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  • Nursedb - you look like a fun person. Congrats on your progress!
  • Every journey starts with a single step. You have already taken so many!! Great work. You are inspiring!
  • There's plenty on there that you could define as "healthy" depending what your personal dietary needs are. The grilled chicken salad w/ dressing on the side, grilled fajitas, or any grilled/baked seafood dishes look fine. You can always ask a dish to be modified slightly to fit your needs. Or just eat whatever you want,…
  • I love gardening! This year we have 3 kinds of heirloom tomatoes, 3 squash plants (may thin down to 2, depending on how big they get), 2 kinds of pepper, basil, oregano, and 5 kinds of lettuce. I'm pretty stoked!
  • But what about limes?
  • I thought when life handed me lemons I was supposed to make lemonade. Now I am going to call it "Detox Lemonade" and sell it for a million bucks. Maybe I'll get to be on the Dr. Oz show!
  • Get inspired by Japanese yakitori! Marinate them in some soy sauce and mirin, garlic paste, and chili flakes. Skewer them onto a bamboo skewer and grill on really high heat! The ends will get nice and charred and the sauce adds flavor without fat. Look up yakitori recipes for more ideas!
  • Chips! Salty crunchy potato chips. Especially the "kettle" kind. Gawd, I love those things and will polish off a whole bag before I realize that I feel like crap for doing so!
  • All I want to know is if those two from earlier in the thread patched up their differences at Red Lobster.
  • I think we have the same palate!! Eggs w/ hot sauce = my breakfast every day!
  • I am so jealous of people with Anova sous vide machines!! My obsessions lately: Roasted broccoli - coat with a little healthy oil, sprinkle sea salt, and roast until the edges get a little brown and crispy. Like broccoli crackers or chips, I can't stop eating. AVOCADOES. All day every day Coconut oil - I love the flavor it…
  • How about boxing/punching exercises? It gets your heart rate up but you can even do it while sitting down. Jabs, hooks, etc. Swimming also is really helpful - you don't have to kick, put a kickboard under your chest and use your arms to pull through the water. How about yoga and pilates? A lot of floor work can be done…
  • I gasped when she walked out. I did not recognize her. In the pic she doesn't look too bad - almost like Kate Middleton - but the speed at which she lost so much, and how she looked when she moved and the way her skin pulled across her face... oh my god, I just gasped. I almost started crying. It was so awkward and…
  • I use organic, refined coconut oil in my coffee sometimes. I put about a teaspoon or so in and blend it up in a blender with some strong black coffee; it comes out nice and creamy, like a cafe au lait, no weird oily separation at all. Its good! Make sure you blend it though or it will separate giving you an oily sheen on…
  • Chicken coconut curry. Chicken thighs simmered in white wine and homemade chicken stock with onions, garlic, hot chilies, ginger, and lemongrass. Cook the wine/stock down until it reduces and then add a can of coconut milk and curry spices. Simmer a little longer, add a yellow bell pepper and a diced tomato. Serve over…
  • ThePlight - prank calls late-night cable access talk shows
  • HermioneCantD - once stole a school bus and led the cops on a 3-state high speed chase
  • The "no carbs after X amount of time" is BS. Also, anyone can say anything on the internet. One's supposed IQ has nothing to do with smart eating and exercising habits.
  • To me, clean eating is whatever makes me feel good inside. A chicken breast, some tender quinoa or black beans, a little guacamole, a tomato salad - sounds clean, right? But sometimes, a thin crust pizza with a light application of incredibly fresh mozzarella, plenty of veggies and a little fresh marinara, fresh-grown…
  • Sure, if that's what makes you feel good. Love your body!
  • Bonding with friends over food is wonderful and there's nothing wrong with it. It's part of the community; what is more hospitable than sharing food with people we love? Food is nourishment and at its core is a joyous part of our lives. I have the same "problem", though, so I understand that you'd love to find a few other…
  • You look great! Congratulations! What's the best thing about losing the weight? What has surprised you the most? (Off topic question! - Is that the Bridge to Nowhere in your pictures? I used to hike to there all the time and watch people bungie off the bridge, totally nuts! I love that hike and miss it!)
  • Hey, that sounds delicious! Similar to my favorite "garbage casserole" recipe - basically clean out all the vegetables in the produce bin before they turn, toss in some leftovers, make some pasta and voila, its a seriously delicious meal (with a funny if unfortunate name around here).
  • 4 ounces of sashimi-grade tuna seared rare, seasoned with garlic salt and a soy sauce/mirin combo. Alongside a small salad of vegetables from my backyard garden (heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers). If it sounds super virtuous don't be fooled, I ate a crapton of crap today while watching football and this dinner was the only…
  • I get the NoOodles brand. They require a good rinsing and you can and should cook them (you can stir-fry without oil in a very hot pan, they shouldn't stick) with vegetables or sauce. They have a weird texture but its similar to rice noodles and other Asian noodles you find in various soups and other dishes. I enjoy them…
  • Shoe size shrinking. Ring size shrinking - until I get it resized I've been wearing my engagement ring on my middle finger so I don't lose it! Hair and nails seem to grow faster (I've been told this is a result of the vitamins I take) I'm more critical of myself. This one is hard. I still have the mentality of what I…
  • Tortilla chips with salsa Cottage cheese (has SO much sodium, before joining MFP I had NO idea) Any sort of pickled, preserved, or canned vegetable/meat Sports drinks have a surprising amount of sodium, too.
  • Yes! Drink some water and take a nap. It sounds like it might be the start of a migraine... have you ever had one before? If it continues into tomorrow go see your doctor!
  • The guys who crowd the weight area and then do NOTHING but bicep curls. All curls, all the time. It is crazy. I feel bad but once I notice it I can't stop, and as one of the few (sometimes only) girls in the weights area, it gets frustrating when I need someone curling non-stop to give me a little space so I can deadlift…