Would you sell your pet for $140,000?



  • wheird
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    Some of you are overly attached animal owners.
    baba_helly wrote: »
    even though I call my cats *kitten* and pretend they annoy me they are basically my children and the only "people" I talk to on a regular basis. that being said..... I wouldn't even have to think twice about this. but only if they were being sold to a good home.

    @baba_helly you are a bad pet owner
  • streamgirl
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    I would pay someone to take a couple of my pets, so yes!
  • WhatMeRunning
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    I have 5 pets, hell yes on $700,000!!!
  • lmr0528
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    Nope, I love my furbabies too much to ever give them up. Someone already gave both of them up, I'm not about to do the same.
  • Absolutely! I wouldn't even think twice about it. I could do a lot with $140K, like pay off a ton of stuff, and then buy two more Vizslas.
  • KandGRanch
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    Nope. We have paid over $1000 in vet bills in under a week to remove a tumor from my four year old dog, which might have bought us another month with her. If it was possible, I'd sell everything I have to buy more time. There's not enough money in the world to buy any of my pets.
  • soon127
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    hell no i love him way tooooo much
  • mbailey423
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    I have 2. My partner.........and his new little friend. Not enough money in the world. 1 ( my Partner) keeps me safe at work and always has my back. The other is working on being just like him. My partner is in my profile pic. The new one is below

  • QueenBishOTUniverse
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    I don't think I could. I've had to give up pets when I was growing up because of moves etc. and I just never felt right about it even though I didn't have a say in the matter. Our cats have been with us since they were kittens and the few times we've had to house them with others (during moves etc.) it's been very traumatic for them. The move itself doesn't bother them, they're fine as soon as they are back with us, even if it is in a completely new environment, but having to stay with strangers, nope, they just don't like it and I'm not willing to cause them that much upset just for a price tag. If I could be 100% certain they would be ok, I could consider it, but I've seen how badly they respond.
  • justinitsul
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    Nope lolwfdhcx3hpti0.jpg
  • gamesandgains
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    uh, yes.
  • RyanQu
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    If I have a 2mil dollar house? Fu-ck you and your money, I'm keeping my dog. he's family.
  • sofulnaturalee
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    I wouldn't. My kids would be too hurt. My husband on the other hand would and just buy the kids another one.
  • helenarriaza
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    Goodbye Sundae and Marshmellow (cats), hell... I'll even throw in the dogs and parrot for free!
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
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    I would, if I knew the cat would be happy and well-cared for. It's just a cat, after all. (I am a cat person, and have 2, in the interest of full disclosure)
  • leandri01
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    I would rather sell an organ or appendage than my pet
  • 13bbird13
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    Nope lolwfdhcx3hpti0.jpg

    Look at that face!!! Pretty baby!
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
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    raysputin wrote: »
    My honour is worth more than any amount of money. I would never betray the trust of any creature that relied on me.

    I highly doubt the cat in question gives a crap. People have awfully high opinions of their pets' feelings toward their owners. They're animals, not people. Most of them do not have the same depth of emotions we do as humans. You may now proceed with the rage-spluttering indignance, and claims about how your pet is different and special, if you wish.

  • cwolfman13
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    If I had a $2M dollar house, it's likely that $140K would be a drop in the bucket...like offering me $100 for my pet or something...so in that scenario, probably not.

    Being that I could probably sell my house for about $230K...hell yeah, I'd take an extra $140K on top of that...$140K is a good chunk of change for me and pets are just pets...they're not my kids or anything. Besides, my dog probably only has another year or two in her anyway and the cat has never liked me.
  • svpracer
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    Not a chance... not my dogs.