Maintainers - how do you keep your head in the game?



  • stuffinmuffin
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    I keep logging, keep exercising and keep my goals interesting (goal tend to be fitness ones).
  • skyqueen6
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    I keep logging, exercising, and keep my goals interesting also stuffinmuffin.
  • skyqueen6
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    I'm going to vary my routine some next Friday. I am going to try kickboxing.
  • JustSomeEm
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    skyqueen6 wrote: »
    I finally have developed the habits to go back to eating healthy, not matter how bad a meal or day is. It almost takes effort to eat bad now for an extended amount of time because it's going against my habits. I can also really feel the unhealthy food making me unfocused and tired all the time. The trick is to go back to eating healthy as soon as possible and not let it go for weeks or months.

    Congratulations! Me too :)

    Agree as well. There is a day during each month that I designate to eat without regret. Thanksgiving is this month. I can't eat as much as I used to. And I also subconsciously eat healthier foods. It is hard to eat crappy anymore and I'm glad. Plus, I've made exercise a routine that I get cranky if I miss.

    yeah - I get cranky if I miss too many workouts too. Makes it tough to fall off the wagon when my hubby and kids are telling me I need to go run for THEIR sanity. LOL!

    I eat whatever I want but log it and keep an eye on the scale as well as exercising. I've found I maintain on more than I thought I would. If I hit 135, then I start tightening up my food choices. :)
  • Tanie98
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    i just reached my goal and i am planning to still log my food to keep me accountable
  • ValGogo
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    how to keep head in game? Don't stop playing.
  • jayche
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    I just keep doing what I'm doing.
  • massimo690
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    I manage to stay within a weight range 191-195 lbs without too much control . Once I cross the line I start logging food and doing more excercise until I reach the bottom.
  • vsheetz1
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    Log everything.
    If you don't know how many calories in something, don't eat it.
    Weigh weekly - same time, same/similar clothing.
    Target maintaining goal weight plus or minus 5 pounds.
    Watch out for salt in food, as it will cause water retention and flux your weight.
    Lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • opalsqueak007
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    For me, maintenance is about the same as when I was losing weight - everything is the same - diet, exercise etc. the only difference is that I get a few hundred calories a day more to eat. I log everything and weigh everything. I will be doing it for life, because I never want to be fat again. I am working towards strength now, as my next goal.
  • groodlesuk
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    nehushtan wrote: »
    Regular bicycling.
    Reminding myself of past failures.
    Looking in the mirror.
    Visiting the success forum on MFP.
    Strength training regimen.
    Looking at old pictures.
    Looking at other men my age and older who are out of shape.
    Looking at other men my age and older who are in shape.
    Telling my story to other people.
    Remembering that other people know my story.
    Fear of failure.
    Liking my new wardrobe.
    Noticing that I still have a tendency to overeat sometimes.
    Threw out my old wardrobe.
    Logging almost as soon as I finish what I've eaten.
    Knowing that my wife is proud of my success.
    Logged consistently for almost 1500 days so I keep logging.
    My diet nuggets (see my blog at
    Having a cycle of breakfasts that are easy to make, stock, and rely on.
    Having calorie-cheap easy-to-make suppers.
    Having a wife that has been through the process with me and supports me knows what I need and what I can't eat and buys and cooks food I can eat and eats them with me even though she isn't currently on a diet.
    Knowing that other people are following my example.
    Not putting logging off to the end of the day.
    Making room in the daily calorie budget for a little fun food at the end of the day.
    Knowing that I can count on myself to keep at it.
    Knowing from experience that a holiday or a mistake will not destroy everything.
    Knowing that logging is going to keep happening after a holiday.
    Remembering to log things that I forgot to put in yesterday's log.
    Logging holidays and binges and birthdays and mistakes.
    Keeping track of my calories on a weekly basis so I can save up calories for splurges later in the week.
    Logging (again).
    Logging is honesty.
    Logging is another way of looking in the mirror.
    Logging is for me not for you.


  • sunman00
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    I've been maintaining nearly 2 years after losing 52lb; it's a mixture of regular logging, regular exercise & knowing what my TDEE is and making sure my macro's are well balanced around it.
    oh, and this is a new way of life, not a diet, so I don't eat anything I don't like for the sake of it :smile:
  • gothomson
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    I'm pretty amazed at how similar the approaches are to my own!:

    I think "maintain healthy lifestyle" not "maintain weight";
    I log every day - and plan meals for the week on a Sunday;
    I allow for "celebration" days - Weddings, holidays, birthdays, and get back on track asap afterwards!;
    I weigh myself once a week;
    I exercise using the same routine x 4 - 5 mornings Aerobic step, in those same mornings I go to the gym x 2 as well;
    I have a + & - rule of 4 lbs;
    I have got rid of all my big clothes;

    Also, I like this feeling! I can now walk up four flights of stairs and not be gasping for breath at the end! And I like to exercise! I never thought I'd say that :-)
  • faramelee
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    There are so many positive responses here, I can really relate to pretty much all of them! :)
  • sistrsprkl
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    I weigh myself every morning, log most of the time, and make exercises/activity part of my life. I like feeling healthy and energetic, wearing smaller sizes, and being strong so it's really not too hard to "keep my head in the game." Of course, sometimes I go way over my calories and sometimes I don't get enough exercise. It all works out though.
  • nxd10
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    Habit. It doesn't have to be in the game. I just have to do it - and I just do. My life is set up so I eat healthy and exercise pretty regularly. I notice when I don't feel good when I eat too much (last week for example). And I stop doing it. Logging helps.
  • lithezebra
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    I've been at this long enough to know that if I stop paying attention, I'll put on weight. I've never put on more than a few pounds without getting back in the game. I've been maintaining for about 20 years.