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    Thought about this while I was putting clean dishes away: No one told me that my plate/bowl preferences would change, and that shopping for them (when I need replacements) would be mildly challenging.

    I know it's a mind trick, but I find that smaller plates give my smaller portions psychologically more impact. Therefore, plate-wise I'm mostly using what manufacturers call salad plates or appetizer plates, not usually dinner plates.

    For bowls, it's actually hard to find bowls that don't make a reasonable serving of ice cream look like a chihuahua in the bottom of an empty swimming pool. Usually they're called "dessert bowls", but even some of those are kind of big.

    On the flip side, even as someone who lives alone, good-sized casserole dishes and mixing bowls have a role, too: My usual veggie serving is about 4-5 of the standard serving size, so I need the casserole dishes for those. Salads also require a really big bowl, so either a mixing bowl or what manufacturers would call a serving dish.

    Don't get me started on the modern 16 or 18-ounce wine glasses. Yes, I know they're supposed to have some breathing room, but the standard 5-ounce serve still looks micro tiny in them.


    P.S. I was adult by the 1970s. For real, average dishes were smaller. I'm now replacing ones I got as wedding gifts in 1977, and pretty much everything is bigger.

    I have several different sizes of plates. I like Fiesta ware. I use my "luncheon" plates (9") most of all. I just love 'em. My salad plates are good for going under a bowl of soup. The dinner plates? Huge. Only for big things. I have a lot of them, and only two luncheon plates. I have three smaller plates that are curved like very short bowls that a friend bought from Cost Plus I think. I use those when I want something smaller than the luncheon plate. The curved sides make things aesthetically pleasing. I put a braised duck egg on one the other day, and it was perfect.

    For ice cream or things like that, I like six-ounce "custard bowls." Perfect size. I use the larger soup bowls for soup (my soup is lower calories most of the time) and to mix oats with yogurt without spilling. When done, it looks small. I don't care.

    I have some stemless wine glasses that are perfect for red wine. They are probably ten or 12 ounce. Not sure. Fill them to where they are the widest and it's about five lovely ounces. Harder to break because no stem. For white wine? I'm a rebel. I like a bucket glass like you'd put bourbon in. Sometimes I even toss in a cube of ice. I know - sacrilege. Whatever. I would love to have some proper sized beer glasses for a 12-ounce can. Pint glasses are great for pints, although most of the "pint beer glasses" in the USA are actually iced tea glasses. A proper pint glass should be more common. It's not.

    Look for those custard cups in the thrift shop. You'll be glad you did.

    I have a stack of the custard cups I use a lot. I should've mentioned them. They're helpful. I swear there used to be a smaller standard custard cup also commonly available back in the olden days, maybe 4 ounce? I only had a couple, and eventually broke them. There are some oldies on Etsy or the like, but I haven't bothered.
  • Your morning breadth will be just horrific!

    Chlorophyll helps with that!
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    Restaurant meals will suddenly seem full of unnecessary fat and carbs and lacking in vegetables (except potatoes). Fruit salad has disappeared from menus - when did that happen?

    Really! I remember well when McDonald's was the only place I absolutely refused to eat. Then they added all day oatmeal and I was back to "anywhere you choose is fine with me". Then they put the sugar in the oatmeal instead of in a separate envelope, and I was back to anywhere except McDonald's. Now I'm pretty much limited to Wendy's baked potato or Taco Bell bowl. Some sit down places still have baked potatoes. Even broccoli is covered in "cheese " sauce made from unhealthy oils.

    Where is the real FOOD?
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