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Maintainers - how do you keep your head in the game?



  • rosioramarosiorama Posts: 301Member Member Posts: 301Member Member
    I'm one of those people who needs to weigh myself every morning in order to stay on top of maintenance. I log my weight. That daily dose of reality keeps me from slipping into being mindless about what I'm eating. If I go over my 3 lb zone, I start logging food again. Cutting way back on sugar also has helped me maintain. I still eat plenty of healthy carbs. I try not to bring anything in the house to eat that I wouldn't want to see in my log. And like others, I've gotten rid of all the fat clothes and remind myself of the new ones that I love.

    Thank you all for this thread! I need to adopt the three pound window mentioned above! I started here in 2015 and lost 20 pounds. The first winter I gained it all back and relost the 20 the following spring. I’ve been slightly better, but I seem to let myself gain 8 (and then panic) and start the loss cycle again. I am currently in my happy range but want to go down just a few more and try maintaining without the big fluctuation come fall.
  • AudreyJDukeAudreyJDuke Posts: 957Member Member Posts: 957Member Member
    Great thread!
  • whmscllwhmscll Posts: 1,732Member Member Posts: 1,732Member Member
    I’ve always been a “normal” BMI but my weight has yo-yo-ed. When it is too high I never know what in my closet is going to fit and look good. I have to try on a million things to get dressed in anything other than jeans. I HATE this process. Especially if I’m packing to take a trip somewhere, which I do fairly frequently. When my weight is down, I can just grab and go and I know everything will fit.
  • brenn24179brenn24179 Posts: 1,571Member Member Posts: 1,571Member Member
    I know what not to do. I messed up big time last year. I am back down to my maintenance weight now. I started eating 600-800 calories more than I was suppose to and kept it up every day, also weighed only once in a while, well I was up 10 lbs and then my scales broke and they were off 10 lbs so that made 20 lbs and I got mad and ate and gained another 5, so was up 25 lbs and it was hard getting it off. I did I went low carb and July-oct got that 25 lbs off. Now I weigh daily. I also started journaling because eating 600-800 calories more than I needed was definitely emotional eating so I had to work out some stuff. Face your stuff or stuff your face.
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