What can I replace bread with?

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OK, so I've been on a pretty strict diet this last month, I have surprised myself how well I'm actually doing. I've completely cut out things like chocolate and crisps. No chips, no fried food, very little meat (not much of a meat eater anyway) no sweets - nothing. I've just been eating poached eggs in the mornings, then things like rice, tuna, chicken breasts slow cooked with low fat sauces, lots and lots of fruit and veg (always liked fruit and veg) oh and, I've not touched any kind of fizzy pop, just stuck to water. But the one thing I can't seem to cut out is bread. I eat brown bread, whole grain bread and all that, but I wish I didn't, I wish there was some kind of substitute for bread, but I can't really find one. It's not like I can eat crackerbreads with my poached eggs! Anybody have any suggestions as to what I could replace bread with?


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    Why cut out bread? Or anything?
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    Skinny bagels. That's what I do.
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    Kudos to you! You've taken some pretty difficult steps already. I am also a bread junkie, I actually like the healthier breads better than white bread, but still - calories and carbs are calories and carbs, right?

    If there is no reason to cut out bread ( like a wheat allergy) then try what I've been doing for the past few weeks - cut down on carbs, and have your bread only in one meal a day. This seems to work for me, even though I was sure I could never do it.

    I have small coffee and banana in the am before the gym, then a plain low fat yogurt after ( sometimes also fruit and/or cheese), a big salad plus lean protein for lunch, and wholer wheat pita with something foir supper ( eggs, tuna etc). Snacks are yogurt, fruit, and the like. Sometimes I'll have rice cake with natural peanut butter
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    Use Oasis Low Carb or Ezekiel Sprouted Breads which are both low GI. Very filling. I like them toasted, with a little spread or no sugar added jam.
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    Yeah, I have been limiting myself to eating bread with just my breakfast, but I'm used to eating it with pretty much most of my meals! It's just I read peoples stories about their diets, and it seems a lot cut bread out completely, along with sodas! Bread and soda seem to be 2 key points in losing weight for a lot of people. I think it's just a case of slowly excluding it from my meals, and eventually I should just get used to it! Thanks for the advice though, it's muchos appreciated!
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    Oasis Low Carb? Never heard of it! Will have to look out for it. Thanks!
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    ok, for a start you do not need to cut out bread for any reason unless you have a health condition or allergy, but I'm guessing you dont.

    good job cutting out all the bad stuff (meat isn't bad tho), soda and junk food are hard to break the habit of so well done.

    BUT - don't make it too hard on yourself. you DO NOT need to cut out carbs or bread or potatoes or anything really to loose weight. you just need to stay within your calories.

    personally I will grill or fry large Portobello mushrooms and use that unstead of english muffins in eggs florintine, so you could do that.

    (eggs Florentine is like eggs benedict but instead of bacon its spinach, also I don't use hollandaise sauce.)

    but they taste like mushrooms. not like bread.

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  • Kallo Low Fat Rice Cakes (only 30 calories each) :D
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    I agree with everyone that unless you have a health reason, why cut it out? In thin countries, rice and bread is a staple food, and they're not suffering from obesity issues. I do make sure not to go heavy on them though, as they're not really filling. A lot of people substitute it with lettuce (wrapping a burger in lettuce instead of using a bun).
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    if for the cals...tortillas
    if for the gluten....lettuce wraps
    if for the grains....paleo bread
    if for the starches....omelets with cheese
    if for the negative stigma....don't cut it just log it and fit into your macro's.
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    I've been using the Sandwich thins. They are made by a few different companies (Arnold's, Nature's Own to name a couple). They are at least 1/2 the calories of bread. They come in whole wheat and multigrain as well. And you get about the same number of servings as a loaf of bread. And it cuts your calories.

    Someone else suggested the bagel thins and that would work too. Same concept.
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    I like the mushrooms idea - I love mushrooms, I eat them with a lot of things I cook.

    You're right about the soda and all round general junk food being hard to give up, but after about a week or so the cravings pretty much disappeared. If I want something sweet, I just eat fruit or even have some sorbet.

    I've never eaten much meat, but when I did eat it, it was usually unhealthy options like McDonalds or KFC, so I just decided against them. If I get fast food, I get the vegetable pate subs from Subway, loaded with peppers, jalapenos, lettuce and onions with sweet onion sauce!
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    Sarah lee has a 45 calorie per slice bread...really good tasting and good for you. No need to cut bread completely out though!!
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    imo there is no adequate bread impostor that will work with eggs in the morning the way you (or i at least) want it to.
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    I can understand why some people cut out bread all together because a lot of bread turns into sugar once it hits your stomach. If they're like me, bread makes your stomach blow up like a balloon. I feel bloated after eating bread. I probably have a gluten intolerance and don't know it..

    But anyway, some people here have given good options on bread alternatives. Me personally, I rarely eat bread - only every once in a while. It's really not bad.. I don't miss it at all..

    And on another note, don't completely deprive yourself either. I eat junk food and whatnot every once in awhile. Just not every day. Maybe once a week. It's a good way to keep yourself "sane" throughout your weight-loss journey.. Then again, I guess not everyone can handle that. I never go overboard with anything (except maybe beer. I'll easily drink 5-6 in a night)

    And is there any particular reason you don't eat a lot of meat? How are you getting your protein (besides eggs)?? Just curious.
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  • I replace bread with pita bread adn i actually love it wayy mroe thne normal bread.
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    I agree with chocolatedi - BUT I do find my day goes better if I don't start with bread. When I have eggs, I usually have spinach - a big bunch of it - that I fry up inthe pan after the eggs are done. I use salt or curry powder or chinese spice, etc to spice it up a bit. It's delicious.