Are there women out there who WANT smaller breasts?



  • amandacroberts
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    I'm so ready for smaller breasts. I'm currently at about a G cup (yikes!) and I seriously would give anything to go back down to a C or a D. I've come to accept that I am always going to have larger breasts because my frame is just a larger frame, so yeah, no matter what, I'll have boobs. :laugh:

    Slowly losing that weight and I am noticing my bras are fitting much looser than before. EXCITING! :happy: And if I don't lose as much boob as I hope to, reduction will be in my future.
  • Yes! All they do is get in the way and finding a sports bra that works is next to impossible (I still have not found one). Going from DD to a C (even a CC) would be just amazing.
  • meowmily
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    I would love to be a C-cup. I've been stuck with DDs since high school. :(
  • str8bowbabe
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    You large breasted girls have to realize, that when you say you want your breasts smaller and to a C cup...those of us that are naturally small chested...a C cup is considered big to us!

    A lot of women that get augmented, a lot of times their goal is a C or a D cup....which to you blessed girls is small!! haha! I guess it is all about what you start out with.

    Blessed??? LOL I am a large C at the moment. I started at a D. Before the weight gain I was a B and I was perfectly happy with it. The problem??? When I gained weight yes I got bigger up top but I got the bottom to go with it. I would easily give it all up to back to 125...any takers?
  • TheFitHooker
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    Well I started at a 40 DDD/E I'm currently a 34 D. I'm content with where I'm at as of right now. I'm not done losing weight, I'm sure I'll lose another cup size before it is over with. I don't mind really, just as long as I can fill out a shirt and not be flat I'm cool.
  • Samstudent88
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    To be honest, I wish they'd be normal. Ahaha...once I hit puberty one grew and one didn' It would be nice if the large one would shrink....or the other get bigger...without surgery...THAT would be great...Pregnacy didn't do anything to either one. :( I'm just a freak....I'm thinking about getting them fixed once I get to my goal weight.....I've never ever ever ever been 160lbs before....that would just be weird. =D
  • MaraDiaz
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    Did anybody mention that gravity works yet? Especially on big, natural ones? Come on, who the heck wants their boobs down to their belt?
  • lisahale
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    Would love for some of it to go bye bye myself . I have always had a large chest even when I was smaller . I am currently a 34 G . I was wearing a DD then went to dillards and had myself fitted the entire time I had been wearing the wrong size bra. SO that just blew my mind that I was a G geezz. I would love to get a reduction one day . I have lost 25 lbs and none is gone from there hopefully some of it will leave its not what its all cracked up to be BOOBS are way over rated :)))
  • MrsBully4
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    As a fairly reserved and somewhat shy person my DDs have always embarrassed me and kept me from wearing cute shirts, all the way from 120lbs to 273lbs. Through weight gain, a couple of dumb fad/starvation diets with significant weight loss, and most recently 36 lbs of fat lost through healthy eating and hefty strength training, my body shape has changed quite a bit but my breasts have never budged. Not in the slightest. There's nothing there to lose but the thinnest of thin layers of fat over a whole lot of breast tissue.

    I would like it if my breasts would shrink a bit, perhaps to single-Ds at least, because as I have exercised and begun to carve my flab back into lean muscle my breasts have begun to shove their way to the forefront yet again, stretching out shirts and making me feel uncomfortably sexualized wearing anything but frumpy men's T-shirts. I'm only 5'4" and have a tucked in waist below the boobs, so at my thinnest my boobs have always looked very disproportionate to my body.

    It sounds like a stupid problem I know, but I really never liked having tremendous boobs dragging me behind them like the prow of the SS Ladylumps.
  • belinda_b
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    Wow I really thought I was the only one who wanted to be smaller. I would love to be smaller, like a B. I guess to me it's just fat sitting there on my body.
  • sunshine_gem
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    I would kill to be a C cup! When I lost some weight a couple of years ago I actually went UP a cup size to a 34E. Now I've put some weight back on I've gone up again to a 34F (5'3). My missions is to lose the boobs. I think they know I don't want them though. Whenever I do pilates exercises on the floor they try to suffocate me....evil boobs....
  • ghgs13
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    YES. I'm slim and am losing weight purely to try to shift them! 30E is horrible, they hurt, they're in the way :(
  • sexy_RN88
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    I want smallER breasts. Not necessarily small, just smaller than I have now. Right now they're very large DD. I'd like to be a small C once I reach my goal weight. I think a small C would be perfect for me. I may contemplate reduction surgery if I'm still at DD once I reach my goal weight. They are heavy and they cause me a LOT of back pain and discomfort.
  • KaidaKantri
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    I'm at a size D. I would love to be a size c once I get to my goal weight.
  • capnwo85
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    Wanting smaller breasts is like smacking God in the face for giving you a great gift.

    In the words of Coach Ditka, "STOP IT"
  • littlewhittles
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    I would like mine to get a bit smaller just so it's easier to buy bras. I'm probably at a 38H or something, but buying a bra that size is difficult AND expensive. I'd love to be a D or something.
  • mscrumbyy
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    I started at a J cup in UK sizes and I've managed to get down to a H so far, absolutely made up with it. I'd go as far as to say I'd opt in for reduction surgery if it didn't look so terrifying. Sadly it looks like it may well have to be an option if my back keeps playing up, my doctor thinks they might be starting to cause problems :grumble:
  • kayleesays
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    Heh, the problem is, we're upset because "smaller breasts" doesn't mean getting down to a D or C for us... I went from a C to a small B. Not so happy.
  • GodsGirl37
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    Me:) I was a 46DD. I am now a 38 C. the bigger bust really hurts the back
  • ljaroch
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    I do for sure. How bad do jumping jacks suck!!!!