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Brazillian Butt Lift Results??



  • Dayna154
    Dayna154 Posts: 910 Member
    bump so I dont lose it..
  • HotMommy0609
    HotMommy0609 Posts: 224
    My husband thought it was a joke when I bought it. 6 weeks later he couldn't keep his hands off my butt. It works! :wink:
  • shortstuff31117
    shortstuff31117 Posts: 81 Member
    I'm on week 2 and love the workouts!
  • mdj1501
    mdj1501 Posts: 388 Member
    Those Brazilians are clearly geniuses...they given the world the Brazilian Wax, the Blow-Out, and now the Butt Lift!

    What's the blow out? :laugh: :laugh:

    It's a hair smoothing and straightening system. It's supposed to be amazing, but I've never shelled out the money for it. It only sounds like it would be something dirty! :smile:

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: was thinking the same thing!!

    LOL YES they obviously rock!
  • hhindsle
    hhindsle Posts: 43 Member
    I wanna know the same thing, but I already purchased the dvd's lol........Gonna give them another try in 6wks...Started with one work out and thought I was gonna have a heart attack within the first 30min. They are very intense.

    Learned that the hard way! I think I have made it throught 10 minutes of each of the DVD's and watched the rest. This reminds me I need to try again. This is my husbands favorite show. Image that :wink:
  • JanSmelly
    JanSmelly Posts: 143 Member
    Hmm I might be convinced. While pregnant the belly went out and the bun went down. It's just not the same.
  • mommy7
    mommy7 Posts: 153
    I start this in two days! Between this and Warrior Dash training, I'm gonna be dead to the world!
  • jenniejengin
    jenniejengin Posts: 785 Member
  • nikkiprickett
    nikkiprickett Posts: 412 Member
    I bought this, did it once and sold it. I cannot do lunges in front of a tv...wasn't what I thought it was.
    Going to the gym is much better for me.
  • lhaas24
    lhaas24 Posts: 92 Member
    Anyone that posted here a few weeks back have result pics to share?
  • SeaChele77
    SeaChele77 Posts: 1,103 Member
    I have been doing it about a month (but not consistently) - I will have to take some after pictures this weekend to post. But hubby says my booty is much more firm and I can tell it has lifted a bit.
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