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  • I wake up at 3 most nights. No idea why and it’s quite frustrating!
  • It's just past noon on Tuesday morning here in southern Ontario. I'm still waiting for the freezing rain to hit that has been predicted for the past two days. 2017 has been a challenge so far. I had another gallbladder attack in January and now waiting for surgery in March. This was followed by 10 days of a very bad head…
  • So true!! lol - even in southern Ontario! This comment was in relation to the Canadian weather chart posted sometime in the past two days. I forgot to quote it. Sorry
  • Hi everyone I have been sliding so fast this month! It's February and it's cold here in central Ontario! I hate this month and had wanted very much to just sail through but it doesn't seem to be happening. I've lost 38lbs year over year and 9 since Jan 1/17. I can feel the weight just creeping back on! I'm getting my house…
  • Thanks! I will do that!
  • I've had a tough 2 weeks - not eating well at all. I went through a counseling session and it sent me spiraling into emotional eating (my worst habit). Now trying to climb out of the whole and back to my WOEing. I learned that carbs make me tired, gives me headaches and I feel blotted. My Dr wants me to eliminate wheat…
  • Just my thoughts for the day. I can relate in many ways to what shadesofidaho has said. I think being over 60 plays means that everything slows down even more. I find it takes forever to lose 1-2 lbs and a moment of time to put it back on. This is extremely discouraging when you have a 100lb or more to lose. I think that…
  • it's so good to know that there are Doctors who support this life style
  • Exellent question - just reviewing the carbs in Broccoli and fruit and wondering the same thing. I count anything I put in my mouth :) as it adds up by the end of the day. Knowing broccoli is high carb helps me to be extremely careful with other carbs. I've lost 70-80 lbs 3 times in my life on a low cal/low fat diet but…
  • What an incredible source of information! Thank you
  • Hi there I'm a 61 yr old Canadian woman who has lost and gained 70 - 80 lbs 3 or more times in my life. I've lost 10-40 lbs a kazillion times and there isn't a diet I haven't tried. I am now starting again on the weight loss/fitness journey. Recently, with the loss of my mother, I found my life's journey included a mid…
  • There are a lot of excellent suggestions here for you to consider - most of which I used and continue to use. I have two more for you to consider. To save myself time I make a nutritious dinner with one extra portion/dinner set aside for my lunch the next day. It helps save time and you prevent yourself from eating out. My…
  • Once you've bought the Fitbit - is there a monthly or annual charge for using it?
  • Don't forget to take the cooler!! You'll need to use it (with hotel ice) to keep some of those items fresh. I think this is a great plan and if we all planned ahead this well we'd be a lot further ahead. I often use vacations as an excuse to put anything I like in my mouth. There hasn't been one time that I came home after…
  • Hello from the Newmarket area. Good luck with your journey.
  • I want to live longer than my father did (died at 56) I want to live long enough to see my son get married and have children I want to be able to play all the sports I used to play and most importantly I never, ever want to use a seat belt extension on an airplane
  • Hello from Newmarket! Welcome aboard.
  • Like any other recommendations in weight loss I find you have to make exceptions for your own body. Very common sense rules. I tend to listen to anything Bob has to say!
  • Yes - it's finals week and my son is either stuck in the school library all day and night or locked in his bedroom coming out only to forage for food. I've tried to stick to my own eating schedule and not get pulled into his crazy food binging. He has never had a weight problem and I've given up using him as my excuse to…
  • :ohwell: I'm on the same train or bus! My Easter free fall went on for a whole weekend so I am not expecting to be back at where I was pre-Easter for at least a week. I'm also not going to berate myself over it either. I loved the great dinners, desserts and major breakfast plates! The chocolate - well - what can I say!…
  • Hi and welcome! You will find this site to be the most inspirational and motivational group of individuals of all shapes, sizes and ages from around the world. It has become my lifeline while taking on the challenge, yet again, of losing weight. Send out friend requests and keep coming back everyday. Before you know it the…
  • You should be VERY pleased! You're also doing a great job in providing inspiration to the rest of us. Congratulations! Loved the pictures! I think many of us can relate to not wanting a picture taken when we're at our highest weight. Me included! I took all the pictures at Christmas and made absolutely sure there were no…
  • Thanks for the tip! I wanted to try this for Christmas goodies but didn't have the slow cooker or double boiler! Yum!
  • Oh crap.... I forgot about the challenge and just had a subway sandwich for lunch! I think this challenge is worth repeating - but not until after Christmas. I was doing so well............................:ohwell:
  • This is a truly inspiring message for me. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to seeing your "during picture" so post it when you're ready!
  • Ok - someone needs to explain the "bump" too me! I've now mastered the quote - with thanks!
  • It's a great site - just tried it - too much fun!
  • What a pretty dress! Congratulations - you look great!