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  • I try to stick to my workout schedule then just don't push as hard on a bad day. I have endometriosis and have found that exercise actually helps me feel better during that TOM. But like I said, if it's a bad day I just take it a bit easier.
  • My very first tip is to take it one day at a time. If you happen to not eat perfectly on any given day, it's OK. Just continue with your goals "tomorrow". Goals- pick a few daily goals that you believe are easy enough for you to complete. Use these mini goals as your foundation to a healthier lifestyle.
  • I haven't done it (yet). I do have a friend that has done several rounds of it though, she loves it and has been very happy with her results.
  • I love PiYo, which is a pilates and yoga blend. A couple more are Chalean Extreme and The Ultimate Yogi with Travis Elliot.
  • When I was her age I was the same way. When I look back now I wonder where on earth I stored all that food! :smiley: Actually I went through it a few times. When I was 10 I was a little chubby, but lost it all when I was 11-12. Then at 13 I was chubby again, lost it all at 14. 15, chubby again then lost it by 16 and stayed…
  • If the jemhh is correct in that you try and keep to 1200 and are a new mom, you need to eat more. That being said, it really depends on the level of hunger. If you are so hungry that you are getting tired, weak, shaky, nauseous, or are getting a headache then you need to eat something. If it's not something you had figured…
  • I read here recently that being low in Vitamin B will cause dry lips that crack in the corners. I've been fighting this off and on for the last year. When I'm good about taking my vitamins my lips heal up and stay moist like they should. Could be worth looking into.
  • If you want the accounts to sync correctly, enter your exercise in My Fitness Pal. The information will then be synced to your Fitbit account.
  • Patience! You aren't going to see a lot of definition in just one month. I don't follow a bulk/cut program so I'm not sure how long you will be doing the cut cycle. But, I would give yourself another month. Don't give up! You are much closer than you think.
  • I found different workouts that I like to do. I like kickboxing (Turbo Fire), Yoga, dance, and weight training. The only way I was able to get myself into the habit of working out was to tell myself that I'm doing it no matter what. Even if I like a workout, I still have days that I don't want to do anything. Losing weight…
  • I would focus a little more on exercise that helps you to build up some muscle. If you have a bit more muscle your body will burn more. But, you do want to make sure you are getting enough calories and the previous poster mentioned. If you aren't eating enough your body will resist burning fat. What are you snacking on at…
  • You don't necessarily need a fitness tracker to get started. I would start by making sure you are logging your food every day. This way you will be able to see any changes needed in your diet. If you are looking at purchasing a fitness tracker you have a few options; Polar, Garmin, and Fitbit seem to be the ones I hear…
  • I found a chart for weight ranges. Here is the link if you want to look at the entire chart. You aren't really over weight, but if you want to tone up you should start weight training. Either yoga or weights is what I would suggest. At 19 you still have potential for growth, and for your frame to fill out a bit more. I…
  • I really liked the Polar FT7 but quick using it when I got my Fitbit.
  • Sounds like you are doing well workout wise. What does your trainer think of 1400 calories daily? That seems a little low if you aren't eating back your exercise calories. Even if you eat back the exercise calories every other day it might help your metabolism fire up more. How about your water intake? That might help…
  • I think that the amount you are exercising is good! It's definitely a start.. How long have you been working out 4 days a week? If you are still feeling a challenge with your current workout "routine" I'd stick with it. Once you feel its getting a little easy you can add another day, harder workouts, more time, or…
  • I confess that I am struggling a lot more with the migraines than I let on.. In fact I sleep through lunch most days and just eat a protein bar.
  • This depends on what your allowance is according to the goal you set in MFP, if you are exercising, and how you feel on a day to day basis. I have my MFP set to maintain and it gives me roughly 1700-1800 calories per day. I exercise Monday through Friday. Some days I hit my MFP goal for calories, and some days I have a…
  • I use Labrada lean body whey protein isolate powder mixed with almond milk for breakfast most days. I also use Shakeology for lunch if I'm really on the go. It is expensive, but well worth it for me.
  • I have endometriosis, diagnosed a couple years ago but have been dealing with it since I was a teen. Initially it seemed like the weight stuck around but after a couple months it started to melt off. I work out at home. PiYo is what started my results, then I did The Ultimate Yogi, and now have gone through 2 rounds of…
  • I start to bloat/gain weight 2 days before my period, gaining 3-5lbs. Once I get past day 5 the bloating starts to go away. It also depends on if I give into my cravings. :wink:
  • I have found that mindfulness is helping me a lot. When I go to eat, I really think about what it is, what I've had for the day, and if this particular food is a good idea. Some people can quit logging. I log occasionally if I notice that I haven't been feeling well or have less energy. Otherwise I just pay attention to my…
  • Those are amazing! We have to be careful when buying them and I really have to work on my willpower so I don't eat the whole package in one setting. :blush:
  • Wow... Those sound like books that are going onto my To-Read list. Not. :unamused: OP, it's a bit easier to go by percentages rather than weight when balancing carbs, fat, and protein. At least it is for me. I follow a 50/30/20 ratio. You can adjust your ratios by going into Goals and clicking Edit under the Daily…
  • If you have the funds, you could invest in a tracker like Fitbit and link the two accounts (Fitbit and MFP). I wear my Fitbit all day, including time spent lifting. Fitbit adjusts your calorie goal within MFP according to your overall activity that day.
  • I do, though for a different reason than most. If I notice that my energy level isn't quite where it normally is, I use the adjustment that Fitbit gives to see whether I'm eating enough or not.
  • I use Labrada Lean body whey protein isolate. Both the chocolate and vanilla flavors are wonderful! I just mix with 8 oz almond milk and am ready to go.
  • Have you tried any supplements to help? My husband is a mechanic and his knuckles hurt all the time. He was taking Osteo Bi-Flex and it helped him out considerably, even while at work his hands didn't hurt. I know knees are different but it might be worth a try. Now days he doesn't take them and his hands have gone back to…
  • There is definitely a lot of good advise here OP. The issue with setting a strict rule, like not eating out at all, is that at some point that will not be an option for you. If you adhere to such a strict rule, then end up breaking it, you are more likely to become upset and possibly give up on weight loss. So, what you…
  • I do either a protein drink or protein bar most days. I also like to do a hard boiled egg with a banana or greek yogurt with granola.