What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    It’s still a good basic rule of thumb for most people.

    I’ve seen the wackiest numbers come from technology gadgets.
    Steps can be the most random.
    I trust true distance and weight.
    Those numbers have been tested and retested over many years.

    OK, for me it says 727 (actually a little less since I weigh under 160) for 8 miles at 4 mph, which takes two hours. But being awake for two hours burns about 150, which mfp has already calculated into my base. So should I actually log 577 ? I generally log less than that. I usually log about 400. A few days back, I accepted mmw's fantasy number of 887 as I have been sliding a little lower. I do some voodoo with exercise numbers to try to keep my weight stable.

    For MFP logging, I use the very lowest basic daily calorie goal of 1200 cals/day.
    Doing that, I never have to worry about the math involved in adjusting calories for hours used.
    I figure the elevated burn you get for an hour or two after excercise covers it.

    I also don’t eat my exercise cals. I stay as close to 1200 as possible.
    If I have good exercise, I don’t have to do major diet surgery like I do on non exercise days.

    The 100 cals per mile is just a round figure to do quik math if you’re not necessaarily logging.
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    I lost weight on my forehead?! Last time I wore this particular baseball cap was a couple of months ago, it is a stretch fit and I have a big head, when i pulled it fully onto my head I used to get a line on my forehead as it was tight.

    I put that same baseball cap on last night and there is a good 5mm gap to me forehead, its completely loose.

    Why wont my belly dissapear but my forehead will!?

    Because our bodies like to play jokes on us... Why did my boobs disappear, but not my thing is....oh well