290 down to 197 with pics!

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I made it under 200! On Saturday I weighed in at 197 lbs. January 1st I weighed 270 and my heavy weight is 290+. Proof that eating properly cutting out sweets and booze and swimming Monday thru Friday pays off! I still have some weight to loose and I need to work on toning but I am very happy with the results so far. I looked into P90X and Insanity to help tone my abs but due to my severe arthritis I am not going to be able to do those programs. If anyone has any suggestions on a routine that wil help me in my quest to get fit that is easy on the knees and ankles I would love to hear about it. I hope my journey can be motivation to others.


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    Congratulations, you look fantastic. Thanks for sharing it's quite an inspiration.
  • You look like a completely different person!!! Amazing!!!!! You are such a good example to others that anyone can do this is they try and stick to it!!! Way to go!!!! Keep up the hard work it is def paying off my friend!!!!!!!!:happy:
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    good job :) you look great!
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    You look fantastic! Keep it up! :)
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    You look awesome! Great job!
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    I recommend strength training - (weights) - it will help make the muscles that support those joints stronger - I've had alot less joint issues since i started strength training. I do recommend a trainer or a Physical Therapist to get you started. I bet your doctor would be happy to recommend one so that your insurance will cover a portion of it.
  • Congratulations! You've done an amazing job. It's always great to see folks who are able to turn their lives around. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all.
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    Great results!
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    awesome work, keep it up!!
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    Awesome! You have done amazing!!!! Be very proud!
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    WAY TO GO MAN!!! Awesome!!!
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    You look great! Congrats!
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    HUGE difference!!!! Congrats!!!!
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    Wow! You look fanfriggintastic! I bet you feel pretty damn good too!
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    Awesome Job !
  • Looking HOT! Thanks for posting, great to see such great success pictures.
    I have pain problems with my ankles and especially with my wrists so there are programs I can't do. I hope you find something to suit your needs!
    Alice x
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    Great progress! Thanks for sharing :flowerforyou:
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    You look great :)
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    Highly recommend chalean extreme to tone your body. Easier version of p90x and shorter workout time too.
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    Great job! Keep it up! What's your swim routine?