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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • DomomallowDomomallow Member Posts: 87 Member Member Posts: 87 Member
    Being a person with long hair, I notice my hair no longer gets stuck in my butt crack after a shower! I used to pull them out like string, not any more. Guess there's a lot more room for them to slide out on their own because it's not as fat and squished together... Lol....

    This is the WORST! I'm glad it's not just me...
    And I'm excited to hear that weight-loss will help.
  • shan11180shan11180 Member Posts: 110 Member Member Posts: 110 Member
    kgirlhart wrote: »
    How much bigger your mouth appears in your smaller face . . .

    I always thought I had a small head on a large frame. Now I feel like I have a large head on a small frame.

    Haha! This is me! I want this! I've always thought my head was too small, and of course, the first place I lost weight was my face, so now my head is even SMALLER!! I truly hope that someday I can look in the mirror and think "my head is too big!"
  • OcalaGuyOcalaGuy Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member

    so how do you delete a post?
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  • OcalaGuyOcalaGuy Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    100 pounds! Fantastic!
  • fitoverfortymomfitoverfortymom Member, Premium Posts: 3,440 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,440 Member
    That good, supportive sports bras for big chested women do not exist! Well, not in store anyway... I've lost 69lbs and I'm still a DDD cup, can't find a good sports bra anywhere! Hate to order off line because I like to try stuff on b4 I spend $60 + on something!! It's so annoying!

    Have you tried a specialty bra shop (not a running store)? I used to wear an enell bra but I've never seen them in running stores. When i googled enell I realized that a specialty bra shop about an hour away from me carried them so I was able to try some on. NOTHING moved when that thing was on!

    I ordered the high impact bra from Lane Bryant and LOVE it! 40G here and probably will only get back down. to a DD cup at my smallest, so finding big bras is always a challenge. I have good luck with regular bras at Dillard's. They have a store brand in larger sizes that are under $30.
  • MindyBrunoMindyBruno Member Posts: 535 Member Member Posts: 535 Member

    - clothing sizes lie! Haha
    - I have loose skin but I see them as battle scars and am actually quite proud of it

    Love these!!! especially the one about the lose skin. My lose skin is crepey and I hate it. I must learn to embrace it and know it from my 70 pound weight loss.
  • DebraSerenityDebraSerenity Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    I don't know how to delete a post, so...Please ignore...
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