55-65 year old women's success?

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Looking for some inspiration. I lost my "chronic" 40 lbs of overweight with reasonable ease at age 45, and maintained for a couple of years. However, my motivation at this age is different, and is my ability to exercise with the same intensity has also decreased. Now, i don't want to hear all that stuff about how "age is just a number" -- There are many physical and emotional differences between women who have passed through menopause and those who are in their youth or who are pre-menopausal.... perhaps as many as between girls before menarche and teenagers who are growing into women. Anyway, I would be really interested in hearing from post-menopausal women who have lost significant weight and their experiences with that. Congratulations and high-fives to you all and your efforts!


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    Hi PianoRun (and everyone else).. I'm 54 but a few years into menopause now, and agree completely it's a whole other world now in weight loss - I still believe the basics of calories in vs calories expended apply to weight loss, but there's no question raging hormones, hot flashes, emotional crazies and the myriad of other "joys" at this stage of life add a few more challenges to the basic equation!! and laughing burns calories btw... and so do hot flashes! (in my mind anyway!)
    just thought i'd let you all know there are a couple of groups on here for menopausal women; can't remember them all offhand but if you use the search feature keywords for menopause, menopausal, etc you can find them (just change your search filter to all first).

    It Can be done tho.. lots of successes and surrounding yourself with those who are doing it can be a great help on the way... made the difference for me when I started here!

    (oh.. add memory challenges to that list LOL.. BUT I did find one of the groups so passing it on while I still do remember!) cheers to all!