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    BRaye325 wrote: »
    One week of cutting back my late night snacking helped me bust through the plateau I was stuck on for 3 weeks. Posted a 4.5 lbs drop this week - I'm so thrilled!
    Wow! Great job!!!
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    zaza54 wrote: »
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    Can anyone please tell me how to find this thread easily without having to do a Search on Message Boards?
    zaza I'll also PM you with how to do it, but here's for the benefit of others who are wondering.

    When you find the thread in the message boards, there will be a star in the upper right corner of the start of the message. Click on it, and it will bookmark it. Then you can go into the bookmark (star) icon to the right of the main page and see your bookmarks. The thread you bookmarked will be there. If you have it set up, go to the bell just to the left which are the notifications. Then each time you log in to the message boards, you will see how many new messages you have for that message board.

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    I just found this thread and I've always said that if I didn't eat in the evening I would lose weight. I've tried letting myself eat just fruit or veggies but that just seems to put me in the kitchen and makes me lose all willpower. I hope it's ok if I start as today. I'm not eating after either 7pm or dinner. I'm also going to focus on drinking lots of water in the evening.
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    Welcome time4kim! Never too late to start.

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    A big thank you to IamIam for explaining about the bookmarks. I tried it and it works!!
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    April 8
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    I'm getting a late start but this is exactly what I need! LNS have always been my downfall since I have a hard time sleeping & also nighttime is my only *downtime* so unfortunately it's spent in front of the TV!
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    April 8
    Me 7
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    I am hungry tonight...but just getting a drink of water and heading to bed.
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    April 8
    Posting this while there was still an opportunity for a LNS helped me yesterday, so I'm declaring myself at 8:30 pm today...

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    Keeping this in mind is really helping!
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    Wish I could do this but I eat dinner at 12am I work second shift ekkk
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    I'm joining this late, but could use some support for some bad late night eating habits. My brand new commitment to myself is to log everything no matter what. (I have found that I tend to go with the philosophy that if I don't log it, it didn't happen.) I usually eat great all day, but something about nighttime really gets to me and I find myself standing in front of the pantry, looking for breads, cereals, sugar…ANYTHING really. I'm also going to attempt to stick to a 12 hour fast, so my last bit of food should be no later than 8. I eat breakfast around 8am, and I've heard that if I get a good amount of protein in for breakfast and lunch the cravings at night are seriously diminished. So, fingers crossed on that front. Here are my stats thus far:
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    April 8

    Me : 7*

    It has been just a week but I am already feeling less and less cravings at night :)
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    I will def have to give this some thought. I wonder, can I do it? <3
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    April 8
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    Too late for me to join in? This is a great idea!!!
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    stewmoni wrote: »
    Too late for me to join in? This is a great idea!!!

    I just joined yesterday, so you're not too late!
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    I feel so much calmer knowing I'm not going to eat at night. Plus my meals are more filling as I'm not worried about saving calories for the evening.
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    I wanna join and hope it's not too late! This is a fantastic ideal, I self sabotage by snacking at nite