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  • mrschappet
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    the shots makes you gain weight
  • amyowens08
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    I hated the shot...I gained weight and spotted for 6 months straight. awful. I'm on a low dose pill right now and I haven't gained weight at all and have had no spotting.
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    I have a doctors appointment this afternoon to get birth control. Did it make you gain weight? If so, how much? Any suggestions on which kind you recommend? Pill or shot? Any input is greatly appreciated! :] I'm really hoping it won't set me back in getting fit.

    The type of birth control you get should depend on your plans for having children. Pills, patches, and rings can be stopped at any time and your cycle will return to normal quickly. Barrier methods, like the cervical cap or diaphragm don't require hormones, and therefore, do not interfere with your cycle. IUC devices, like Mirena, will require doctor placement and removal, and have some possible side effects that could lead to infertility (like uterine punctures/tearing). Shots or implants, like Depo-Provera or Implanon, are long-term methods that you don't need to think about, but do have longer-lasting effects on your hormones. It can take up to 18 months for your cycle to get back to normal.

    If you aren't in a relationship and aren't planning on having kids in the next 5 years, Mirena, Depo, or Implanon would probably be a good choice for you. If you could potentially want kids sooner, something else would be better.
  • BringingSherriBack
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    I was on the pill for several years and it did not cause me to gain weight. If anything it helped me lose weight because I have PCOS so the BC helped to balance out my hormones and make it easier to lose weight. Unfortunately I can't take hormonal bc anymore because I had a blood clot in my leg while on bc which sucks since that is one of the main treatments for PCOS and I can't take it.
  • rebecca_florida
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    I love the NuvaRing - no shots or pills, no crazy mood swings or weight gain. Easy!

    Note: Since it's the same dose no matter the size woman, know that if someone is overweight (my doc said 200+ lbs) the effectiveness will go down.
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    I have tried the ring and the pill. The ring you should be causious with if you have any allergies. I was incredibly allergic to the material it was made out of and it was not fun. The pill I recently had to stop taking because it made my 120/80 blood pressure go up to 143/104. I stopped taking it for 4 days and my blood pressure is back to normal-thankfully! If I would recommend anything to anyone that has never taken birth control, it would be to just try the things you can stop taking immediately if you have a bad reaction to them i.e. headaches, weight gain, nausea etc.

    For example, I wouldn't recommend Depo for a first time user because IF it makes you crazy and you can't stop're stuck with it for 3 months until it wears off. Also...I believe you have to have an osteoprosis text every 4 years on Depo because it can make your bones lose strength.

    See if you can get just a low dose pill to start with. That is what I would suggest.
  • pastryari
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    Birth control never made me gain any weight. Being lazy and eating too much crap did.

    I was on the pill but I wasn't good about remembering to take it so I decided to get the shot. It was nice not realling having periods and all that. But I went off the shot for medical reasons not related to it. Beware that after you stop taking it, it takes forever for your period to become regular again and not spot all the time.
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    Started the shot many, many years ago. In addition to frequent, amost constant spotting (which stopped after about a year), I was packing on the pounds, so I spoke with my doctor about it. Her response was that 99.9% of her patients that stopped the shot due to weight gain continued to gain weight...indicating to her that the problem probably wasn't the shot in the first place (her subtle hint did not escape me!). I decided to continue with it, and all these years later, still love it, even though the scale continued its upward climb. It's definitely been the right choice of birth control for me.

    That being said, now that I'm tracking things here on MFP, I can see in black and white that I've been eating waaaay too many calories for a long, long time. Obviously, I can't prove that the shot did or didn't cause any weight gain, but in my case, I truly believe that all these extra pounds have nothing to do with the shot.
  • AshRyd
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    the pills made me sick and the shots i was on I gained weight --- but honestly i haven't been on anything for the past 10 years -- single and old fashioned :flowerforyou:

    I would like to add that gaining weight is probably the least of the side effects of taking any kind of pill, as weight gain can be control with a little extra effort.

    Last year i had a friend get a blood glot in her leg and was put on a high dose of blood thinners for 6 months, she now can not take any form of birth control. Two weeks ago I had another friend collapse with sever "stomach area" pains --- found a blood glot in her liver, cause - birth control. She is also on a minimum of 6 weeks bed rest, a daily shot in the stomach, blood thinners and will also never be able to take BC again. Third friend went to her GYN/OB just to check due to the other friends, and he took her off her BC. These are just a few examples, one friend was over weight, one ran every day and was very fit, the third is also fit. Blood clots are very dangerous and very scary!

    I have absolutely nothing against birthcontrol - i promise, but please also listen to the other side effects that will come with it besides weight gain. There are other forms that you can consider that are not hormone based.
  • cmpollard01
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    Honestly, everyone is different. Didn't gain any weight when I started taking the pill, but I was 16 and playing volleyball & softball. Switched to the Depo shot after college, and gained 60lbs in 6 months-it was ridiculous. Switched back to the pill, and I've been fighting for 10 years to get that weight off!

    Unfortunately, it may take a little trial and error...and it also depends on where you are in life. There's a chance I might still want kids, and I'm only 33, so TL isn't an option right now. Neither are several other forms of bc. So, the pill it also helps me know when I'll get a migraine every month :smile:
  • amberecochran
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    I think that everyone is different. It's the same way with losing weight. What works for some doesn't always work for others. I personally could never remember to take the pills so I was on the shot until I got a shot from a bad batch back in 2002 resulting in my third child. After that I just had a tubal. If your planning on having kids later on, I would say, start small. Try the pill first and see how your body reacts. After that move on to something else. It is considered medication and with all medications, sometimes they need to be adjusted or changed. Hope this helps.
  • foranagirl
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    No, Used a pill (sorry, forget what it was) and noticed no gain at all? Besides, any gain is lot less than that of a pregnancy!!!!
  • classictoaster
    Personally, I'm on the pill. No weight gain due to that.

    Ask your doctor about what's right for you. Everyone's different and our opinion on what type of birth control to get is pretty irrelevant.
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    Nuvaring. I recommend it to anyone and as long as your not squeamish about inserting the ring. No pills, no shots, no hassle, no "forgetting". It's 3 weeks in, 1 week out. You can even skip your period and reinsert a new one the day you're suppose to take it out. You can take it out for 2 hours at a time if youre not comfortable having sex with it in. Personally, doesn't make a difference to me. I can't feel it and my hubby says it doesn't make that big of a difference. Without ins, it's about $84 a month. I've been on it for over 5 years, except when we were trying and did get pregnant. It's the only BC I'll ever use.
  • AlsDonkBoxSquat
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    I hated birth control. I tried the pill, I tried Depo (which made me incredibly sick, for a very long time . . . I spotted evey day for a year while I was on it and had other health complications related to getting it), I gained 20 pounds, I always felt gross. I came off of it when I was 19 and lost 20 pounds and felt 100% better.
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    Hello there. If you are open to getting the Paragard IUD, I think it is the best option. I was on the pill for 10 years and it caused me to gain weight, lose hair, experience nausea, and it killed my sex drive. I was even on a low dose version. All hormone based contraceptives will do similar things. The Paragard IUD is great! I am so happy I decided to get one. It is good for 10 years (a much more cost effective method) and has very limited side effects (some women experience heavier periods) which are easier to tolerate. And contrary to popular belief, it is not a requirement that you have had a child to get an IUD placed. In addition, hormonal contraception seriously depletes your B vitamins. If you decided to go that route, I would supplement with a good B complex. Hope this helps.
  • Pspetal
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    I'm taking Allesse/Aviane since 2 yrs now. Before I started it, my doc said some people gain weight and some lose it. I actually lost weight after I started taking it. I think it differs from person to person. You'll have to go for a check-up anyway after 3 months, so you'll know. :flowerforyou:
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    Been on and off the pill for years, and there's been zero impact on weight. I've been on Loestrin and LoLoestrin, which are two of the lowest dose pills you can take, so maybe that's why no weight impact.
  • chasmarley11
    I used pills before my daughter and never gained weight or had side affects. After my daughter I got an IUD, it has been a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have gained 15lbs on top of baby weight, plus the mood swings are horrible. I've never used the shot, but my friend said it is what caused all of her weight gain and made her such a nut bag.. (her words) Good luck with whatever you try. Everyones body is different so no matter what you try, it may have a different affect on you...
  • dangerline
    Thank you all so much! I appreciate all of your responses!