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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • bulk_n_cutbulk_n_cut Member Posts: 389 Member Member Posts: 389 Member
    especially when strangers start treating you like royalty all of a sudden!
    No no, that's not an effect of losing weight; that's an effect of being a female who lost weight

    I think that's an effect of having increased confidence and projecting it around you. I have seen males on this site mention how much better they feel they are treated after weight loss, too.

    yeah but i was specifically talking about the "being treated like royalty" part. the confidence definitely comes in both sexes
  • SkinnyGirlFatBodySkinnyGirlFatBody Member Posts: 98 Member Member Posts: 98 Member
    stormyview wrote: »
    How irritating it would be to see overweight and obese people insist that being overweight has nothing to do with food choices, CICO, and activity levels. It drives me nuts to see folks online or in person insist that CICO isn't true because they're overweight despite not eating too much.

    What is CICO?
  • palwithmepalwithme Member Posts: 860 Member Member Posts: 860 Member
    cblue315 wrote: »
    Sometimes the constipation is so bad you get cramps, the next day it is the opposite so you get cramps.
    Lourdesong wrote: »
    palwithme wrote: »
    palwithme wrote: »
    For some reason now whenever I see a very overweight young woman I just want to burst into tears. Because I know how she feels inside. I want to help her but I can't. The truth is its a cruel world and for some reason it's still fair game to abuse fat people. It hurts like hell.

    Me too, it's that feeling of helplessness that gets me. I try so hard not to pity them and look for their strengths instead because I just can't help but think that at one time people saw me like that and probably felt the same way. Even though I was overweight & out of shape, there was so much more to me than just that.

    I don't know what I feel or why. Maybe I see myself in them? Basically I see someone who doesn't value herself and it is such a personal tragedy. This is all in my head of course. Maybe she is a very happy person.

    I wish I had studied psychology in college. My life would probably be easier.

    If you don't know them, then you don't know what is going on. She may have lost 200 lbs and counting and knows exactly what she is doing, values herself just fine, and isn't in need of any help or pity.

    Like I's all in my head. I need to figure it out for myself.
  • WiseandcuriousWiseandcurious Member Posts: 725 Member Member Posts: 725 Member
    peanutbu wrote: »
    peanutbu wrote: »
    - You don't always gain confidence unless you had a significant amount of fat to lose.
    - You might "love" how your bones feel, but you will soon learn how distorted that is.
    - You may someday realize that no one notices/cares about your weight loss.

    This post is slightly disturbing in a sad way. Perhaps I am reading it wrong, but if you really have confidence issues that losing weight can't resolve, the word "bones" triggers something distorted beyon a healthy human body ( people at the top of healthy BMI also have ankles and wristbones showing) and want to make people care through weight loss... Then my heart goes out to you <3 but you should definitely seek help. Most people do not have all those experiences together, particularly #2.
    The reason I posted that second thought was because some of the earlier posts in this thread talk about how they have discovered bones that they did not know existed. I am saying it is wrong to love and joke about how you can't sit in a bathtub because your back bones are sticking out.
    I don't feel this way, but I have known people with eating disorders that have experienced all of these things that "nobody tells you about losing weight" and I would really like people to know that weight loss will not solve all of their problems (this is assuming you are not morbidly obese).
    Don't worry I personally have a great relationship with my body and food!

    I see now! It was definitely very effective because it did put me in mind of someone with an ED. I am very glad that's not your case. Most people speak from experience on this thread so I made an assumption, very happy to be wrong.
  • inchwormbyinchworminchwormbyinchworm Member Posts: 180 Member Member Posts: 180 Member
    I think mine is that I didn't expect to feel the positive effects of losing weight in such a small amount of time. If I could talk to myself last year, I'd say "don't think about the 100 odd pounds that you need to lose, think about the improved digestion, better skin and overall improved feeling of general improved health and within a week you'll start to feel better."
    ^ :smiley:

  • pandabear7486pandabear7486 Member Posts: 92 Member Member Posts: 92 Member
    I agree that this is great! I had lost weight and gained it back and then some. I look forward to seeing my collar bone again!
    edited March 2015
  • tlafrance36tlafrance36 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    DAM5412 wrote: »
    Your shoes may no longer fit.
    Don't be too quick to resize your wedding bands, most jewelers won't do it more than twice.
    Find and make friends with your local consignment shop, don't splurge too much on clothes until you reach (and have stayed for a while at) goal.
    Some of your friends and family members will not be supportive.
    It's not a linear process (especially for us girls)! Some days/weeks you will not lose anything and that's okay. Stick to your plan.

    nice one!
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