What's your favourite newly discovered food?



  • GnochhiGnomes
    GnochhiGnomes Posts: 348 Member
    Double Dragon green tea with some sweetener, beautiful.

    Crispy seaweed with delicious spices such as seafood flavourings or hot chilli spices. They are delicious on their on but you can put them in salads instead of croutons or crackers. Unfortunately I can only find them in central London when I go to china town or in Wing Yip.
  • Sunyg5
    Sunyg5 Posts: 3 Member
    Liberte Greek Yogurt!! Just the right amount of sweetness!
  • Ayla70
    Ayla70 Posts: 284 Member
    I saw organic in my local Woollies the other day, but had no idea what to do with it, or what it tasted like. Seemed a lot of money to spend if I hated it. What does it resemble in taste?
  • shellfishmonger
    shellfishmonger Posts: 1 Member
    Dried apricots. I carry a baggie of them in my purse. They can really quell your hunger and your craving for something sweet. You don't need to eat more than 6.
  • bacamacho
    bacamacho Posts: 306 Member
    Almond flour. I'm on a reduced carb nutrition plan and have used it to make awesome pancakes and muffins that my kids enjoy too. My kids are limited in carbs. They just enjoy them.

    I can't edit my post? Anyway, my kids AREN'T limited in carbs... whew! Haha! OOPS! :blushing:
  • Visiblekarma
    Visiblekarma Posts: 6 Member
    I nee to revisit these,, Just sweet potatoes in general. On a side note this topic has given me a few new foods to checkout, my palate is dying for new healthy flavors!
  • XXXMinnieXXX
    XXXMinnieXXX Posts: 3,461 Member
    Mine's quinoa, not very highly reconised in Australia yet but I have FINALLY found organic versions of white, black and red quinoa!

    I replace it for rice, use it in salads and am currently experimenting with a sweet version with fruit :)

    It's a fantastic source of protein, all 8 essential amino acids, fibre, is gluten free for those with wheat intolerances and fills me up :)

    I still need to try his. A personal trainer to.ldb me coconut oil is good... going to get hold of some!
  • gimedatnow
    gimedatnow Posts: 173 Member
    omggg I LOVE rocket (also known as arugala in the US). I have no idea what makes it so good, but I can literally eat it by the bag with a little balsamic vinegar and salmon... or even by itself. Yum.
  • BitteOrca
    BitteOrca Posts: 74 Member
    chia seeds. throw them in yogurt, oatmeal, cottage cheese--they add a nice little bump of fiber and protein and some good texture!

    i really want to try making chia seed pudding--if you let the seeds sit in liquid (in this case i would try almond milk) for around 30 min, they gain a tapioca-like consistency.
  • BeckaT79
    BeckaT79 Posts: 216
    Warm lemon water with honey in the morning instead of coffee... Ahhhh refreshing... :-)
  • ChristineS_51
    ChristineS_51 Posts: 872 Member
    Fennel - crunchy, tasty, healthy - sliced up for a salad :-)
  • TheVimFuego
    TheVimFuego Posts: 2,412 Member
    Cooked spinach in everything and consuming fat generally.
  • deanotoot
    deanotoot Posts: 28 Member
    The taste of fresh vegies and fruit w/o all the salt and additives! Ate processed foods to long!:happy: :happy:
  • rwwerner
    rwwerner Posts: 42 Member
    Unprocessed (Real) food. It's amazing how much better I feel eating this stuff. I did not realize that life could exist without cereal, peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches, pasta, potato chips, soda, etc.
  • tripitena
    tripitena Posts: 554 Member
    Several new items have sparked my interest lately:

    Steel cut oats
    napolitos (cactus)
    Starbucks green tea lemonade
    Squash blossoms
    ginger lime green tea (from Clean Eating magazine)
    Bulgur wheat
    poached pears
  • Ms_Freda
    Ms_Freda Posts: 24 Member
    To me the flavor of spices to accent food with out the salt weighing it down. I am experiencing the real flavor of health food.
  • jerber160
    jerber160 Posts: 2,606 Member
    Several new items have sparked my interest lately:

    Steel cut oats

    tell me more please? also interested in quinoa
  • jerber160
    jerber160 Posts: 2,606 Member
    Fennel - crunchy, tasty, healthy - sliced up for a salad :-)
    mmmmm except i pretty much don't eat salad. raw tho.. or roasted in a coating of balsamic. mmmmm
  • Thena81
    Thena81 Posts: 1,265 Member
    anything listed on Emily Bites blog! she has some amazing stuff!!! check it out!
  • YumemiruJin
    YumemiruJin Posts: 137 Member
    Irish oatmeal, wheat berries, baked tofu :)