How many people actually diet 7 days a week?



  • Kooraloo
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    I indulge a little almost every day... I'm terrible at moderation and self control but I'm working on both!
    Trying to work towards healthier eating 7 days a week, but at my current calorie goal, I usually stay 600 or so above on days I don't workout and 900-1000 ish on days that I don't, so I think it's okay. I'm one of those people that is (unfortunately) a bit addicted to processed and sugary and I'm slowly weaning myself off of it.
  • Jflowwers
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    I tend to log everyday but sometimes there are meals where I just can't log it. Tonight is an example. I'm going to a cocktail party with heavy appetizers. I will not spend the evening with my phone trying to keep track of every nibble and no I won't remember everything. I currently have over 1200 calories remaining for the day so will just hope for the best. This kind of situation happens probably once a week-this week I get it twice!

    Also, I don't consider it a "diet". This is my life now. I try and eat healthy and really watch what I eat most of the time but still allow myself to enjoy social activities-and yes, that includes eating non-healthy foods.

    this is how I see it... I want to get fit and eat healthy. However, I want to live in the present and have a off day every once in while.. within a limit.
  • smkafka
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    It's a life style not a diet for me. So I eat the same all 7 days.
  • graelwyn
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    I do my best to log daily, even if I go over, but if I have a really, really bad binge day, when I have gone over by an obscene amount, I don't bother as I already know how badly I have done and there is usually too much to calculate. I am still trying to find some sort of way to still have treats, without overdoing it. Being an all or nothing sort of person, this is very difficult for me.
  • Cait_Sidhe
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    I'm working on averages. I'm eating at maintenance and letting my exercise calories be my deficit. So yeah, there are no days off. Even before that though, I only took breaks from logging if I was having some major health problem.
  • londoneye
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    Yup...I log every day. Even when it's ugly.

    This. In fact, it's logging the BAD days that is most important and helpful. It makes me aware of the consequences of my decisions and motivates me to do better.
  • I log in everyday. I log most of my food, sometimes when I go out on the weekends I can't find what I ate and am too lazy to make a new entry. Laziness is my biggest factor for not logging, sadly.
  • sel254
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    I log every single day, regardless of whether it was a good or "bad" day so I can see what my triggers are and where I may be going wrong on the weeks where I'm not losing :)
  • Spokez70
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    I log my food and exercise 7 days a week. I did take a 10-day break from MFP back in March when I went on vacation but was still mindful of my food intake.
  • fels123
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    I take exams off and if I'm properly ill. I don't always log everything because it can get pretty time consuming but I have a rough idea of how many calories I've had and I rarely go over unless it's planned (social events, etc.) and even then make sure I stay under my bmr.
  • harleygaljojo
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    I log everyday. If I didn't it wouldl be hard to stay with the program
  • Umeboshi
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    I don't diet any day of the week. :P This isn't a diet for me.
    However, I log every single day no matter what. I sometimes take a weekly 'rest/cheat' day where I eat between goal and maintenance calories, but I definitely log it. Choosing not to log on cheat days or weekends seems to be cheating yourself.
  • duplicitous
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    I manage my calorie intake every day even though I do occassionally go over. Every day counts to my ultimate goal.
  • _hi_hat3r_
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    I indulge every day. I eat whatever I want and I am still losing weight
  • aneexer
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    I have logged in every day since I began this journey. The first time I logged in my food for the day I was shocked at how badly I rated so now I have changed my whole lifestyle thanks to MFP.

    If I dont log in I feel a bit guilty and no I dont have cheat days well not yet at least maybe later down the track I will after I lose the excess baggage :) Oooops I tell a lie I had a french fry tonight and it tasted soooo good lol :)

    Logging in daily I find gives me incentive to keep going on and the support from others is just great it's a must :)
  • Xia21
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    I don't "diet", but I log everyday... especially if I feel it was a bad day so that I can see the damage lol
  • GinaMauricio17
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    i log everything good or bad. so on cheat days i know what im really putting in my body. then when i look at it it kinda helps with portion control and to choose more wisely next time, like what is actually worth eating and what i could do without. i treat it as a learning process though it does hurt to see bad results sometimes lol
  • I just installed the ipad apps but it says an error, how can I log my hours for tomorrow?
  • Poods71
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    I wasn't logging my diary at weekends and find I am not losing weight, so I am going to try and stay accountable at the weekend too and see what happens. I think that is my main problem, I am great during the week and then throw it away at the weekend. Time to stop kidding myself :laugh:
  • jon40084
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    I log everyday although my calorie intake is normally higher at the weekend I always aim to stay within my limit.