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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • socalkaysocalkay Member Posts: 746 Member Member Posts: 746 Member
    2ledbetter wrote: »
    I'm helping with a remodel and there's no heat inside. I am also suffering from the extra cold syndrome so wear 2 pairs of pants, undershirt/long sleeve shirt/2 jackets. But amazing thing is don't feel like stuffed s

    I have flannel-lined jeans for camping. They are great!

    Guide Gear® Womens Flannel-lined Jeans

    edited March 2015
  • getitambgetitamb Member Posts: 2,047 Member Member Posts: 2,047 Member
    palwithme wrote: »
    + You realize you don't need to go into the handicap stall in the bathroom any more to feel like you have enough room. Strange things like that.

    Wow!! I didn't realize that's why I go on the handicapped stall.


  • giannigreco83giannigreco83 Member Posts: 282 Member Member Posts: 282 Member
  • 2ledbetter2ledbetter Member Posts: 199 Member Member Posts: 199 Member
    Thank you @socalkay‌ I'll look that up.
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