When did/will you stop considering yourself "fat?"



  • ccburn5
    ccburn5 Posts: 473 Member
    I guess I'll have to wait and see when I eventually get to my goal weight of 205. Once I am there and I STILL have a belly roll, I'll decide...
  • curvykim78
    curvykim78 Posts: 799 Member
    Probably NEVER. I'm 5 ft 4 and now weigh 157 pounds. I see myself as fat and don't think I'll ever be happy with my reflection in the mirror.
  • pudadough
    pudadough Posts: 1,271 Member
    I don't consider myself "fat." Just larger than my absolute ideal. I guess I'd go with "thick" over fat. I'll consider myself ideal at 25% or lower BF.
  • JoolieW68
    JoolieW68 Posts: 1,879 Member
    When I stop comparing myself to others.

    Oh, wait, I don't. I love myself, I love my body, and I love my life. I worked damn hard to get here and relish every second.
  • saturnine15
    saturnine15 Posts: 140
    I will stop thinking im fat when I get into the 130s. 125 is my goal, but I did lose weight when I was younger and the 130s are a good zone to be in. Im 5'5".
  • eva_lawlor
    eva_lawlor Posts: 81
    when im 130, even though my ugw is 120
  • catshark209
    catshark209 Posts: 1,133 Member
    When my stomach is semi flat and my cholesterol level is decent. I'm not overweight nor ever was, but I was and tend to the skinny fat.
  • TheFunBun
    TheFunBun Posts: 793 Member
    Yeah, I know I started considering myself fat when the ladygarden shaving became a matter of moving the fat out of the way. Also, when I went to flex my biceps and couldn't see any definition despite the fact that they're pretty large underneath. :(

    So, as soon as that fat gets out of the way of my "lawnwork" and I'm having some nice muscle definition going, I shall be unfat again!
  • mrsmotte
    mrsmotte Posts: 1
    When the only jiggles are in my favorite jello snack :wink:
  • gpstrucker
    gpstrucker Posts: 930 Member
    When I am no longer fat.

    Meaning when my body fat percentage reaches a normal, healthy level.
  • vade43113
    vade43113 Posts: 836 Member
    Never has happened yet... so just bumping to read the other's responses
  • _the_feniks_
    _the_feniks_ Posts: 3,482 Member
    I'll let you know when I get there. If I had to guess... when my love handles are COMPLETELY gone.
  • rextcat
    rextcat Posts: 1,408 Member
    when i can zip up my pre baby paints and not bust a seam:bigsmile:
  • valeriebpdx
    valeriebpdx Posts: 499 Member
    I don't think of myself as fat ~ under 150. It isn't my dream weight, but I don't feel fat. Over 160 on me is FAT.
  • 1Kristine1
    1Kristine1 Posts: 697 Member
    I'll let you know when I get there. If I had to guess... when my love handles are COMPLETELY gone.
    This for me too! Its the only thing that I really have a problem with. Hmm and maybe my chubby face. Lol
  • Scatterdragon
    Scatterdragon Posts: 225 Member
    When my thighs don't rub and I don't jiggle when I walk
  • lucylousmummy
    lucylousmummy Posts: 348 Member
    probably never :(

    i feel the same, i have been overweight my entire life, after losing 77lbs and not being this weight since i was around 12 years old, i still feel like the fat girl and probably always will :o(
  • honeydove
    honeydove Posts: 39
    When I'm comfortable wearing a two piece bathing suit.

    Agree, same here.
  • Awkward30
    Awkward30 Posts: 1,927 Member
    I was wondering this same question. At what point do you cross the line from fat to not fat, or unfit to fit. I'm not quite as firm as I want to be, but I don't consider myself fat anymore, and if someone tried to call me fat, I'd challenge them to arm wrestling. Would that count as a modern day duel? lol
  • jching29
    jching29 Posts: 163
    When I can wear a bikini with pride!

    When I have a 36-C bra again, instead of a nasty 38-D.

    When I can find a pair of jeans without going directly to the back of the rack.

    When I don't have to worry about people comparing me to my girlfriend and thinking, "They're an odd couple...why's that one so big?"