where do people carry their weight????



  • katnic898
    katnic898 Posts: 5
    Just my stomach *sigh* I have no extra weight on my legs or chest at all
  • carinnaj
    carinnaj Posts: 149
    for me right now (220 lbs)..all over, pretty evenly distributed, but what bothers me at the moment, the most would be my upper back, and upper arms.

    when I was thinner(142 lbs), my thighs bothered me, and my upper arms just a bit; at that point though, my tummy was flat and my ribcage was showing.
  • GiaFox
    GiaFox Posts: 48
    Everywhere. Well at first on butt, thighs, boobs, face. Then it starts going everywhere else.
  • schalka
    schalka Posts: 57
    Stomach, boobs and face
  • NocturnalGirl
    NocturnalGirl Posts: 1,762
    Butt and thighs, really small boobs :(
  • edzie
    edzie Posts: 5 Member
    Stomach and *kitten* :(
  • From my waist to my knees!! LOL
  • Hips and thighs. I've never been smaller than a size 10, even at my lowest weight (147lbs)
    On top, at my smallest I had a 26inch waist... I am a disproportionate pear.
  • YankeesLvr52
    YankeesLvr52 Posts: 64 Member
    Stomach...its the only fat i have on my body. When I started, I looked like I swallowed a beach ball....
  • Woly
    Woly Posts: 26
    Most girls carry theirs in their thighs or butt-- I'm so jealous! I'm somewhere between evenly proportioned and top heavy-- hate my stomach and arms :(
  • dreamsofsomeday
    dreamsofsomeday Posts: 62 Member
    Hips, stomach, and thighs. =/ Ugh.
  • Shellanfit
    Shellanfit Posts: 309 Member
    the mid section
  • LovleeGirl
    LovleeGirl Posts: 18
    I carry my weight almost everywhere.. in my face, arms, chest, tummy, hips, thighs and booty. I got bad luck, thats what I got.
  • b1505
    b1505 Posts: 102 Member
    Thighs and around my middle!
  • ladyfox1979
    ladyfox1979 Posts: 405 Member
    Butt and Thighs. I swear when God made me he was distracted, must have been interrupted by an Angel or something cuz my boobs are not propotioned with my *kitten*. He must have been like" oops and said you konw what I am tired I don't have time to fix this I got other things to worry about besides this one's *kitten*":tongue:
  • my lower back :( aka my love handles. haaattee it.
  • TheVimFuego
    TheVimFuego Posts: 2,412 Member
  • mishtery
    mishtery Posts: 148
    my waist/ hips! :(
  • 2012NSR
    2012NSR Posts: 51
    Waist and arms.

    Wish I carried it on my chest this loosing weight business is a nightmare in that area :)
  • hips -___________-