Is it bad to eat an egg everyday?



  • AllTehBeers
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    Yes. Baby chicks will hatch in your belly and peck their way out.

    This actually happened to me. Well, it wasn't me, it was my friends mom's cousins friend. But I heard it was pretty painful
  • cinasana
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    I mentioned this to my colleagues and they all started ranting about how eggs are great for you (and indeed they are) BUT that they are very "binding". Any knowledge on whether or not eggs are infact constipating??
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    The human brain is only like 2% of the body by weight, but it has about 20% of the body's cholesterol. I am not concerned about mine. For anyone concerned, I highly recommend Googling Chris Masterjohn and reading some of his (admittedly pretty scientifically dense) stuff on cholesterol. Very enlightening.
  • grinch031
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    Nothing wrong with eggs. It is asinine to remove the egg yolks because they have most of the nutrients.
  • frootcat
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    I mentioned this to my colleagues and they all started ranting about how eggs are great for you (and indeed they are) BUT that they are very "binding". Any knowledge on whether or not eggs are infact constipating??
    I usually eat three a day and don't have that problem. ...But then I also eat a lot of fruit. I think your best bet is to try it yourself. :)
  • MamaDee2
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    Lord I hope not or I am in serious trouble!
  • ChesKrieg
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    I ate 5 so far today, and that's usually a norm.
  • nwg74
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    A programme I watched had the host of it eating 30 eggs over a week (frying, boiling, etc) and made no difference other than the person being sick of eating them. Cholesterol levels was only a tiny bit higher.
  • Chokis
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    Eggs are good for you.! Eat as many as you want! Dietary cholesterol has nothing to do with our body cholesterol. And it is not the overall number of your cholesterol that counts, it's the triglycerides. If you have high triglycerides, you have a higher risk of a heart-disease. Refined carbohydrates increase the level of your triglycerides and increase risk of heart disease.
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    I eat two eggs almost everyday and love them full of good IMO and I will keep eatting them and if you see my ticker I`m loosing weight rather well :)
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    I eat at least one a day, sometimes two or three (gasp!) Eat the whole thing, yolk and all.
  • itsuki
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    Read this as "Is it bad to BEAT an egg everyday."

    Thought, "What did the egg ever do to you?"
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    Eggs, the new bump!
  • Alisha_countrymama
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    I eat 2-3 eggs a day
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    Eating Dorito's every day is bad. Its chemically made in a factory. An egg came out of a live animal!!! Eat the egg.
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    Yes, that is very bad. I think it might be illegal so watch out, you might end up in jail.

    I eat about a dozen egg whites each day and occasionally have the yolks. Do whatever works for you.
  • I have eggs for breakfast 3x a week. I enjoy omelettes and filling them with lots of veggies. :tongue:
  • fuhrmeister
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    I love eggs and eat them almost every day. But I suggest if you eat them often to look into free range hormone free eggs. BTW I also have great cholestorol.

    As ofr getting back on track I am working on that myself. My plan is to start by loggin food all week and trying to stay under 100 carbs and fit in exercise where I can. next week I will concentrate on more plannd exercise. Good Luck!
  • Eggs are awesome! Bruce Lee ate several eggs a day for protein. They are best source of protein available and full of nutrients. Duck eggs are even better than chicken eggs - they have higher nutrient levels, no hormones, no antibiotics, and they taste even better than chicken eggs. I am allergic to chicken eggs but have no problem with duck eggs. Thank God for tasty, healthy, natural duck eggs! The best source of protein on the planet!