• dusty_712001
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    Before I reduced my carb intake, I would have Fiber One Bran Buds mixed with a little frosted flakes to make it tolerable. It was a great way to increase my fiber for the day.

    ATM, I have reduced my carb intake, but as I gradually bring my carb intake up I will probably do so again.
  • Bobby_Clerici
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    I am VERY selective about which cereals I eat.
    Most have been demineralized and loaded up with sugar.
    Most are very unhealthy - no better than eating a candy bar.

    Absolutely! Old schood cherrios and Fiber One are my go-to these days. Are they they absolute best? Nah, but better than most. Old School Oatmeal is the real winner, IMO.
    There are some whole grained cereals new on the market I enjoy. I just won't eat the sugary ones any longer.
  • Bobby_Clerici
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    Fruit has sugar, did your trainer say not to have fruit, or anything you like? I eat a bowl of cereal like 5 days a week for breakfast and will never give it up, its better then my old breakfast of cold pizza and left over Chinese food =)
    Natural sugar in fruit comes with other nutritionally dense elements as opposed to processed, sugar-loaded, demineralized cereal.
    It's candy.
  • JessyLovesJCS
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    I just went for a walk to have enough calories for a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with skim milk! :bigsmile:
  • Rayman79
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    Not all cereal is bad. The key is to understand what you are looking at when choosing one.

    My main (not only) criteria is that they are low in sugar, and high in fibre. Fibre is the main thing I look for in my cereal because it is often one element that is lacking in my diet .

    When all is said and done, it is all about balance. If you can fit it into your day and meet your macros and you are getting enough nutrients - there is no harm in eating cereal or any other food.
  • BrunetteRunner87
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    I eat oatmeal and cream of wheat, but as for cold cereals I used to eat them and even the healthy ones didn't keep me full long so I don't anymore
  • liog
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    I like Organic Maple Buckwheat Flakes by Arrowhead Mills. Only 5g sugar per serving and 4g of protein. I've also been eating too much Chocolate Chex cereal. That stuff is like crack and won't be on the shopping list again for a while. :)
  • Esther50
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    Yup I still eat cereal. All about keeping track. I give up nothing, I just cut back and keep track. But instead of having hamburgers every day, I have fruits and veggies and go from there to figure the rest of my day.
  • AsellusReborn
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    I like plain cheerios. Occasionally we have muttigrain in the house but that has a little too much sugar for me to want to do that day in and day out. Plain cheerios seem plenty healthy in my mind, they're not sugary or frosted or crap.
  • sarahmcp3
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    I have oatmeal a lot. it fills me up and it has lots of fiber. Sometimes I go on a cereal kick but I try to keep it to low sugar granola type cereals. Like special k. That cereal helps me meet my iron goal for the day since I'm not a huge meat eater.
  • IronMan98
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    Who can eat just one serving (3/4 to 1 cup) of Wheaties etc. and be satisfied.
  • soleilxo
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    i am obseessed with cereal i dont know why! i can easilyyyy eat 5 bowls i switched to almond milk though so its going to be a lil less in calories next time :)
  • taso42
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    eating oatmeal right now. don't take nutrition advice from trainers.
  • airangel59
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    I do, not every day though. Right now I'm hooked on Fiber One 80, those honey squares are delish. I'm watching carbs (dm2) and I think it's got 10 fiber, most cereals are way too high in carbs for my liking.
  • Nana_Booboo
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    I love my cereals....on occasions. =)
  • apriltrainer
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    I avoid cereals because the average bowl is ALOT more than what a serving should be. And nope...a cup of cereal doesn't satisfy me at all. When I first started logging I was horrifed to realize I was eating 3-4 cups of cereal! You really got to watch portion control with cereal. I love me some Golden Grahams..but I shall stay away from them!
  • samanthatricia
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    Yep, almost never eat cereal because 1) it gets soggy so fast and I have to throw out the whole bowl or feel like I'm going to barf, and 2) I'm starving an hour later!
  • Masterdo
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    Oatmeal Crisps, Vanilla Almond, 58g + 2/3 cup milk, every morning :p 313 cals and it's filling until 10h30-11h30, for snack (usually nuts, or sunflower seeds).

    The real deal I think is to establish a routine that works well for you, and stick to it. Then with more experience, you learn how to manipulate that routine to cater for things like unplanned team lunch at work, or a night out, either without busting, or by busting but still enjoying it since you know that tomorrow, your nice little routine will still be there, and you'll enjoy that too.

    Cereals, oatmeal, no breakfast... doesn't really matter as long as it's your choice and you are happy to make it.
  • xoxosarinaxoxo
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    i have kashi go len every day for breafkast
  • hkasel
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    I don't really eat cereal, mainly because I don't care for most of them. The only exception is granola. I don't buy granola because I could eat it in very large portions!