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  • Hi @pianogirl269: Welcome to MFP. You are in the right place. There are many useful post. I would recommned: We have been there. Take it one day at a time. You go can do it! You go girl!
  • Hi: Try contact MFP support Good luck
  • Hi I am also 4'11". I do need more than 1600 calories when I do weightlifting to fuel my training, otherwise I will not be able to lift at the level I want. As @malibu927 already mentioned, spot reduction does not work. Focus on good nutrition and follow an exercise plan that will help you achieve your goals. You also have…
  • Hi @nayabhammayun I suggest that you read "Most Helpful Post" at the beginning of this messaging board Buy your self a digital food scale, with a tare button. weigh every solid food, measure all liquid with measuring cup. Log all of your food intake daily at MFP If you eat at a deficit ( calories burned higher than…
  • @RedheadedPrincess14 This thread may be of help
  • @gijaymy1 welcome to MFP Just take it, one day at a time. Manage your expectations. I second @Ready2Rock206 , Perfection is the enemy of the good. Remember you did not gain all the extra body weight in one month, you will not lose it in one month, either. Read MFP Most Helpful Post at the beginning of this message board.…
  • @amdemps14 welcome to MFP I recommend you read the "Most Helpful Post" at the beginning of "Getting Started" message board. Here is a link I have one question for you: How are you measuring the calories you eat ?…
  • @rk3431 This link may be of help
  • @tpalit2001 Broccoli has potassium and iron. I steamed and add feta cheese crumbled on top ( Calcium)
  • @DougScolari. Welcome to MFP. Each manufacturer has a different calculation method. I use the tracker as a reference point +/- error margin. No device is 100% precise. The important goal is that you are keeping yourself active. Good luck in your healthy journey
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  • I believe each person has to find what it works for you, at this particular moment, in your healthy journey. what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa I started increasing my protein intake when I started lifting weights. By default, the other macros had to decrease. It is your choice, your body and your…
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  • @mjbnj0001 I have seen Skyr Icelandinc yogurt at Wegmans. Is there one nearby your home ?
  • @cpage86. Try another brand. I do check the table of contents for added sugar. My personal preference is for whole fat greek yogurt like @cmriverside . Not all greek yogurts taste the same. I prefer the Plain one and I add fresh fruit of the season or some mixed nuts.
  • @linda45ll837h Welcome to MFP Try MFP "Most Helpful Post" at the beginning of this Message Board. Here is a link Buy yourself a digital food scale, with a Tare button. Weigh all food you ingest. Log it at MFP If…
  • @Rockinrobbin15 : What do you want to log in less carbs than you are ingesting ? You are eating the fiber and the sugar. Did you not ?
  • @sandeegriffin My personal experience is that raising HDL metrics is a long term project. You are supposed to change your lifestyle. All the actions you are taking will help: Managing your body weight, being physically active. It will not happen overnight or in days Good luck in your healthy journey
  • @TheKeyz. If they worked everybody would be using them. They only reduce your wallet from your hard earned money. MFP is free. Use it Buy yourself a food scale. Weigh everything you ingest and log it If you eat at a deficit ( calories burned higher than calories ingested) your body weight will decrease Good luck in your…
  • I eat at least one boiled egg every morning, for breakfast. Sometimes 2 eggs. My cholesterol is just fine. I cooked the egg for 3 minutes, after water starts boiling. It is almost like as " over easy". whites are solid and the yolk edges but not 100%.
  • I use ACV to cook my black beans. Very tasty It does zero for weight loss
  • @PoeticDove I have GERD too. Medical doctor gave me some nutrition guidelines and medication. At the end, it is a lot of trial and error to find out which food is a trigger and which one is not I can still eat raw tomatoe but citric juices are out, for instance. Coffee has to be mixed with milk. Each person is different. I…
  • @lucypstacy Welcome to MFP. I found using a food scale with a tare button is invaluable in my weight management journey I can not "eyeball" portions. I ended up eating almost twice the calories I had eyeballed. And then I was wondering why my weight kept increasing. :o Utilizing a food scale can be an unpleasant surprise.…
  • @Fivefootcaloriecounter . welcome back we have been there and feel your pain. At the end, there is no "magic pill" that will keep weight down. It is just-sigh- calorie counting. Patience and persistence win the race Good luck in your healthy journey
  • I agree with @cross2bear . Do not try to achieve perfection. You will be a happier person. I use the target macros, as a target not as absolutely mandatory. I strive to meet my protein target for day I try to get my carbs from complex carbs ( i.e grains, vegetables, fruits ). Whatever is left, would be fat. I buy healthy…
  • There is a Fitbit group at MFP. If you go there, there is link for FAQ that is very helpful