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  • Angela thanks for inviting me to join. This group serves more my needs. My daughter is 7 weeks old and I've lost 30 lbs. I currently weigh 146 lbs ( I need to check in) and it's just strictly breatfeeding. I'm not exercising yet and eat at regular meal times. I went back to work last week, I teach first grade, so I'm…
  • I've just had my third child and need to loose 15-20 pounds. I'm currently 150 lbs. and breastfeeding. I've lost 25 lbs since she's born but can't find the energy to workout. Maybe some accountability in this group will help :ohwell:
  • Thanks Sheri, got it done!
  • I started walking on the threadmill yesterday and didn't think I was going to make it :ohwell: It's hard to get into exercising regularly again. I've been wearing my workout clothes since this morning, but have not done anything:tongue: Anyway, I need to take off the baby ticker but can't figure it out, any help?
  • :grumble: I had restless legs throughout my whole last pregnancy. My doctor recommended Tylenol pm. I also stretched before going to bed. Some nights all I could do was walk around the house or rock on the rocking chair. It was very annoying
  • I have three girls. Two of them were big at birth: 10.7 lbs and 9.3 lbs. I didn't get the muscle pain you're talking about, I think practicing yoga and zumba helped. But I had a very hard time sleeping with my last one, and now I can sleep on my belly! I think that was the big problem, plus I had restless leg syndrome,…
  • Thanks for your inspiring story. Keep up the good work :)
  • Thanks everyone! You guys are so uplifting :blushing:
  • Hi everyone. I have been MIA from MFP for a month! Penelope Rose was born on September 24th at 10:26 pm. She weighed 9.3 lbs. and stretched to 21 inches long. My labor story is not as intense as Angela's. By the way, Angela, way to go! But I did have a 100% natural birth. I had contractions all day on Friday and still went…
  • This cold is driving me crazy! :grumble: I just barfed my whole breakfast because my stomach is full of air and flem (sorrry TMI), now I don't want to eat anything, just drink water. I was hoping to recuperate during the weekend but it seems my body is taking longer to deal with it. I've taken Sudafed (occassionally) and…
  • Angela, you and I were feeling the same. I have been very emotional and my husband was a total jerk a couple of days ago :angry: I've also been fighting a cold while teaching first graders all day long. I'm glad is the weekend since I can just stay home and recuperate. 18 days left for me :flowerforyou:
  • That's great Shoppingqueen, I hope to get back to Zumba soon after, too. My insurance paid for my pump too, three years ago and it was about $250. I have a Medela pump in style, it's a double. I'm sure they've come up with something even more efficient since then, but I'm sticking with mine since it worked so great. I…
  • :blushing: I'm planning to nurse again for 9 months, like I did with my other two. I have a super double breast pump that I use during my breaks at school. I can pump in five minutes and I will nurse her when I'm home. I give a lot of milk, specially the first couple of months when for some reason my milk supply is way…
  • I wish! My husband and I started carpooling on Friday. I'm hoping to work until the last minute so save the days for after the baby is born.
  • I'm having such a hard time driving after school. i feel like I'm falling asleep! Today I even swerved a little. I told my husband and I think we are going to start car pooling. I felt quite a few contractions today. i didn't timed them. I'm awake from 2 am to 4 am evryday, i think the baby is getting me ready for…
  • Angela, your pictures are awesome and you look so good. You should enter the one in the doorway in some kind of baby bump contest, I bet you'll win first prize. Jalara, I like your wedding picture, too. Congratulations!!!! I went to my 36 weeks appointment this afternoon :smile: I'm measuring exactly where I'm supposed to…
  • WOW! I have been catching up on everyone's posts and I had missed so much. School started and I have been very busy setting my classroom and getting to know my first graders. To tell you the truth, I didn't think it would be so hard to go back to school on my last trimester, but it has been a challenge. Since I hardly…
  • I also take the gummy vitamins from Target, after trying 5 other ones! I'm back to teaching tomorrow, we have three days of meetings and students start on Thursday. Funny, I don't feel overwhelmed yet, although I have tons of things to do :)
  • Angela, Sorry to hear you're so swollen. I was swollen for one very hot day this summer, but din't feel any pain. Hope you feel better soon :)
  • I have been super busy the past few days, getting ready for school which starts next week. I will be teaching for 5 weeks and then take my maternity leave. I know the parents are going to freak when they see my "huge" belly next Wednesday during meet and greet.:bigsmile: I'm planning to a welcome letter with some info as…
  • I remember having the same bloody show when I was pregnant with my second. I was taking a shower and thought "what the heck!". I didn't experience that with my first. I was also early and I think that's when I started to dilate, which took a few more weeks before I went into labor.
  • I've heard about the Castor oil, but I'm too chicken to try anytning like that. I've always had this great fear that I'm going to defecate in the delivery room. It happened to my cousin with her first and I was scarred. Thankfully, it hasn't happened to me :flowerforyou: My mom says your body knows what to do and when…
  • mwilson- That's great news! shopping queen - yey!!!! Today I feel really BIG! and she hasn't stop moving :)
  • prepregnancy weight: 140 lbs current weight: 170.5 lbs pregnancy gain: 30.5 lbs I asked my doctor if I have gained too much weight, she thinks I'm right on track. My first appointment was at 8 weeks and that's what they are going by, but I think I have already gained a few ponds by that time. Anyway, I'm planning on a…
  • Hi everyone, I'm back! My father in law passed away last Monday and we have been gone for over a week. He's where he wants to be, with his lovely wife and we celebrated his life. I have not logged in or exercise for about 2 weeks, so I need to get back on track. I hope everyone has a good day!
  • Hi everyone, I haven't been logging in the past few days. My father in law is passing away and we're traveling to see him 2 to 3 times a week. he just have days left, but it's ready to go. Talk to you guys soon
  • prepreganancy weight: 138 lbs current weight: 165.5 lbs pregnancy gain: 27.5 lbs gained 1.5 lbs this week. I redeemed myself from that bad lunch choice yesterday and went to an extra zumba class last night. I still had a hard time sleeping: it was a combination of a stomachache, heartburn, crazy legs (restless leg…
  • wow! I just had a huge mcdonald's lunch and now I have like 65 calories left for the rest of the day. I don't know what came over me :sad: I think I'm going to sleep until tomorrow:cry:
  • Everyone is so different. In this pregnancy, what I feel is the baby gets really hard, kind of like a ball. It's hard to explain, but I sure feel a difference and then after a few seconds it relaxes. My last pregnancy, I actually felt painful contractions. My first pregnancy I don't remember, but I'm sure it was diffrent.…
  • Tahmed - That's such a great way to share the news with your husband, he's going to love it! question - does anybody have restless leg syndrome at night? I don't get it everynight, but it's keeping me awake pretty often.