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  • HI ladies. Just wanted to check in on all of you. Medication is kicking my butt and curbing my appetite. I haven't been counting my calories while I've been sick but seem to be doing ok. I still have a pretty rough cough-praying it's gone by the weekend.... Miss you all:flowerforyou: Julie
  • Evening ladies. Well-it's official. I don't have allergies-I had bronchitis that turned into pneumonia. I feel like crap and I don't look very good either. Hopefully, the cough medicine script will allow me to get some rest tonight. I just wanted to check in & let all my buddies know I'm still alive. This is the first time…
  • I've never counted any of the things I do on a regular basis-like laundry or vacuuming. Only what I do above and beyond the norm.
  • Hi friends:flowerforyou: Allergies are still kicking my *kitten* so no exercise here for almost a week now. First week I've taken off in over a year & it's making me crazy but it's pretty hard to exercise while not breathing....or trying to blow your nose & jump rope at the same time:embarassed: Miss you all & would LOVE…
  • Hi ladies. No exercise for me today. My allergies are SOO bad I can barely breath. Gonna try early bedtime tonight & get back at it tomorrow...Nite all:yawn:
  • Hi ladies! Checking in late today. I did Turbo Jam early this morning and then spent the day running errands. Just got home from the Balloon Festival & spent alot of time walking around the city. It was a lot of fun but so windy we didn't get to see the balloons inflate & fly. Maybe tomorrow... Good luck at the Dr tomorrow…
  • I've been at this WONDERFUL place since October '07
  • Hi ladies. I just realized that I haven't posted since Sunday. I've been enjoying the good weather(I LOVE FALL) and just plain forgot! That doesn't mean that I don't think of each of you daily:heart: I've been keeping up with Turbo Jam and today I went for a 3 mile walk during a trip to the library. I seem to have lost my…
  • I get to add three hours of sweaty yard work to my exercise for today. It's extremely muggy here but there is alot to be done in my yard so out we went. The ragweed is getting to me too-might just try the Astelin Mary.
  • Hi ladies. Yesterday was alot of bike riding with my little one and not much else. Then the rain came in last night and just stopped. Today was alot of housework and a little baking. That pound loss I mentioned last week is still gone so I'm one pound away from my goal. Hopefully it won't take another month!
  • Thank you very much! And even more important is that I FEEL GREAT!
  • Good morning ladies:flowerforyou: I hope you feel better soon Melissa & very glad Ike won't be affecting you Mary. I am still doing Turbo Jam & I like the results. Belting my size six jeans is like a gift from God. Very nice weather here today so I'll get a nice walk in after school and son and his family(with newest…
  • Hi ladies. Sore throat here too but mine is allergies....UGH. Hope you feel better soon MM. Mary-I hope rain is the only weather you encounter. Will keep you in my prayers. Hope you enjoy your birthday Rach-I'm not having any more. I have to have an ultrasound next week-ENT Dr. found an enlarged thyroid gland while I was…
  • Good afternoon ladies. Very nice Monday here. Did Turbo Jam and got my little one off to school. Going out now to finish closing the pool so we can do Soccer pics and hit the playground when he gets home. Logan loves to walk so we decided to take an after dinner walk every night starting tonight. I sleep much better when…
  • What a picture perfect day here in NY! Son and I were both up early so we drove to the city, parked the truck and walked ALL OVER. It was nice and cool with a pleasant breeze. Then we went to three playgrounds. Perfect day. Back to Turbo Jam tomorrow:grumble:
  • Mornin' All! Again, boring Turbo Jam but I'm loving the results so I guess I'll keep at it awhile longer. I put Logan on the bus this morning:cry: and now realize how busy he kept me. I'm SOOOO bored I could scream.
  • Hi ladies. I was up & at it early. Did Turbo Jam & then got myself and my son ready for his first day of Kindergarten. Parents are allowed to go and spend the day acclimating them. It was the hottest day in weeks here & the outside activities were almost unbearable but we both survived. I'm pretty sure there won't be any…
  • Hey ladies! Congrats on the loss Mary:flowerforyou: Carrie, I found that I actually liked Level 3 Shred alot more than Level 2. I only did 2 for a couple of days & went right to 3. I did Turbo Jam this morning and a little housework and then took my son on one last outing before school to Chuck E Cheese. We had alot of fun.
  • Hi all! I didn't check in all weekend cause I didn't do much in the way of exercise. I did kick around the soccer ball with my little one and did some monster back to school shopping and went to see my granddaughter several times. Today I washed my truck and went to the playground for a bit. I hope everyone enjoyed the…
  • When I began my weight loss/lifestyle change journey back in September of 07 I was a size 18-20. I wore baggy sweats and sweatshirts to hide my size. Today, 82 pounds lighter, I decided to try on my daughter's size 6 jeans....and here I am One year-SEVEN sizes-Life is GREAT!
  • Rhyan Jill arrived at 1:43 am today weighing in at 7 lb and 21 1/2 inches long. This pic is my 5 y/o son holding his niece
  • Good Afternoon ladies:flowerforyou: Crazy busy day here. I did my Turbo Jam and then a couple of hours of school clothes shopping. While we were out, my daughter-in-law called to say that her "water is leaking" so she is off to the hospital hopefully to be in active labor soon. I'm on my way to the hospital to entertain my…
  • Good afternoon all. Did Turbo Jam again and cleaned up the garage and then walked with the kiddies. I did pretty well while I was out last night. Plain burger with veggies and two lite beers. It was fun. Mary, I'm sorry about the Dr's office. Fortunately for me, I love mine and have no issues at all. When I went for my…
  • Wow I wish I had some magic words to cheer everyone up. I feel bad cause I am having a pretty good day here. I did my boring Turbo Jam again. Actually thinking about switching to tae bo but not sure yet. I also did some gardening and mowed the yard and swam for a bit with the kiddies. Going out to the local pub with hubby…
  • :flowerforyou: Afternoon ladies. Beautiful sunny day here in New York. I did my Turbo Jam at 5 a.m. and then worked in the yard for an hour and just got back from an hour of walking/jogging with five rambunctious kids. Happy workouts all:heart:
  • I never noticed either.......:wink:
  • You can change your "sex" by going to "My Home" "Profile" "Edit Profile" "Settings" and "Update diet/fitness profile".
  • Mornin all. Didn't do much yesterday except swim for a bit. We've had so much rain and the nights are already getting chilly. It's going to be time to close the pool soon so I sucked it up and swam for a bit with my son & grandson. This morning I did Turbo Jam and then some yard work. Kindergarten starts next week so I'm…
  • Good morning. I'm up & at it early today. My oldest grandson is here for the weekend so I decided to get up early & kick the day in the butt! I did my Turbo Jam Cardio Party and Ab Jam. Feels good cause I haven't done "regular exercise" on the weekend in quite a while. Hope everyone has a stronger, better & faster…
  • My exercise is completed for the day too! Turbo Jam Cardio Party and Ab Jam and now the rest of the day is mine! Great post!