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  • You can add me :) I keep my diary open. I don't have too many low carb friends so the more the merrier!
  • Fat isn't necisarrily a bad thing. Cutting out sugar you tend to replace it with something else, and I'd much rather replace it with healthy fats. Doing a low carb/high fat/protein diet is supposed to really help with PCOS. I'm a low carber and I've been very successful with it. People get stuck in the mentality of fat…
  • Yankee, it took me a long time to be able to do a real push up! I started on the wall and worked my way down different levels of steps until I could finally do them on the floor. I lost the ability when I took a few months off lifting and now I've worked my way back down to using the fourth step of my stairs. I've done the…
  • A can of tuna with two tablespoons of mayo! 340 calories right there.
  • Oh yay! I'm glad there is a stickied thread about this! I started it last week on Friday, I did my third workout today for Basic Training I. I was getting bored of NROL4W and never made it past stage 3. I really enjoy the ability to customize with this and I'm really loving my workouts. I'm also getting some good burn…
  • I've done it a few times, and it still seems to work well for me. I restarted induction at the beginning of the month and am lowering my carbs back down again today. I haven't ate on plan for a few days due to some hectic life stuff and I need to get back on track. The only thing that sucks is sometimes I do get the carb…
  • Hard liquor with diet pop is your best bet. I do whisky and diet coke a lot.
  • I use the chocolate body fortress whey, it's 2 net carbs per scoop so I usually only have one. I like the taste of this one the best. I also have GNC's whey iso burst in french vanilla and raspberry swirl. 1 g of carbs per scoop but I hate the aftertaste.
  • I would love to do it, but I might be going back to work in the next five weeks and that will take up a lot of my time.
  • And losing weight takes time and patience. If he's under a serious time crunch to lose the weight, have him try low carb because he will drop some water weight quickly and that might keep them off his back as he works towards a healthier weight. Whenever I do low carb I drop around 5 lbs of water weight the first week.
  • Just because your children aren't overweight, doesn't mean you shouldn't feed them healthy food. Eating right and exercise is core to living healthy, thin or fat.
  • You should start now, building muscle takes time. And as a newb weight lifter you will probably be able to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.
  • I would just go to where the ball was and do my prone jackknife/crunches there. As for the weights and steps, you could do your step ups on a bench in the weight room.
  • Same here! It was my only time cancelling a membership, it was month to month anyways. She looked like she wanted to argue but gave up and we filled out the paper work right away.
  • I told them I was moving to another city, they couldn't argue with that.
  • Maybe, but it might be hard to tell. I ate off plan on Monday and my ketosis sticks stopped showing positive and it's just today they are showing positive again. I went through the 'flu' again and everything yesterday. It might take a few days to get back on track, just keep at it.
  • I gained 60 lbs with my pregnancy, She'll be 1 on December 30th and I'm 5lbs from goal. I also had periods where I wasn't eating as well as I should have been and periods where I wasn't working out as much as I should have so it's taking awhile.
  • Same as strawmama, I have trouble getting my calories in as well. Low carb is great for controlling hunger! I'm trying to eat 1500 a day and I'm lucky if I hit 1300 most days.
  • Normally I would say yes, working out will help with the soreness. But since you have lifted weights four days in a row with no rest, I would say you should give your body rest. I lift Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and do cardio in between as a bonus if I feel like it. That way my muscles get a chance to heal.
  • I have a Sigma heart rate monitor and it says it can be used for swimming. I haven't used it in water though.
  • When I was doing low carb in the past this happened to me. I got my period two weeks early. I had also started a new type of birth control so it was written off as that, but when I brought it up in my low carb forum there were 3 other girls that mentioned it happening to them as well.
  • The first few days might be rough, you might get what is called the 'Atkins flu' because you're body is adjusting to the change. Afterwards a lot of people feel energetic and clear headed (I know I did). Tough it out and you should be good :) If you search 'Atkins Flu', I think you can find suggestions to help make it…
  • Interesting!
  • I do a higher fat/protein diet with lower carbs and I find I feel a lot less hungry then when I was eating more carbs than fat (protein was about the same as carbs) As long as it is good fat, why not? It's not the worst thing in the world.
  • I want to start trying to get pregnant sometime next summer, so my hope is to reach my goal before then and maintain a few months first. I'd also buy some new clothes, maybe start saving up for surgery as a reward to fix any loose skin I might have from losing this amount of weight and having children.
  • Thanks guys! I have been eating a lot of fat, but have amped it up the past few days with addition to the benefibre and things seem to be getting better. Avocados have been a good help too ;)
  • I agree, even though I'm a bad example! I aim ffor 1500 on non workout days and 1800 on workout days. I have trouble meeting that with all the veggies I eat though, as they are low calorie. Especially when I'm strength training, I need to pump it up to build that muscle!
  • Anywhere from 90 oz a day to more. And a cup of coffee. I have a 12 oz water bottle that I keep filled and I usually drink 4 of them by the time I'm ready for my morning snack.
  • Regular gum usually has around 1 gram of carb in it. I guess what you should do is find the nutritional value of the nicotine gum you are chewing, it might be what is throwing you off.
  • I did do Atkins in the past and I am doing it again. When I did it in the past it helped me get to my goal weight, and I was able to maintain within 5 lbs for months. Even with going off it, I learned good habits like staying away from sugar and too many carbs, which contributed to my maintenance. Then after a big move, a…