Relationship Question - Should we break up?



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    No kidding...I smell a troll...

  • I'm surprised she hasn't dumped you yet.
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    amen. lol
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    Couldn't help it. I laughed out loud, and possibly snorted too.

    Glad I'm not the only one...
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    I can not help you... I shoot animals... (hunt)
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    Do I hear wedding bells?


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    Just have a baby. That will fix things.

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    If you can't remember whether its 3 or 7 months its probably not the best.. :D
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    I think she should break up with you.....
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    HJO1403 wrote: »
    If you can't remember whether its 3 or 7 months its probably not the best.. :D

    It's not really important...
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    I haven't read through all 4 pages of responses, but my general feeling is this:
    If you find yourself asking if you should break up with someone, then you already have your answer.
    If you were really all that into her or the realtionship, the thought would never enter your mind...and you certainly wouldn't ask a message board full of strangers who don't know you or her to weigh in on it.
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    digginDeep wrote: »
    So did it work out? And more importantly, if not, does she have a younger better looking sister?

    She doesn't have a sister but her older brother is kind of cute, a sugar daddy material...I'll keep you updated on this!
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    All relationships take work, hun. Every relationship has its flaws -- human nature.
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    Too much stuff on the go here. hahaha. Mad because squirrels are over populated. Dear god run now.

    She is pretty and laid back but it's just the complete disregard for animal lives that bothers me...

    Dude, I would be bothered as well. Killing animals is a gateway to her killing you :| hahaha

    She's like 5' 3" and doesn't lift heavy, mainly a cardio bunny! Not worried about that!

    You're trolling, right?

    Why would that be trolling? She's tiny and doesn't lift weights, other than using a knife, I could take her in one on one combat!

    She could still shoot you, poison you, light the house on fire with you inside, push you out of a window, since she likes pelts she could skin you with that knife... (ok I'll stop there).

    But still, women shouldn't drive when there's a man in the car?

    What world do you live in? Women are not defenseless little creatures!

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    But if you broke up, you wouldn't get to be morally superior and have someone to complain about to your friends.

    Do you really want to find someone else to complain about? She is a cardio bunny who has stuck around for 4-7 months, so, I mean, do you really want more than that in your relationship? What kind of standards do you have?
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    God, i hope she reads this and moves swiftly away from you...poor woman!