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Maintainers - how do you keep your head in the game?



  • JeanCricketJeanCricket Member Posts: 156 Member Member Posts: 156 Member
    I've been in maintenance mode for nearly 3 years.


    And weighing in weekly...

    There are ups and downs - key is to keep honest and keep logging.

  • JoySwift1JoySwift1 Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member

    I am now at my goal weight. Since I started I have lost 3 stone which is a real achievement. I have gone down 2 sizes. I would like advice on how to keep this weight without becoming obsessive. I am scared of regaining the weight!!
  • _piaffe_piaffe Member, Premium Posts: 163 Member Member, Premium Posts: 163 Member
    1. Discipline. Meal prep, planning my day, getting my workouts in. It's all routine and good habits for me. It doesn't feel like discipline - it's thing now.
    2. Accountability through logging. Not every meal. Not necessarily weighing (I do occasionally). But enough "tracking" to see where I'm at daily / weekly.
    3. 80/20 or 90/10 - sticking to consistent go-to meals and macros.

    #1 though is what makes a difference. I always work out bc I love it (I struggle to force in a recovery day!) and eat intuitively at 80/20 or 90/10.

    My struggle is food volume, partly bc I am so active. An undisciplined weekend of eating TOO MUCH can set me back 4 days (minimum) to 2 weeks. I feel terrible, I get in my head. Blahhhhh
  • candicew70candicew70 Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    When I decided to get back in shape, I established some patterns—like logging—so it’s a matter of sticking to those and not falling back into my old behaviors. New thing I’ve been doing is a brisk walk first thing every morning—and every other day I lift after. I load up my Contigo with coffee, cue up a podcast, and head out. Been doing this since early June so now it’s just what I do. I think the key is being consistent and sticking with the habits that got you to your goal.
  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Member, Premium Posts: 7,933 Member Member, Premium Posts: 7,933 Member
    Just bumping this a little. As a serial yo yo er, I am now into year 2 of maintaining within my weight range. I won't say that it hasn't been a struggle. But one thing I have noticed is that if you don't FREAK out when you go over your range, and just slowly work to trend the other direction, you have less of a tendency to keep gaining. What I mean by that is not to "punish or restrict yourself" too much. What I see happens with that is that I can't maintain at that restriction and have a lot of "bad" days. So the secret which I am telling myself is "look how far you have come". You don't need to get back there ASAP, just take your time and remove one or two items you have been treating with and the trend will go the other way. Learn to enjoy the accomplishment and not beat yourself up for a minor blip. You won the war, now don't go into all out war again, just do little skirmishes and enjoy your days.

    Very helpful! Thank you!
  • elisa123galelisa123gal Member Posts: 4,033 Member Member Posts: 4,033 Member
    The creep has hit me the past few weeks. What has nipped it in the bud is a new giant full length mirror placed right by my front door. Amazing how that works.. I see myself..and now I'm back to my work outs and eating right , problem.

    I also agree with the no stretchy clothes or older big clothes waiting in the wings.. wear those tight have no choice but to cut back,
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  • nxd10nxd10 Member, Premium Posts: 4,539 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4,539 Member
    I think I've done this 6 years - I've never missed a meal logging I don't think. I do it as a habit - like brushing my teeth and putting on moisturizer. I log everything. I weigh every morning. I lost 38 pounds when I was at the bottom of my five pound target 'zone'. I'm now around 3 pounds out of my zone but dropping again.

    I don't think about it that much. I log all my food but barely look at the numbers. I have habits that keep me eating what I should be. When I started going up two years ago, I refocused a bit on accurate logging. I finally dropped it all again when I did the Whole30 on my doctors recommendation for another issue. Basically effortlessly.

    To maintain I have to do three things: keep my calories where they should be, keep my carbs under 40% (lower if I want to lose), and walk at least half an hour a day. I do that, I don't have to keep my head in the game. I just maintain.

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  • EvamuttEvamutt Member Posts: 1,720 Member Member Posts: 1,720 Member
    I maintained for 10 months but it became too much to keep logging after daughter & 3 grand kids moved in temporarally, so I gained 3 solid pounds in 2 months, back to losing that & not going to stop logging again
  • w8goal4lifew8goal4life Member Posts: 1,375 Member Member Posts: 1,375 Member
    I invite any of you to join the community Ultimate Accountability Challenge. Just do a search under Community -> Groups for that challenge. It's a great team of like minded individuals with a goal of leading a healthy life style, tracking calories and exercise. Some team members are attempting to lose weight...but there are several of us in maintenance who are cheerleaders for each other. The rules are straight forward, the group is inclusive...and even if you start too late in the month to make Winner's Circle, it is still great to participate for accountability. We would love to have you join us!
  • NadNightNadNight Member, Premium Posts: 777 Member Member, Premium Posts: 777 Member
    I'm gonna say the opposite of what a lot of people on here are saying.....I stopped logging!

    Not to say I'm not mindful of what I'm eating but I reached a point where I'm quite familiar with the nutritional content of foods (e.g. choosing a homemade flatbread sandwich (175-200 cal) over a pre-prepared one (some can be 500 cal for the sandwich alone)) so I choose when I can have a seemingly large portion or when a portion is actually much smaller than people think and have an idea of how much I personally need in a day. In a way I guess I mentally log but it's not precise or rigid or accurate.

    I have to say I also utilise ready meals. They get a lot of stick (and I hate the amount of plastic packaging) but they have the nutritional info on them so if I've had a massive lunch and want a low cal dinner to contrast then a ready meal is the easiest way for me.

    I eat 3 proper meals plus snacks and desserts everyday, I stay within a 5 lb range and weigh myself periodically (not every day or every week. It can vary from twice a week to twice a month) to make sure I'm not ballooning. I would actually like to gain weight in muscle but given how little exercise I'm currently doing, I know any weight gain is pure fat and no muscle!
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