Pale Skin - Is it really that bad?



  • K0135
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    When I was younger I let people talk me into tanning all the time... I got skin cancer... So please embrace your pale skin!!! =)
  • Linda_Darlene
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    I consider myself part vampire. I avoid the sun. I can do without any more skin damage than I already have. Pale is beautiful.
  • elenathegreat
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    What you see is my base color. I am a born brown girl, and I love my skin. That being said, I have always admired the alabaster and porcelain-skinned ladies as well as cocoa to the richest dark chocolate... Beautiful skin is beautiful!!:heart:
  • chris1816
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    I tanned in the womb.
  • Sunscreenandsweat
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    I'm pale and have loads of freckles and red hair and I wouldn't change it for anything.
  • ScarletFyre
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    I am Scottish and Irish - a Strawberry Blonde, with some freckles. When i "tan" it's because my freckles have grown together. :laugh: I agree with you 100% First of all I think I would look rediculous with a tan. The only time I was ever told to "get some sun" and wasn't offended was when my fiance's sister suggested it as a way to try to avoid a painful burn in the future.

    We all come in different colors and shades and that is what makes us all beautiful. I have spent years watching my mother get little surgeries to remove skin cancer spots and i'd like to avoid that - or at least stave it off as long as possible - so when i go out side i PROUDLY sport my 100+ SPF!! :bigsmile:
  • meshashesha2012
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    just do you and rock however you look. what's most attractive is when people are comfortable in their own skin (regardless of the shade).

    just wear your sunscreen and ignore the naysayers
  • lilbrowngirlsj
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    People are morons. You were made with a lighter skin tone and all skin tones are beautiful in my book. I don't understand people's obsession with the tanning nonsense. (Maybe it's cuz I'm chocolatey People need to start loving people for who they are instead of this superficial b.s.
  • Salonas
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    I also grew up in Florida, and I still live here. I am pale also. I have had people all the time, to this very day, have a problem with my skin. In my teens my hair was lighter so I was blond and blue eyed, so people thought I was supposed to be tan. I tried self tanner when it was first getting popular. I was in middle school and I could've been in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! My best friend in high school called me an anorexic vampire. I was only 103 and pale of course. My brother in law's girlfriend thinks she has to get in her bikini and go out every day by the pool. She once told me she was soooooo pale, it was mid winter and she was definitely NOT pale! I'm in my 30's now, and about 10 years ago, I realized it just doesn't matter. I'm pale and that's just the way it is. My husband loves me the way I am. So, No, pale skin is not that bad. People just need to realize that we're all different, and just cuz we're pale and they're not, it doesn't make us ugly or unhealthy and maybe we like being pale. And of course we have much lower chances of all the skin cancer and wrinkles at a young age!
  • NoSpandex
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    I am a redhead, and I am not capable of tanning. I don't have the required pigment in my skin to turn it brown. I burn easily, and have tried to be responsible with my sunblock, but four years ago I had a mole (that I'd had for about 20 years) that suddenly started bleeding. I'd had this mole checked in the past and it was harmless, but it had become cancerous. It was a malignant melanoma.

    I was very lucky that it had not spread to my lymph nodes, so they were able to surgically remove a hunk of my leg, and it was gone. I am still cancer free (fingers crossed). I had to have follow up visits with the oncologist and dermatologist quite frequently at first, but I am now seeing them both annually. Everyone should be seeing a dermatologist yearly. While melanoma is most common in those of us with pale complexions, no one is immune.

    All that being said, I would still love to have an olive complexion or lightly tanned looking skin. I have tried sunless tanning formulas, but I am never willing to keep up the maintenance and deal with streaking, the smell, transfer to clothing, etc. If I had the pretty kind of pale skin, that would be fine. But mine is ruddy and freckled. However, it is also cancer free right now, so I'm not complaining. And yes, people make fun of my white skin all the time, but better pale than dead, I say!
  • OnionCookie
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    I look like an Oompa Loompa with any sort of tan, natural or spray on. I like being pale.
  • RealWomenLovePitbulls
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    i have fair skin also, i didnt like it at all when i was younger but i have learned to love it now. i think i look way healthier and better than girls who spend wayyy too long fake baking, and fyi to people who think we should just "get a tan" some people just don't get tan, i joke that i go from white to off-white in the sun and if i'm really lucky, i might get beige... but never tan
  • paint_it_black
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with pale skin, I'm scottish and still live in scotland so the combination of genetics and habitat have left me a rather fetching shade of blue. Maybe one day i'll be tanned enough to be considered white.
  • rmkramer003
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    Pale can be very pretty, not everyone tans well. Plus, the less sun you get, the younger you look. As long as you get enough to make your daily dose of Vitamin D, who needs a tan?
  • dhakiyya
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    People are morons. You were made with a lighter skin tone and all skin tones are beautiful in my book. I don't understand people's obsession with the tanning nonsense. (Maybe it's cuz I'm chocolatey People need to start loving people for who they are instead of this superficial b.s.

    ^^^ totally agree!

    I'm a "ginger carrier" (lol) i.e. I'm not ginger but have a ginger parent, a ginger sibling and a strawberry blonde child lol. I've always had pale skin, and I used to think that was unattractive until I went to live in the Arab world where many beautiful, olive skinned women told me they wished they had pale skin like mine. All of it is just cultures having narrow views about what is/is not beautiful. All skin colours are beautiful from the whitest white to the darkest brown and every shade in between :) Love the skin that you have, and be healthy. Healthy skin glows, whatever colour it is :)
  • grrrlface
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    I have a weird combination in my family, my dad's side are place skin tone, red heads with tons of freckles. My mum's side are olive skin tone, dark hair.

    I've got the dark hair and prefer to be pale but as soon as I tan, even just a little, I have a beautiful olive skin tone. I'm stuck because I love both! :-)
  • FaugHorn
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    I prefer it to skin cancer...
  • shelbiejo
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    I'm an Irish Mexican and I used to be the palest person you'd ever see....I still am pretty pale. I only started tanning (a little) when I started working at a tanning salon. I seriously only go once a week to maintain a little color and always cover my face. Nothing is wrong with pale. Nothing is wrong with tan. It is all about what you feel best as.

    Also on a side note. Pale skinned women are considered the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN to islanders(:
  • strawberrie_milk
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    I prefer pale skin over tan skin.. I think I look better pale.. I go out of my way to make sure I don't tan lol. But yeah nothing wrong with being pale :)
  • KittieLea
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    "If you're from Africa, why are you white?"
    "God Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white."