Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • llonka
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    I have Hypertension at 27 years old. I've been toying with trying to lose weight for about two years now, but now it's time to get serious and get in better shape. Not only for me, but for my children as well.
  • ghouliejulie85
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    I finally saw a full body pic of myself and it never hit me that I actually looked like that. The numerous times of tears I fought in dressing rooms because I couldn't fit into those boutique store plus size clothing.
  • Zumba_Luvah
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    I've been trying to lose weight for years. It all started when I had surgery on my back to correct my scoliosis. I was 11 at the time and for a few months I couldn't do much except hang out at home on the couch. So I gained some weight. Then I've been up and down till I was 20. Then I found out I was pregnant with my 1st. After having him, I lost all the weight I had gained in 1 month. Then I got down to the size I wanted. Stayed there for about 2 years. Then got pregnant with my 2nd. And here I am, 25, 8 1/2 months after having my 2nd, and I'm 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I've been stuck for a month but I'll keep trying till I get there!
  • crosbylee
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    I knew that my weight was creeping ever since I left college. I was usually pretty active so I didn't worry too much about it. Well, my lightbulb moment happened during a mud run. I like doing those with friends, non competitive and just the girls out having fun. Well during part of the race, we stopped for a pic and I sat down on an infalatable whale (no, really), and when I tried to get back up off of it, I basically had to roll sideways and get on my knees to do it. I was so embarrassed, I know some of the women behind us just felt sorry for me. Well, trust me it was all I could do not to cry the rest of the race. I just knew that my weight and fitness levels were the lowest they have ever been. I am tired of being tired and fat, so I am working to achieve better fitness levels and a healthier weight. I still have not given up on my mud run either. I plan to participate in it this fall.
  • dukslayer4051
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    cuz im fat
  • mom2aeg03
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    Plain and simple: I just got tired of feeling fat all the time. My back is in constant agony...it's hard carrying around 220 pounds!!!
  • hanauschnauze
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    I gained almost 40 lbs after being on Prednisone for almost 4 months for a lung infection last year. I ate every thing I could get my hands on. Every couple of weeks at the Dr I would step on the scale and it was up 5 lbs every time. Everyone kept saying don't worry, you will lose it when you get back healthy again but I was dragging my feet about dieting. Then my boss took a picture of me at work this last Thanksgiving and that was the first time I had seen myself in a picture since I had gained it. Internally I was like 'OH MY FREAKING GOD"!!! I was fat. There was no 2 ways about it. I had never weighed more than 155 lbs and now was almost 200. My only child graduates in May and I plan on being back down below 160 for that because it will be lots of picture taking and I can't avoid the camera for that!

    This is my story too. My little girl graduates in May. She asked me to be in some of her senior shots. I hated how I looked in them even though she loves them. I swore I would lose the weight so that I won't dodge the camera on graduation day.
  • oncem0re
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    Every time I get a comment how far along I am :( and all the pictures I had bigger than my husband...ugh can't be happening. I want to be a good sample for my kids too. I HAVE to.
  • crosbylee
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    Awesome Pharmacygirl26!! That is the kind of motivation I am looking for myself. Mostly just get up and do it.