Would you sell your pet for $140,000?



  • darkguardian419
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    The list of things I would not sell for $140k is muuuch shorter than the list of things I would sell... pets are definitely on the 'would sell' list.
  • klkateri
    klkateri Posts: 432 Member
    Never... I'd rather be homeless than give up my dog!! He's my baby and is also very attached to me. I don't even like to go to work and leave him alone so giving him up is out of the question.
  • KimbersNewLife
    KimbersNewLife Posts: 640 Member
    Opps I missed the question.... NO WAY I love my house and my cat I have to keep ONE of them in this deal!!!!
  • kender54
    kender54 Posts: 58 Member
    I would not sell my dog, but I would sell my cat. I realize, I'm a horrible person.
  • giggitygoo
    giggitygoo Posts: 1,978 Member
    Not a chance in hell. My dog is my best friend and companion. He trusts me with his life, and I would never, ever betray him like that.
  • Strange_magic
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    I have two dogs. I would sell them, pay off my small amount of debt. Buy a house and then buy the old dogs back for $250 each when whomever bought them wanted to sell them again for being licking machines.
  • wheird
    wheird Posts: 7,963 Member
    How is this even a legit question? LOL NO I would never sell any of my animals for any amount of money!

    You're not even a real person.

    I wouldn't even have to think about it. Immediate yes.
  • mysmileighs
    mysmileighs Posts: 103 Member
    Absolutely not. They would have to pry my cat from my cold, dead hands.
  • sullus
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    giggitygoo wrote: »
    Not a chance in hell. My dog is my best friend and companion. He trusts me with his life, and I would never, ever betray him like that.

  • wheird
    wheird Posts: 7,963 Member
    Some of you are overly attached animal owners.
  • emdeesea
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  • 1HappyTurtleRunner
    1HappyTurtleRunner Posts: 125 Member
    I would but I look for a reason to try to get rid of my dog most days.
  • staceybradleywells
    staceybradleywells Posts: 331 Member
    Nope our dog is a member of our family not a chance.
  • Nighthawk4
    Nighthawk4 Posts: 77 Member
    Absolutely not!!!
    My dog is the only family I have left and the only companionship.
  • tigersword
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    I like how people are flipping out over this. Question, where exactly did your pet come from? Why is it ok for you to buy a pet from someone else, but it's not ok for someone else to buy a pet from you?
  • FaylinaMeir
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    It depends on which of my two cats you wanted. If it was my older grey cat honestly yeah I'd sell her. I've had her for 10 years almost and I adore her but she's grumpy and would probably be happier as an only cat.
    Now if you wanted my 7 years old black cat, hell freaking no. He is absolutely the sweetest and most loving cat ever and is like my child. Not to mention I spent several thousand on medical bills for him. If it came down to it, I would feed my cats over myself, that's just who I am.

    And to those saying the cats aren't as attached to us. I wish you could meet my cat Shadow. Originally I called him shadow because he was so dark black but honestly he lives up to his name, following me around so much he's like my shadow. :blush:


  • giggitygoo
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    wheird wrote: »
    Some of you are overly attached animal owners.

    I'll admit to this, but I have no regrets. I just love animals, and am generally very loyal.

    *shrug* There are worse character flaws.
  • coolraul07
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    I always had dogs as pets growing up and even had other pets sporadically (birds, fish, guinea pigs, etc.)
    My short answer is "yes, unless..."
    I grew up poor so that money would've life-changing. All of my dogs were outdoor pets and although I loved each one of them, they were never elevated to status equivalent to a human child, etc.
    I haven't had a pet since moving out as an adult, so I'd actually be more likely to sell since there's less attachment even though $140K wouldn't be nearly as impactful.
    Regardless, I wouldn't sell unless I thought the pet would be cared for properly.
  • BogQueen1
    BogQueen1 Posts: 320 Member
    Lol. No one would want our cat. She was an orphan and raised on a bottle from when she was very tiny by me and my husband. As such, she loves and dotes on us.... and is evil and wretched to everyone else. Literally she turns into a hissing maniac whenever anyone else walks in the house. I'm hopeful she's starting to outgrow that, but selling her even for that much money would be hard on her. I would have a hard time talking the hubs out of it though. He's kind of meh on her.

    My dogs however, no way. I was once offered 'whatever price I wanted' for my pittie as we were out walking one time. My only response was he was not for sale. He's such a sweet gentle dog, and a total mama's boy. I don't think he would appreciate being sold, especially given how most pit bulls end up.