Would you sell your pet for $140,000?



  • davert123
    davert123 Posts: 1,566 Member
    his name is tommy, lovely little dog. He understands so its all ok
  • CindyMarcuzAdams
    CindyMarcuzAdams Posts: 4,005 Member
    I could easily sell a cat or bird but definitely not my dog. No way.rwmpfgf22cj0.jpg
  • hariharannarayanan
    hariharannarayanan Posts: 16 Member
    If for no other reason than just on principle, I'd say no.
  • pandagirl813
    pandagirl813 Posts: 84 Member
    If I've had it for under 2 weeks then yes. anymore and I've already bonded.
  • trojan_bb
    trojan_bb Posts: 699 Member
    Yes. Sorry buddy. Oh wait, I don't have a pet. But if I did, he'd be outta luck.
  • mikeshockley
    mikeshockley Posts: 684 Member
  • ChasingMyBliss
    ChasingMyBliss Posts: 803 Member
    They could keep him as long as we get visiting rights!!
  • EveFlowergirl
    EveFlowergirl Posts: 1,491 Member
    no way.
  • It would come down to whether I *needed* or *wanted* the money. As it stands, I don't *need* any more money than I earn. Sure it'd be nice to have more, but I'm happy as I am. Therefore, no I wouldn't sell my pets.

    But if I lived in absolute poverty and that money would mean I could eat/have shelter/etc for the unforeseeable future then I would have to consider it.
  • Sinistrous
    Sinistrous Posts: 5,589 Member
    Naw, my cat is the sweetest little cuddlebunny fat tub of big kitty pushover goo. No way.
  • _Figgzie_
    _Figgzie_ Posts: 3,506 Member
    yup.............gotta go doggie
  • ItsMeGee3
    ItsMeGee3 Posts: 13,255 Member
    No but you can have my husband
  • stetienne
    stetienne Posts: 560 Member
    Can I just sell 50% of him for $70,000? You can have the half that gets up at 3am to *kitten*.
  • borst13
    borst13 Posts: 1,826 Member
    no..just no.
  • 1shauna1
    1shauna1 Posts: 993 Member
    Never probably going to own a house so it's a moot point, but no way could I give up my two dogs! We need each other too much.
  • dbanks80
    dbanks80 Posts: 3,685 Member
    <--- Absolutely NO!!! I love my babies!!!
  • The_Enginerd
    The_Enginerd Posts: 3,979 Member
    Yes, without even a second thought.
    My cats just see me as a machine that pops out food. They would kill me in my sleep if they could just work out how to open the cans of food without opposable thumbs.
  • _Figgzie_
    _Figgzie_ Posts: 3,506 Member
    If the $140,000 was right in front of y'all and 100% honesty was enforced there would be a lot of pets on the move
  • Yes! I'll buy a better pet and a new house with that money! Plus pay of bills!