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Staying clear of perfection is an ongoing challenge for me. I want to be happy with patient improvement. The support of others has helped me with this difficult task.

Reflect on how you did with your goals and resolutions for July and then set them aside and move on.
What goals and resolutions do you have for August? It's a bright shiny new month and a chance to make a fresh start.

Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can find it again.

July Resolutions
*walk an average of at least 17,000 steps a day (accomplished)
*finish spreading bark in yard (finished bag #26 yesterday)
*finish front yard rock project (finished with Jake's help and it looks great)
*find three or more new dances to teach my line dance class (found two dances, taught one and will teach the other on Friday)

August Resolutions
*walk an average of at least 17,000 steps a day
*work on clearing papers from the file cabinet three days a week
*finish off unwanted food in cupboard and freezer

253149qtzkf0ld22.gifBarbie from beautiful NW Washington


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    Did 10 minutes of Crunch video, help my plank for 2 min 52 seconds, the extremepump class. The plan for tomorrow is to do a DVD using the bosu. Haven't used it in a while.

    Rori - just letting you know <smile> - I got rid of two of the VCR cabinets so now I have more room for more DVD's!!!!

    Lisa - I agree with KJ - love yourself for who you are. You have done so much with your life. It's time now to focus on YOU. Cory loves you

    Exercised, stopped at Habitat for Humanity and found a few small things (yes, I found ANOHTER DVD that I'll try, got room for it now so why not?), then bowling. Tonight I'll have mahjongg here.

    suebdew - so glad you popped in!

    Allie - I'm so sorry about your Aunt Margaret. It was wonderful that you got to see her. Did Tom get to see her? Is he coming home?

    barbie - so sorry about your friend's husband.

    Michele in NC
  • margaretturkmargaretturk Posts: 2,491Member Member Posts: 2,491Member Member
  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 9,842Member Member Posts: 9,842Member Member
    Looking back at July ...

    2017 Monthly July
    Walking Distance (km): 82.4
    Walking Time (min): 1030.0
    Cycling Distance (km): 620.2
    Cycling Time (min): 1914.3
    Stairs Climbed Number: 155.0
    Stairs Climbed Time (min): 124.0
    Other Distance: 11.4
    Other Time: 75.0

    Total Distance (km): 714.0
    Total Distance (miles): 443.7
    Total Time (min): 3143.3
    Total Time (hr): 52:23:19

    The main highlight of July was the 150 km ride we did for Canada Day ... 150 km for Canada's 150th birthday. My husband and me and roughly 630 other cyclists riding through lower mainland BC on a gorgeous summer day. :)

    Another highlight, in general, was simply spending time in Canada. It was nice to be back. I'm getting close to finishing the photos of our trip:

    Looking forward to August ...

    Aug 2015: 211.3 km (131.3 miles) = 28 hours 8 min
    Aug 2016: 775.9 km (482.1 miles) = 54 hours 52 minutes

    So my hope is that I will exercise somewhere close to the 54 hours of last August. I'm a bit surprised I managed that much last August. Granted we did a huge ride mid-August, but 2 weeks later I came down with something that looked for all the world like measles. I guess that was right at the end of August so it affected my September exercise hours more than those in August.

    We have two cycling events this month, despite the fact that it is winter, and I hope both go well.

    Meanwhile ... still working ... still in university ...
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Posts: 4,547Member Member Posts: 4,547Member Member
    Had a night of cruise and packing anxiety. Grrrrrrrrrr! Today I will start putting a few things in suitcases as I'm sure that will help. I got hardly any sleep and was HUNGRY! At 4.40 I had a slice of bread and a small glass of milk, then eventually went to sleep.
    I found myself going over and over how I got showered and dressed after my swim in the indoor pool. :noway: :grumble: Could not distract myself. So I got, in total, just over 3 hours sleep. We're doing a bit of shopping today for suncream, socks etc.

    Barbie - I would like to donate my body to science, but I haven't quite got the courage. Thank you for the August thread. <3

    My goal is not to put any weight on during the cruise and not to drink too much. :D Last year I managed the first, but not the second.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

  • spikeyhairspikeyhair Posts: 1,229Member Member Posts: 1,229Member Member
    BARBIE- thanks for the new thread

    HEATHER - please enjoy your cruise, I know you will once it starts. I'm like you, love my trips but not the packing etc, I stress for while before, what to take etc but love it when I'm gone

    Kate UK <3
  • dreamwriterdreamwriter Posts: 531Member Member Posts: 531Member Member
    Tere- I'm glad you enjoyed your time with your Mother. Treasure her, I miss mine so much.

    Katla - I always associated my leg and foot cramps with low calcium and magnesium but it turns out they are linked to my silent reflux. Life is a learning game.

    Heather - Looking forward to your photos. Our son said he was very surprised by how beautiful Helsinki is.

    Allie - I am sorry for your loss.

    Barbie - so sorry for your friend's loss.

    Well, there is much back and forth between us and the couple we are going on a camping holiday with. The whole where will it be best for the fires, which campground can we get in with a 35 ft. trailer(we would have never bought one this size but when it lands in your lap). Now another couple wants to tag along. How do we diplomatically say no? Larry and Ron have been friends since they were 4 years old and the 4 of us have our own thing and I don't think this couple will fit with it. I told Larry to tell them they can join us in September when we go fishing in Saskatchewan. I feel a little like a mean girl. I am also trying to get Larry to leave Chico with our daughter. Training for when we go to Mexico.

    DD is back from camping. She is ready for mountain time now. What's the saying? Be careful what you wish for. In the end they did enjoy their time at Red Lodge Park and then at Calloway. No one enjoys the rides as much as she does. Boss was glad when we took him home and did his people get a greeting! Nothing like kisses from a pit bull. He herded Keira in to get her pjs on. We may have to look after the kids and the dog this coming long weekend. She has been offered to go airbrush T-Shirts at the Big Valley Jamboree (Big and Rich, Willie Nelson, Keith Urban, etc.) It would be a good paying gig, lots of exposure and maybe open some more doors. She is doing a phone meeting to discuss all eventualities and deciding after that. DSIL is not working so he would go to assist her. Look her up at Another Pretty Face Painting.

    I spent some quality time with my deck plants after the sun went down. I would like to spend more time out there but the heat has me seeking the comfort of our AC.
    Still searching for DH's birth certificate.
    I feel I keep going backwards. Trying to catch everything up but doesn't seem to be happening.

    Thinking about my goals, so many that I need to narrow the field a little.

    -Sharon ( roasting in Lethbridge and so grateful to whoever thought up air conditioning.)

  • grandmalliegrandmallie Posts: 3,702Member Member Posts: 3,702Member Member
    Morning Ladies~ I slept fitfully woke up a bunch of times,and think I woke up about the time Margaret passed..,
    I am up early with laundry in the dryer and the dogs have been fed and outside, will hop in the shower and be at work at 8-working until 6..
    Now I dont know how things are going to work , with funeral.. I have to be at court on Monday, as soon as I know anything funeral wise will let my attorney know ,as i have court date monday and would have to change it if funeral is that day.. I am sure they have situations like that for emergencies.
    Michelle, he got to see Margaret a week ago on Saterday..he is coming home, leaving tomorrow..
    edited August 1
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    @jmkmomm, Mr. Mozart is gorgeous! :)
  • lhannon062709lhannon062709 Posts: 1,140Member Member Posts: 1,140Member Member
    Thanks, Kelly. :)
  • klanders30klanders30 Posts: 1,399Member Member Posts: 1,399Member Member
    Lisa you are admirable, courageous and authentic, always have been, always will be. Stay strong, stay good to yourself. I am so proud of you for quitting smoking. Stay on this journey of ups and downs; stay with this group of crazy strong women!
  • margaretturkmargaretturk Posts: 2,491Member Member Posts: 2,491Member Member
    Lisa your story reaffirms that weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. Glad your are back posting.

    Continue eating high fiber. Helps to control insulin. The insulin is what sparks the cravings and packs on the pounds with me.
    Swim at least 12 times a month
    Continue to shred and clear out 30 years of papers. I did not keep everything but I am still filling a trash bag with confetti and two paper bags a week.
    Remember the positive after something stressful happens like the near miss with the bicycle yesterday.

    :heart: Margaret
  • Katla49Katla49 Posts: 4,680Member Member Posts: 4,680Member Member
    Heather: Every state in the US has its own school calendar. My DGD will be going back soon in Illinois, but in Oregon school doesn't resume until after Labor Day in early September. :flowerforyou: Enjoy your cruise! :bigsmile:

    Lanette: I'll join you in praying that everyone's AC works and no fires break out. I'm hoping for a reasonable breeze to help us stay a little cooler, but not a blow-drier breeze. :noway:

    Joyce: My husband has no love for horses. :noway: His family had them when he was in grade school and he was kicked, bitten, and stomped as a child. He's always thought he developed diabetes because of injuries from being stomped. :broken_heart: He was also exposed to polio at the local swimming pool when he was young. That is his other theory for his many autoimmune problems. No one else in his family has them. He's had a heavy burden healthwise. :sad:

    Allie: It sounds like things are finally moving ahead. Good luck with getting everything you need from all of this. (((HUGS))) Prayers for Aunt Margaret in Heaven and the family that is still here. :broken_heart: :heart:

    Happy August, everyone! I've been working on a bump in my weight, and it is still there. I'll keep at it and will back where I want to be eventually. We are facing extreme heat for the next few days. I've already closed the blinds on our East facing windows. They're honeycomb blinds and have some ability to mitigate temperature.

    I took the dog to the Vet yesterday because he has been losing weight and looking ratty. He has been sleeping in the garage since the fireworks on the fourth of July and it has put him into a depression. He has a course of medication to take for the next couple of weeks and I moved his dog bed next to my side of our bed. Poor little guy. This all started because he kept us awake into the wee hours of the morning crying when people were setting off fire crackers at the Fourth of July. This year they kept it up for most of a week. We had to get sleep to stay healthy, so we moved him into the garage. Next year we'll leave town or board him at the vet. :ohwell:

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" -Audrey Hepburn

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    Happy August 1st! :)
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 6,662Member Member Posts: 6,662Member Member
    yo peeps -

    sorry for your loss grandmallie
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