in cream cheese frosting. Delish!
  • ChancyW
    ChancyW Posts: 437 Member
    cheese sticks in hummus
  • brittigno
    brittigno Posts: 193 Member
    Tortilla chips on my PB&J.
    And I mean the good tortilla chips, not Tostito's
  • YoungDoc2B
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    Catfish and spaghetti! Well its not considered weird up here in the north, but some folks that I know down south thought it was a crazy combination! lol
  • TexanThom
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    Fritio Lay's French Onion Dip and Oreos.
  • reneelee
    reneelee Posts: 877 Member
    Forgot extra crispy bacon with hershey syrup

    vanila ice cream with pretzels crunched up
  • alyson820
    alyson820 Posts: 448 Member
    potato chips covered in chocolate and bacon
  • Ronngie
    Ronngie Posts: 295 Member
    Grilled fluffernutter, which is something I make for my nephews as a treat.
    I also like potato chips dipped in yogurt. The salt & sweet goes nice.
    I like grape jelly with cream cheese on a cracker or bagel.
    Potato chips on a sandwich, especially tuna fish.
  • Ronngie
    Ronngie Posts: 295 Member
    Oh yes, my favorite pizza combo is mushroom & pineapple which most people think is weird but to me it's delicious.
  • sun33082
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    My aunt loves bologna, bananas, pickles, and mayo on white bread. Blech!
  • LCBinGA
    LCBinGA Posts: 102 Member
    peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. on white bread. Probably one of the least healthy things I could eat, so I don't very often, but yummmmmmm

    oh yeah, my mom and i ate those! negative nutritional value food!
  • CherryOnionKiss
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    pizza and low fat mayo
  • Cinnamon rolls dipped in chili. Yum!